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Author Topic: Q&A Headlines - Week of June 20th, 2008  (Read 1209 times)
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« on: June 22, 2008, 08:56:07 PM »

Here is the news you can use from the Hasbro Q&A sessions for the week of June 20th, 2008!


HEADLINE - Ahsoka Tano Figure On The Way In The Clone Wars Basic Figure Line

QUESTION:  Thus far we've only seen a single wave of figures from THE CLONE WARS line.  While that wave presents some major characters, there are some obvious ommissions in the lineup considering all of the characters we've seen in glimpses of the upcoming movie & television series.  We know you'd love to tell us who some of the characters are in subsequent waves, and maybe even give us a look at a figure like say...Ahsoka Tano, who appears to be a significant player!  And how soon after the iniitial wave can we expect a followup wave of figures?

ANSWER:   Unfortunately, there will be a sizeable gap between the first wave of figures and the second wave, but Ahsoka *will* be in the lineup this Fall. Additional details on subsequent waves will be revealed at Comic-Con International.


HEADLINE - Spacetrooper In The Works

QUESTION:  If Hasbro were designing the Spacetrooper figure that we see outside of The Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope, would it be possible that the figure would have a removable helmet with Joe Johnston's likeness underneath? (Reference photos show him in the black body glove getting suited up for the scene, so it would be a nice nod to one of the heroes behind-the-scenes.)

ANSWER:  While we couldn’t do Joe Johnston's likeness, there may be some coincidental resemblance.

GOLD 5 - While Hasbro does not explicitly state that there will be a Spacetrooper figure, this answer indicates that one is likely to be in the works.


HEADLINE - Plo Koon On The Way In Clone Wars Animated Figure Line

QUESTION:   Now that the Pandora's Box of The Clone Wars has opened up, might we see some of the cool concepts developed for Revenge of the Sith trickle into toy play? (Things like Plo Koon's wrist lightsaber thingie or an eye-patched Ki-Adi Mundi? Nobody said the injury was permanent, right? Bacta works miracles.)

ANSWER:  We’ll be including that interpretation of Plo Koon’s gauntlet saber as a feature accessory for a Clone Wars animated basic figure. However, we won't be exploring the eye-patched Ki-Adi-Mundi, unless it shows up in the animation in a significant enough way to develop a figure.

GOLD 5 - This version of Plo Koon sounds like it will feature the gauntlet lightsaber accessory similar to the one that was featured in the Sideshow exclusive 12" Plo Koon


HEADLINE - Star Wars Shop/SDCC Exclusive Clone Trooper Captain Figure

QUESTION:  Pictures of many new Clone Wars Clone Trooper variants have been popping up lately. One surprise that we just have to ask about - a little birdie says in addition to the Vader/Emperor set, we might also be seeing a Clone Wars Clone Trooper Captain exclusive at SDCC. True? False?

ANSWER:  It is true, and details will be forthcoming from


HEADLINE - 4 Cantina Aliens Slated For A New Hope Basic Figure Wave

QUESTION:   I’m a huge, huge fan of the Mos Eisley “Cantina Monsters” (as my two little guys call them). I love to get those thirsty alien action figures, so I was wondering - just how excited am I going to get with the upcoming Legacy A New Hope wave? Are we talking just “2 cantina guys” excited or “holy crap - 4 figures including the worm lady” excited?

ANSWER:   I hope you temper your language around your sons when we finally reveal the pictures of this great wave! There will be *four* Cantina denizens in the wave this Fall, two of them coming in one pack. One of the characters will be Lak Sivrak's lover, which should be enough of a hint for you to be doubly excited.

GOLD 5 - The one character that is hinted at is reportedly Dice Ibegon


HEADLINE - 4 Cantina Aliens Slated For A New Hope Basic Figure Wave

QUESTION:  Three of the most prominent main characters in the expanded universe novels are young female human padawans: Etain (Republic Commando), Starstone (Darth Vader: Rise of the Dark Lord), and Scout (Yoda: Dark Rendezvous). We have never seen a young human female padawan that could be used to fill the role of any of these important characters. Will we ever see a generic female padawan figure? Also, what about human male younglings, such as the ones Anakin kills in Revenge of the Sith? We've had youngling figures in the past, but they were aliens.

