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Author Topic: Hasbro Q&A Roundup - Week of July 11th, 2008  (Read 2020 times)
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Hasbro Q&A Roundup - Week of July 11th, 2008


QUESTION:  We recently saw the Diamond/Online exclusive Pirate TIE Fighter with Hobbie revealed.  It's an interesting take on the upscaled TIE Fighter.  But will it feature some of the unique aspects of that TIE as it was featured in the Dark Horse EMPIRE series?  Can we expect Hobbie to come with a sniper rifle, and the TIE to include some kind of additional hyperdrive pack and astomech droid?  The higher price point (approx. $55) compared with the current TRU exclusive TIE Fighter ($39.99) seems to suggest that there might be some value added features.  Can collectors expect as much?

ANSWER:  It will be the existing TIE with the new deco.  We just couldn't afford to redo the body for the Astromech port and instead drew inspiration from the idea that these TIEs, with their pilots Biggs, Hobbie, Wes Jansen, etc., formed an important early wing of the Rogue Squadron's forces after their mutiny from the Ran Ecliptic storyline. As for retail price, we don't set that, and retailers often vary for the same item.  When it's an exclusive, they set the price they need to drive their overall business, so it's difficult to infer features from the price or even compare across retailers in this case.

QUESTION:  In the ramp-up to The Clone Wars, we've seen artwork on for the Y-Wing fighter as it would appear in The Clone Wars (image attached). If the Y-Wing does appear in the Clone Wars series in this form and it gets enough screen time to be a serious contender for the vehicle line, would you redesign it from the ground up, or attempt to modify the existing tools and add some kind of body fairings?  One of the interesting EU notes about the vehicle is that it required such regular maintenance that the groundcrews started to leave the body fairings off in order to more easily maintain their fighters.

ANSWER:  The new Y-Wing is definitely one of the vehicles we have our eye on, and if it appears in enough episodes we would take a look at it.  It is so different that it would need to be an all-new vehicle, hence our wait-and-see approach, balanced against other vehicles that we may see coming down the road as well.

QUESTION:  In a previous Q&A session with Jedi Temple Archives Hasbro confirmed that we will be seeing the Republic Gunship reissued with new deco.  Will the Gunship be shipping to retail in cases of Gunships alone, or as part of a large vehicle assortment as it did with the Revenge Of The Sith era ARC-170?  And can we get a sneak peek at the new deco for this fan favorite vehicle? Is this new deco shown on the box of the Wal-Mart exclusive that recently showed up online?

ANSWER:  The Republic Gunship will be shipping by itself and not as part of an assortment.  The colors are reminiscent of the EpIII color scheme with the addition of the new Squadron-approach to nose art insignia.   In this case, it's a cool version of a Twi'Lek.

Now to continue on through the collecting community:


QUESTION:  The last time the "midnight madness" question was asked back in April, the answer was "yes, similar plans and activity to 2005 with the launch of Ep III toys, but too early to talk about". Now that we are a month away, are there any more details that can be given out about Midnight Madness 7/26 openings? And will this release date for The Legacy Collection & Clone Wars product be worldwide?

ANSWER:  The 7/26 release date will indeed be worldwide. Full details on the TRU store locations that will be running Midnight Madness will be available at next Weds. 7/16, as part of the overall Clone Wars update we'll be doing. Check back then!

QUESTION:  In a recent Q&A, you stated that the upcoming Legacy Collection Darth Vader will likely be your "definitive" Vader, you are having a hard time coming up with more features to add to the character. However, one area still needs addressing is that of his battle-damaged removable hand. In the movie, Luke cuts it off at the wrist, but the articulation on the TLC Vader seems to sport glove articulation which is further back than wrist and can't be popped off to simulate this damage. While perhaps a small issue, it does hold the figure back from being truly definitive. Will it see a change in the future, perhaps as a running change, or a re-release? Also, what about definitive versions for each movie, since the costume does sport quite a few changes?

ANSWER:  Those are both very interesting suggestions, which we'll consider as we plan 2010. Thanks!


