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Author Topic: Q&A HEADLINES - Week of March 12th, 2008  (Read 1495 times)
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« on: March 14, 2008, 04:37:27 PM »

The Q&A process can be pretty exhaustive to read through in it's entirety.  You can see as much as you read through our Q&A Roundup.  Please be sure to check out each of the sites that we link to in our roundup and the headlines.  For now, check out the real news that came from the Q&A process on March 12th!


HASBRO:  It (JULY 26th)  is a hard street date that will be held across the entire Star Wars Fall line (the Legacy Collection included).  There will indeed be similar activity as during Episode III, but the exact nature has yet to be determined.  We will keep everyone informed as the details shape up.

GOLD 5:  It appears that collectors can expect some kind of Midnight Madness event or similar first release date promotions through retailers

HASBRO:  we are pleased to announce the details on this one.  "Disturbance in the Force," the exclusive for San Diego Comic Con, consists of an existing Vader, a newly tooled base with lights and sounds, and a new holographic Emperor bust.  When the medallion in the center of the base is pressed, the hologram and light in the middle of the medallion light up, and a loooong sequence of movie dialogue is started.  This is one cool exclusive, and will also be available online after the Convention starts.

GOLD 5:  Keep checking back for more news on this very cool exclusive, as well as the JTA Q&A's.  The JTA Q&A sessions are responsible for breaking this news.  So keep those questions coming!

UPDATE!  While meeting with Hasbro at Toy Fair in New York, they offered to give us the exclusive first look at the "Disturbance In The Force" pack that is exclusive to this year's San Diego Comic Con.  Check out our news posting on that HERE.  And here's the image that Hasbro sent:


HASBRO:  Ten Numb was drawn from Lucasfilm archive reference. We knew that we were going to be doing two Evolution Pilot packs, and wanted to mix it up as much as possible within the packs, as some of the body tooling will be shared. To this end, we selected Kayan Farlander (a human pilot) for the second pack, in his red outfit and it made sense to provide an upgrade over the previous Ten Numb. We really like the Rebel Pilots, and can guarantee that not too far down the road there will be a red-suited Sullustan pilot. As for the rumored TRU B-Wing, you will have to wait a little longer for news on that. We will say that it is not tied to the OTC, but, in fact, something else is brewing in the Expanded Universe that we do not want to announce just yet.

GOLD 5:  There seem to be several news items in this answer. 

-First, the Ten Nunb figure in the Rebel Pilots Evolutions pack appears to be a new mold. 
-A second Rebel Pilots Evolutions pack appears to be on the way, including Keyan Farlander (typo on Hasbro's part) from the X-Wing game
-Another Sullustan Rebel Pilot may be in the works in a red flightsuit.  Hasbro's vague answer here may indicate that this could be a modern rendition of Nien Nunb
-A new B-Wing vehicle appears to be on the way, but the source material for this ship may not be from the Original Trilogy

HASBRO:  Actually, this year has been an exhausting one for the Evolution line, with a total of eight sets in the works, each one containing three substantially new figures (or new heads, in the case of the second Rebel pilots sets). That's a lot of pretty demanding figures needed to keep the line going! As such, will probably be resting it for a while after this Fall. We might get back to it at some point; it's tough to keep a great idea down. As soon as our sculpting team forgives us, that is....

GOLD 5:  Two solid bits of news here.
-There are a total of 8 Evolutions sets in the works,  This may or may not include the four new sets that have already been released, along with the two revealed at Toy Fair - The Padme Amidala Legacy and the Rebel Pilots.  There is also the previously mentioned second Rebel Pilots pack containing Keyan Farlander that Hasbro has confirmed in this session.  This would leave us with possibly one Evolutions pack yet to be named.
-Evolutions will probably be taking a break for a little while as Hasbro regroups, and also gets back into the Basic Figure lines of the Legacy Collection and Clone Wars.


HASBRO:  It won't be too long (within a year) before a character that you cite - Exar Kun - will get his first figure in the comic pack lineup.

GOLD 5:  Exar Kun of the comic title TALES OF THE JEDI - DARK LORDS OF THE SITH appears to be on the way in a comic 2-pack within the next year.


QUESTION:  Now that the cat is out of the bag about Darth Vader's Transmission (Comic Con Exclusive), which version of the Emperor's floating head will we get? The recut version? The crazy monkey eyes (pre-DVD) version? Or might there be a variant?

HASBRO:  The Emperor is from the Empire Strikes Back - Special Edition, rather than the monkey-eyes version.  However, there may be a future Emperor figure himself down the road that has those primal primate eyes.  Stay tunedÖ!

GOLD 5:  Galactic Hunter's question has elicited a couple of responses from Hasbro.
-The San Diego Comic Con exclusive pack will feature Ian McDiarmid's likeness as the Emporer Palpatine hologram
-A new Emporer figure may be on the way which depicts the original holographic image of the Emporer

IMPERIAL SHIPYARDS - Forum Registration Required

HASBRO:  We can confirm a Tank figure is in the works, as part of the comic pack series. He will hit the shelves later this Fall. As for his uniform, we're going to keep it under raps until Comic Con.