ANSWER:  Interesting suggestion. There are some new human younglings coming in 2009 in a very special pack, including at least one female. However, they will not be on basic figure cards. More details will be available in early-to-mid 2009.

GOLD 5 - This is a vague albeit interesting answer.  Keep checking back for updates on what may be an Expanded Universe themed multi-pack


HEADLINE - Wave 3 & 4 To Both Feature RA-7 Protocol Droids As Droid Factory Build-A-Figures

QUESTION:  It seems that each wave for 2008 is made up of 8 figures, which means there will be 2 astromech droids for the B.A.D.s. This means that there aren't any protocol droids (since they would be part of a wave of 6 figures). While we understand any rumor lists that pop up are just that...rumors only...when can protocol droid lovers look forward to building one?

ANSWER:  Waves 3 and 4 will feature protocol droids...actually two different versions of the Death Star Droid/RA-7 model. Names will be released later when we announce the waves at Comic Con.

GOLD 5 - Also of note with this news is that both waves 3 & 4 will feature 6 basic figures each.  Waves that include a Protocol Droid as the Build-A-Figure consist of 6 basic figures.


HEADLINE - New X-Wing Due To Ship In 2009

QUESTION:  Any chance of seeing a clean version of the X-Wing in the $20 vehicles line any time soon? This is one of the most iconic vehicles of the OT and all we have seen of it the last couple of years is the ToysRUs exclusive Dagobah version which is dirty. With several X-Wing pilots coming out I for one would like more X-Wings for them to fly.

ANSWER:  Not a chance, unfortunately. The X-Wing is a much, much more expensive vehicle than the $20 series can afford, and the only way to get it out again would be in a larger format like an exclusive.  We are hopeful that we'll be able to get a version out by the end of 2009.

GOLD 5 - A new version of the large X-Wing appears to be on the way.  This answer also seems to indicate that Hasbro may have in fact retired the mold for the vintage X-Wing which was last sold at a $20 price point


HEADLINE - Disturbance At The Lars Homestead Details

QUESTION:  A mock up of the long rumored Disturbance at the Lars Homestead has turned up. Now this mock up is showing the POTF 2 Owen Lars, is the Owen going to be replaced with a new one? That mold is old and doesn't hold up compared to the new figures. Is the igloo dome plastic and does it have a removable top or anything inside? Finally, can you possibly through in the crispy Owen and Beru skeletons in there as an accessory? After all, you have released skeletons and crispy characters before (Amanaman's accessory and Sith Anakin).  Thanks again for letting us have the opportunity to ask questions.

ANSWER:  To be honest, this was a bear of set for us to produce and our expense is tied up in the homestead itself, so even though we wanted to, we could not get the figures updated (the alternative was never doing the set at all).  The dome is injection-molded plastic and there is a table on the inside fastened to the base. The crispy skeletons are not included... we aren't planning to do them.

GOLD 5 - The Homestead dome appears to be the only new offering in this large Battle Pack.  The Owen Lars figure will be a reissue of the POTF2 figure from the PURCHASE OF THE DROIDS Cinema Scene.


HEADLINE - Imperial Pilots Legacy 2 Confirmed, Along With V-Wing Pilot

QUESTION:  What's the rationale behind including a repaint of the AOTC pilot in the new Imperial Pilots Evolution Set? Wouldn't something of that nature be better suited for a Battle Pack or is it a new sculpt? The reason I find this frustrating is it seems a V-Wing pilot would be great for this set; especially considering that we already have a V-Wing, but no pilots for it as of yet.

ANSWER:  We did not have reference for a V-Wing pilot to do this set, but there will be a V-Wing pilot coming in Spring 2009 in a second Evolution pilots pack. Stay tuned!

And in other Q&A notes for this week, questions regarding the Toys R Us exclusive Dagger Suadron B-Wing were met with a curious ammount of silence.  Not even a "NO COMMENT".  So we might be due for some news on this front from Hasbro in the coming week.

Keep checking back for more headlines as news develops!

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