QUESTION:  The Corporate Alliance Tank Droid is viewed by many fans as an overdue vehicle. Due to the action oriented nature of this tank and the multiple movie appearances, can we expect to see a release of this in the near future? We like CIS vehicles, so donít forget the a new Droid Gunship and some Spider Droids and Crab Droids for a great Ultimate Battle Pack!

ANSWER:  Since it is in the Clone Wars, the Tank Droid is a strong possibility for the longer term. Not short term, however - we have some other tasty lower-priced vehicles in store first.

QUESTION:  The Republic Gunship, ARC-170 fighter and AT-RT have not been released in movie-accurate styling since the initial launch of the ROTS line. A lot of collectors have to be discriminant with their spending and simply cannot buy every product when a line launches. Will collectors who either missed or had to pass on those three ships in 2005 get a chance to buy movie-accurate versions sometime in the near future? (Late edit to this question: Will the upcoming Clone Wars Republic Gunship come with multiple sticker sheets like the Dagger Squadron B-Wing?)

ANSWER:  Right now our Fall exclusives for the Republic Gunship are inspired by the nose art found on some Clone Wars squadrons, but are otherwise close to the movie colors. There is no sticker sheet for this one - all of the deco is factory-applied. It is very possible that some day we would ďrereleaseĒ these in the Clone Wars line without nose art if it is in the animation. We have not looked at the AT-RT but itís possible it could return at some point.

QUESTION:  As Iím sure youíre well aware of, army building has become an obsession with many collectors. Iíve personally observed army building become more of the norm rather than the exception it was only five or six years ago. To that point, there are two Original Trilogy armies for which there seems to be constant demand. The first is the Bespin Security Guard. While the POTJ figure was a noble effort, the guards never appeared on screen with an open jacket. The second is the Rebel Fleet Trooper. Again, the POTJ figure was great at the time, but Hasbro has spoiled us with articulation on other army builders, so an update would be well received. Each have ample opportunities for running changes for face sculpts and various nationalities. Hasbro has in the past indicated a desire to update each of these figures, but can you give us any firmer indication as to how long weíll have to wait on each?

ANSWER:  It is highly likely that the Bespin Guard will make it out in 2009. We have yet to slot in an update to the Rebel but we are confident it will happen before too long.


QUESTION:  How many Sandtroopers come with the Disturbance at the Lars Homestead Battle Pack?  What mold is the Sandtrooper based on (The Saga Collection or Evolutions)?  What color are the pauldrons?

ANSWER:  The pack comes with one Sandtrooper, with a black pauldron.  It is based on the The Saga Collection Sandtrooper (with articulated torso).

[Editor's Note: The whole pack is largely based on the fan-created scene from the fan film Troops, which features an altercation between our beloved Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen who are worried about their missing nephew Luke Skywalker.]

QUESTION:  How would Hasbro feel about releasing a hybrid of the FX X-Wing (with the homing computer, lights, and some sound) but keeping the cockpit and droid port open for playability?

ANSWER:  Interesting idea - we'll look at that next time we plan on getting an X-Wing back out there.  Big complication is that all of the electronic module was removed from the tooling when the vehicle was refitted for use in the exclusives program.  It may not be possible to restore it to the vehicle in an effective way.  We will consider it though - thanks.

[Editor's Note: Not that we've heard any RUMORS about this, no, never! Also, just for reference, it was originally developed without dedicated figures. Ahem!]

QUESTION:  Is there actually a vac-metallized R-3PO (a la the Droid Factory) coming, or was it just a prototype? Also, is there any chance we'll see a silver RA-7 (a la the classic Death Star Droid) in the Build-A-Droid series?

ANSWER:  There is not a vac-metallized R-3PO or any other vac-metal buildable droid coming. While we have done tests on the feasibility, it does not meet our wear standards.  There is an excellent chance you will see a silver RA-7 buildable droid in the Droid Factory line!

QUESTION:  I hear there's a figure in the likeness of Adam May being developed next week. What are the odds that it could be mass released?

ANSWER:  He won't be mass-released.