GOLD 5:  Lt. Janek "Tank" Sunber is on the way in the comic 2-pack line.  His backstory is as a friend of Luke Skywalker on Tatooine.  A particularly notable storyline featuring Tank is The Battle of Maridun in which Lt. Sunber and his Stormtroopers fight a horde of Amanins, and conjecture around the collecting community has suggested that this issue of the Dark Horse title Star Wars Empire - To The Last Man might be the source material for just such a comic 2-pack.

Q&A Headlines to be continued!!!!
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More Q&A Headlines:


QUESTION:  Legacy Wave 1 features a new Darth Vader with an apparently multi-piece removable helmet, but unfortunately we havenít really seen any good pics of the helmet off Vaderís head. Can you share a picture (or an explanation if no pics are available yet) of how many pieces his helmet will have?

HASBRO:  Initially, the head will be attached and will not be removable from the collar (our factory decided to tool the top of the head only) and we are looking to make a running change to a full head that is separate from the collar. We will send pictures as available.

GOLD 5:  This response seems to indicate that we can expect a running change in the Legacy wave 1 Darth Vader.

QUESTION:  The Galactic Heroes shown at Toy Fair looked awesome.  However, you're not expecting us to believe 2008 is going to come and go without a GH version of Ahsoka (or any of the other characters from the new Clone Wars cartoon), are you? It may be a long shot, but is there any chance of an Asajj Ventress GH figure?

HASBRO:  Well now, we were hoping to leave some info for Comic Con but ya beat us to it. We can indeed confirm that at least one of these female lightsaber wielders will be out for Galactic Heroes. Exact timing is still TBD, but look for them on shelf by mid-Nov.

GOLD 5:  Expect either an Ahsoka Tano or Asajj Ventress in the Galactic Heroes line


HASBRO:  We did not show the Mygeeto pack as our focus was on Fall for the most part. You do have sharp eyes. The Bacara figure has been upgraded to an SA body for this set, using the same helmet and detachable gear.

GOLD 5:  A pleasant surprise to see that the 2005 version of Commander Bacara has been upgraded in this spring's BATTLE OF MYGEETO Battle Pack.  This is effectively the only new figure in this particular Battle Pack.


HASBRO:  We do have plans to get to an update of Zuckuss before too long. However, Dengar will still be a ways off.  Eventually, we will get to him as well but he just isn't dialed into a plan yet.
GOLD 5:  This appears to be a confirmation on a new Zuckuss figure, but no timeframe has been given.  However there is a rumored TESB wave for later this year and Zuckuss would be a natural fit for that wave.  Keep checking back for more news.


HASBRO:  The answer is that yes, a wave has moved due to sculpting delays, but no the number will not come down to less than 50 figures for 2008. Here's the score: you know about the 15 from TAC in Spring, along with the 16 that were shown between Waves 1 and 2 of Legacy Collection (Droid Factory), bringing the total to 31 "seen" so far. In addition, another 24 figures are on schedule, including a redeco wave which was created to replace the delayed wave (there will now be 8 unique Droid factory figures for the Fall figures, four Astro droids in Waves 1 & 3 and 4 Protocol droids for the subsequent waves). These figures will be spaced out from 7/26 launch until the end of the year, or about 6-8 per month through the Fall if all goes according to the firmed up schedule.

GOLD 5:  There seems to be a good ammount of information in this response about the scope of the LEGACY COLLETION.  First, it seems that there will be over 50 basic figures in the 2008 line.  It also seems that the Legacy wave lineup will be as follows:

LEGACY WV 1:  ROTJ - 8 figures w/ 2 BAF Astro Droids
LEGACY WV 2:  CW - 8 figures w/ 2 BAF Astro Droids
LEGACY WV 3:  THEME TBD - 6 figures w/ 1 x Protocol Droid
LEGACY WV 4:  THEME TBD - 6 figures w/ 1 x Protocol Droid
LEGACY WV 5:  THEME TBD - 6 figures w/ 1 x Protocol Droid
LEGACY WV 6:  THEME TBD - 6 figures w/ 1 x Protocol Droid


HASBRO:  Due to forces beyond out control, we did indeed take a price increase on Titanium vehicles recently. You have probably seen retailers take their price up as a result.

GOLD 5:  Titanium vehicle prices appear to be on the rise.


HASBRO:  Look for at least one, perhaps two, KotOR/Tales of the Jedi packs next year.

GOLD 5:  Exar Kun has already been confirmed for the Comic 2-pack line.  This is the first mention of KOTOR with respect to the comic 2-pack line.  A natural choice from that comic series would be Zayne Carrick, the central character of that series.  However Hasbro has not made any such confirmation at this time.  Check back in the future Q&A's for more on this topic.


QUESTION:  My question concerns the Imperial Knights pack. It looks from the photos that they have Red sabers. Now I know that often the product we see at Toy Fair isn't the final product, so we're wondering if the final release will include the correct "silver/ white/clear" sabers that the Knights are drawn with in the comics.

HASBRO:  Yes indeed, the final sabers will be clear (silver).

GOLD 5:  Apparently the samples of the Imperial Knights that were on display were not the final version, and will feature lightsabers that are more accurate to the STAR WARS LEGACY comic series.


HASBRO:  There is a very good chance that Kyle Katarn will become a figure at some point. Whether or not he is based on the Jedi Knights games is TBD.

GOLD 5:  Kyle Katarn appears to be on a short list of EU characters to be made.  What venue this figure will be offered within (comic 2-packs, multipacks, etc) appears to be TBD.


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