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Author Topic: Q&A Headlines - Week of May 23rd, 2008  (Read 1068 times)
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Q&A Headlines - Week of May 23rd, 2008

Here's all the news that's fit to read.  Or in this case consolidate into one easy to read set of confirmed headlines from this week's Q&A session!



QUESTION:  Can we expect another Gunship release in support of the new TV series and movie?  And could it potentially feature new deco like the nose-art seen in the first clips shown at Celebration 4?  Additionally, could we also see any mods to the existing mold, like fully closing doors (as seen in the footage) or the ball turrets?

ANSWER:  Yes, you will see a re-release.  However, it will be deco only, and will not come with fully closing doors or ball turrets.  We are looking at ball turrets for a future Battle Pack, however, but we have no details on when that will be slotted in.

GOLD 5:  CONFIRMED!  A re-decoed Republic Gunship is on the way in the CLONE WARS line.  The Ball Turrets are not yet confirmed, but are under consideration for a Battle Pack



QUESTION:  In the past, Hasbro's had a fairly good ability to get new Star Wars waves and lines onto shelves in a timely fashion within the prescribed dates Hasbro claimed. However, a few lines recently have suffered delays.... and now the announcement of the preview Captain Rex mail-away figure not coming out until July (thus negating the "preview" aspect).

ANSWER:  .... For Captain Rex - our delivery of the figures was always on the schedule it is on; it was the lightning fast production and application of the stickers in Asia that caught us off guard and redemptions to start to come in earlier than anticipated.

GOLD 5:  The Captain Rex figure, according to Hasbro, isn't necessarily delayed.  Apparently the redemption forms and stickers were issued earlier than was anticipated.



ANSWER:  Look for at least one new Gungan in 2009. As we get farther out, we have plans to do some more exploration of Episode I as well.

GOLD 5:  Looks like we can expect a Gungan figure next year.  However this answer might be referring to a previously rumored Vintage style Jar Jar Binks.



ANSWER:  ... but we feel there are still some great Hans to be done, including vintage-style Bespin Han and a few other variants that could use updating.  Next up for Han though is the Stormtrooper disguise outfit, slated for basic figure cards with a wave late this year.

GOLD 5:  Hasbro has previously mentioned that a movie deco version of Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise was going to be coming in the Basic Figure line.  This answer confirms that it's set to happen in 2008.  Hasbro also seems to be hinting here that a Vintage style Bespin Han Solo may be in the works.


HEADLINE:  FORCE FX Lightsaber Lineup

QUESTION:  With the upcoming Force FX Lightsabers, will you be offering a version with removable blades and what will be the price point on these in general?

ANSWER:  The FX Lightsaber lineup consists of the same lineup that Master Replicas was producing. We have not yet announced any additional lightsabers beyond that but are working on some additions to the lineup. We anticipate that the retail price will be around the same as it was it years prior.

GOLD 5:  The price point was approximately $99 - $119 per unit.  And the MR lineup included the following Force FX lightsabers: 
-Darth Vader
-Darth Maul
-Mace Windu
-Anakin Skywalker
-Obi-Wan Kenobi
-Luke Skywalker (ROTJ)


HEADLINE:  WalMart Exclusive A-Wing To Have New Features

QUESTION:  Any chance we could get a better picture of the pack-in pilot that is coming with the Wal-Mart exclusive A-Wing later this summer? Is he just a Tycho repaint or does he indeed have a new head?

ANSWER:  There will be an all-new head sculpt on the Tycho body, as well as a great bit of news on the vehicle itself. More details will be revealed when we officially announce this one!

GOLD 5:  Hasbro seems to be teasing a bit of news here.  Check back for more news on this topic.


HEADLINE:  Holographic Darth Sidious With Mechno Chair Loosely Confirmed

QUESTION:  With the numerous problems and an anti-climactic release of the Sideshow Collectibles Darth Sidious version... What are the chances of seeing Hasbro create a 3 3/4 scale Holographic Darth Sidious on mechno chair in the near future?

ANSWER:  Very, very good!

GOLD 5:  Not a firm answer, but an answer like this seems to indicate that a holographic Darth Sidious on mechno chair is likely on the way soon.


HEADLINE:  Previously Issued Beast To Be Updated

QUESTION:  The "super articulated" Horse from the Indiana Jones deluxe line is way cool. Any chance of you taking that step into the SW Universe and giving us a REALLY COOL SA Tauntaun?

ANSWER:  Now that's an interesting idea we honestly had not been thinking about. We'll pass it around the team and see what they think. We will confirm there are some other beasts we are looking at updating if we get to an SA Tauntaun, it may be a little while. Thanks for the suggestion.

GOLD 5:  This may be a reference to the Rancor.  There may be an OT repaint of The Force Unleashed Battle Rancor in the works.  But this answer seems to indicate that Hasbro might be looking at other beasts for the future.


HEADLINE:  Disturbance At The Lars Homestead Battle Pack

QUESTION:  The rumor mill had a Disturbance at the Lars Homestead battle pack appear in the Toys R Us computers, and recently a photo of a mock-up of this set has shown up. Can you give any comment on this set? The mock-up seems to show the old POTF2 Owen Lars figure which is well over a decade old and hasn't held up with the passage of time, will this be replaced with a new Uncle Owen? What other figures will come with the set, perhaps the April Fools Joke extra-crispy Owen & Beru skeletons? And does the igloo-type dome open to reveal an interior?

ANSWER:  Details will be revealed at Comic Con, if not earlier. Collectors should not expect too much from the figures, though, as the building is the real centerpiece and what really cost us to develop. We can confirm there are still no extra-crispy skeletons in the package or elsewhere in the Star Wars lineup.

GOLD 5:  There is some initial imagery of the centerpiece of this Battle Pack over at POTF2.COM.  It appears to be a dome from the Lars Homestead, and the figures appear to include Uncle Owen Lars, Aunt Beru and at leat one Sandtrooper.  Check back for more news when this Battle Pack is officially unveiled at Comic Con.


HEADLINE:  Visionaries Comic 2-Pack Coming in 2009

QUESTION:  You confirmed that a Visionaries figure is coming. Can you reveal how its coming, i.e. a Battle Pack or Basic Wave?

ANSWER:   Neither. It will be in a comic 2-pack, out late 2009.

GOLD 5:  This is a pretty clear answer from Hasbro.  Expect a comic 2-pack in 2009 that revolves around the Dark Horse VISIONARIES one-shot title.  A likely pairing for this pack would be cyborg Darth Maul & Obi-Wan Kenobi.


HEADLINE:  Retooled Episode II Jedi Starfighter

QUESTION:  During the last QnA session (with Rebelscum), you confirmed that there was a retooled/modified E2-style Jedi Starfighter in the works for the Clone Wars line.

For further clarification, will the astromech droid be fixed (like the E2 mold), a removable plug (like the E3 mold) or something colllectors have wanted for sometime - a truly interactive droid socket to use with our existing astromech figures?

ANSWER:  It will be a removable plug that will allow existing Astromechs to plug in. However, like the EpIII Starfighter, it most likely won't be a true-to-scale fit because we want to preserve the aesthetics of the Starfighter proportions first and foremost. We are still noodling and trying to get it as close as possible, though.

GOLD 5:  This appears to be a modification to the existing Episode II Jedi Starfighter.

Keep checking back for more Headlines as more sites file their Q&A reports.
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