[Editor's Note: We shall see. I call upon my legions of readers and myspace buddies to inundate Hasbro with requests for a figure of This Charming Man. I even grew out Imperial mutton-chops to make it all more cohesive. Look at that Star Wars style spacer jacket, too. Ice Cream Maker guy didn't put that much effort into it, that's for sure. You all know he'd be perfect for a Battle Pack!]

To be continued.
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Hasbro Q&A Roundup - Week of July 11th, 2008 - PART 2


QUESTION:  Several sites last round had asked questions about the B-Wing Exclusive and its pilot, and each of those sites (including our own!) were given that question back blank. What's the story?!?! Now we're more curious than ever!

ANSWER:  The reasons is because people were asking about leaked images, which we do not condone, and it caused us to reexamine our policy on this issue. In the future, we will not be commenting on images that are leaked from unofficial sources.

QUESTION:  What happened with the price of the G.I. Joe figures? They went up from $4.99 to $6.89 almost overnight. With Star Wars, you tell us you have to pay for the license, and that cost gets rolled into the price point of the toys, but you own the G.I. Joe line all you own. The price point of $4.99 was a huge bonus for fans and collectors.

ANSWER:  We don't comment on any other lines except Star Wars and Indiana Jones. When it comes to pricing for any line, many factors come into play for both Hasbro and retailers and prices could change at any time.

QUESTION:  Recently, listed another wave of Clone Wars figures, including Ahsoka. This looks to be an exciting character in this new series. Can you confirm if she is going to get made in an upcomming wave? Any chance we can see a prototype or mock up of her?

ANSWER:  She will indeed be in Wave 2, and she is one great figure. However, right now we can't share any images as they are part of an upcoming feature. Stay tuned!


QUESTION:  What are the chances of seeing more fan favorites from the EU, or just characters that played large parts in various comic (being that itís been mentioned novel-exclusive characters lack visual reference) series throughout time? Personally, I'd give my saber-hand for an armored Nom Anor, but I'm sure there's a huge demand for characters like Cin Drallig, Kam Solusar, the Solo children Ė especially Jacen/Caedus -- or even updated and expanded Dark Empire figures.

ANSWER:  Die fighting x has some excellent characters on that list. The comic packs would be a natural for most of them, but not all of course. We will say that of the characters on the list, we fully expect to see 75% of them produced within the next two years, with hopefully additional Dark Empire figures as well.

QUESTION:  Since a new sculpted Skiff is not going to happen, will the old one be reissued again?

ANSWER:  Yes it will. Look for more details at Comic Con.

QUESTION:  Since the other two 2005 exclusive star fighters have been reissued, what are the chances that Plo Koon's star fighter will be reissued any time soon?

ANSWER:  We don't have it slotted in. With a new focus on the modified CW Delta star fighter, it's highly unlikely we'd release the previous EpII/III Plo s hip. If we did another ship for Plo, which is likely if Plo is significant in the animation, we'd do a version of the new ship.


QUESTION:  Whilst not necessarily a UK centric question I spend a lot of time in Canada and have noticed that for the most part (the BMF being a very notable exception), what is in the stores is usually a couple of waves behind the US and even the UK.  Given the Great White North's proximity to the US, what is the reason for this and is it ever likely to change?

ANSWER:  Each country/region slots production as they need it, so they may not synch up exactly with the U.S. after the initial waves, especially given the time it takes to do the packaging adaptation.  That is one of the things we will be trying to work on - synching up the waves globally through better forecasting at the start.

QUESTION:  We've seen a few images of the new Greatest Hits figures.  Can you please give us details of what figures will make up the first wave(s) of the Greatest Hits figures and when these are likely to hit shelves?

ANSWER:  There are two types of Greatest Hits figures.  The first type will be a new line of Saga Legends figures and will be have their own assortment, numbered serially SL-1, 2, 3, 4, etc. The second type will be more collector-focused Greatest Hits that will be packed in with The Legacy Collection/Droid Factory figures, although they will have "redundant" droid parts to complement the new figures.  This type will be numbered "GH-1" (and 2, 3, 4, etc).  Both types will begin to show up at retail on 7/26.

QUESTION:  With regards the Disney Star Wars crossover figures (e.g. Mickey Mouse as Anakin and Stitch as Emperor), what involvement (if any) does Hasbro have with the production of these or are they made by another 3rd party for Disney?  Also, apart from the box set of existing Star Tours figures that was recently released for the Disney Star Wars Weekends, will there be any new figures released in this line?

ANSWER:  The Disney team manages all production of these.  Aside from an early glimpse at the line direction we don't have any further involvement.  We do have plans to keep adding gradually to the Disney Parks "library" of sets tied in to their attractions, and there will be a very special and cool set up next for 2009.  Stay tuned!


QUESTION:  Just how many exclusive Clone Wars basic figures will there be this Fall? Everyone is wondering just how much shopping they are going to have to do to find them all... thereís TRU Holo Grievous, Target Commander Fox, and a SWShop Senate Security Clone for sure. Just how many others will there be (you donít have to name names if you donít want to, just let us know a ballpark number if you could).

ANSWER:  There will be one more basic carded figure, but that's not the only type of figure exclusive there will be. We can't tell you everything right now, but details will be rolled out in the coming weeks as we get ready for 7/26. Look for more information on each week.

[editorís note: Since asking this question, the Wal-Mart Exclusive 501st Clone Trooper has been revealed as well]

QUESTION:  Some new pictures of loose samples of Sandstorm Han Solo from Legacy Wave 1 popped up and some folks noticed that Han doesnít quite look the same as the version shown at Toy Fair. Is Sandstorm Han an all-new sculpt or does he make use of any of the existing ďvintageĒ Han parts (legs, torso, arms)?

ANSWER:  It's very possible that the factory made changes in available parts for one reason or another beyond what we spec'd, which does happen on occasion, or the model shop had to improvise a model for Toy Fair using what parts they had available. The legs, torso, and arms are from existing figures, while he has a new head, hands, goggles, etc.

QUESTION:  There seems to be a bit of confusion about the Fall Legacy basic figure waves. We know about the first two waves, but then things get murky due to waves being moved around. Hereís what we think is happening...

Fallí08 Wave 3 - Revenge of the Sith, 6 figures
Fallí08 Wave 4 - Repaints/Repacks, 6 figures
Fallí08 (may be early í09) Wave 5 - A New Hope, 8 figures

Does that match up to the current version of the Hasbro master plan?

ANSWER:  The repaint wave will ship before the Revenge of the Sith wave. Otherwise you are correct in your counts.

To be continued.
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Hasbro Q&A Roundup - Week of July 11th, 2008 - PART 3


QUESTION:  A while ago, a rumor surfaced that we would see an Emperor Palpatine figure on throne. Are there any plans to issue a ROTJ Palpatine seated on throne in the near future?

ANSWER:  There are no plans to issue a RotJ Emperor on a throne, nor have we even looked at it.

QUESTION:  I've heard a rumour that in order to cut pollution during the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games, that manufacturing in China will cease for about a month. I honestly doubt that it will be all over China, but more around Beijing and other Games locations. My question is, if this is the case, how will it effect you (Hasbro)? Have you taken measures to prevent delays or supplies?

ANSWER:  We really haven't heard anything to this effect and expect no impact to our production.

QUESTION:  With the recent release of images of vehicles from the upcoming Clone Wars movie and series, we've seen some new vehicles that will make their debut here just as the modified AotC Jedi Starfighter with the astromech droid in the middle (as on the new Galactic Heroes version); a Republic mobile artillery piece; Anakin's B-wing-like transport; and what looks like a more military-oriented version of the Imperial Shuttle. We're also seeing the Acclamator/Republic Attack Cruiser from 'Attack of the Clones' in full red colouring instead of the all-grey scheme used in AotC (which would make a great re-paint). Are any of these vehicles going to be coming up in the Clone Wars-themed Titanium re-launch, or to coincide with the launch of the Clone Wars film and series?

ANSWER:  At least two of these will be coming out this Fall for Titanium - the Twilight (Anakin's transport), and the modified Clone Wars Starfighter. The others are likely down the road, but might not be before 2010.


QUESTION:  What are the chances of getting a TIE Defender or E-Wing vehicle in the next few years?

ANSWER:  Both of these cool vehicles suffer from the problem that they would have to be all-new, and would not be able to fit into our basic-priced vehicle SKU. So the chances, as much as we would like to do them, are relatively low. We like them as much as you do, though - and will continue to look for ways to do them.

QUESTION:  How about a Build a Vehicle with Figures... 6 Pieces for Ultimate AT-AT - One Piece each (Head, Body, 2 Legs X 2) Tons of figure potential like a Battle Pack... Just comes with a vehicle part...

ANSWER:  We have looked at this. It would take so many pieces to do this, and would be so much extra work that we would rather just make the vehicle itself (not to mention it would be a better vehicle than if put together from, say, the 50 parts we would have to do) We'll stick with the Droid Factory for now.

QUESTION:  What's the future for Unleashed Battle Packs? Will there be any new single-pack versions that are sold at Family Dollar and Dollar General?

ANSWER:  The Unleashed Battle Packs will continue with a host of new 4-packs this Fall and into the Spring, for both the Clone Wars and some very key OTC. As for the single packs, they may be updated with new graphics but it will consist of the same mix of figures.


QUESTION:  We completely understand your stance on the Marvel series, and it's importance in the continuum of EU material. In fact, many of us older fans really like seeing the Marvel characters as there is a HUGE nostalgia factor to those releases.

That said, I think, that you have missed the point of the questions that have generally been asked thus far regarding the line - we like the Marvel releases, but we DON'T like the paint jobs. Figures like Tobi Dalla and Fenn Shysa are most welcome to Mandalorian fans, however the paint apps, while comic book appropriate, just aren't even close to what they would look like in reality.

The Dark Horse comic figures look far more realistic. And while some of that is due to modern comic artwork, some is due to Hasbro performing a level of interpretation on the paint apps to make them look more realistic.

The same could be done for the Marvel characters - Tobi and Fenn should feature more subdued colors, with as much attention in the paint apps as the other excellent Fett figures and similar - and should come out blending into the rest of the line nicely - orange boots? When I see those figures, they look like throwback figures from my youth, with very simple, overly mechanical paint apps. They don't even look up to snuff with the original Kenner line, and almost resemble the underpainted Mattel Battlestar Galactica figures (going on pure recall here).

When I think about the over the top/inaccurate paint apps on figures that you've got announced for the future, such as Lumiya, I shudder to think about a figure that should be silver-gray showing up on the pegs as lavendar and baby blue (which is how she's painted in the pages of the books she appeared in - plenty of images of Marvel Star Wars #92 have been circulating since you announced the figure) - I know that Lumiya is vain and all, but let's get some reality in this line!

The novelty was fun with the core characters that we pretty much knew we were getting (or had already received) - but when it crosses over into all new characters, that's where we need to return to reality - FIX Tobi and Fenn, and please don't screw up Lumiya or Valence, Kiro and Jaxxon when you get around to them.

ANSWER:  Thanks for the comments. We certainly do understand the comments, but there is a "script" and that is what was created and that is what we have been following. Marvel and Dark Horse are from two different time periods with different sensibilities that are important for the time in which they were created; it would be doing a reinterpretation of those characters as crafted for us to do what you suggest. We're not saying that for future packs it is not possible, and we will discuss with Lucasfilm. Tobi and Fenn are done, but we'll take your comments into consideration.

Jaxxon...nice try!

QUESTION:  Can you give us an update on the release of the centerpiece of the Cantina bar with the distillery that was mentioned awhile back?

ANSWER:  Alas, that is one piece that we had to drop from the line as to do it right, it would not fit into the basic figure card. We have not revived the idea but will look at it again as a possibility for perhaps a future multi-figure pack.

QUESTION:  Great work with droids that are coming with waves. All the droids we have seen are from the Expanded Universe; how about a little love for OT astromech droids. For example Red Leader's R5 unit or perhaps some of the OT droids seen in Return of the Jedi?

ANSWER:  Excellent choices, and while we can't confirm which OTC ones we're honing in on, we will be making sure to mix it around between on-screen and EU.


QUESTION:  With the up and coming Clones wars animations coming out, would you consider making a clone factory? Would you consider having small containerized "manufactured" clones as a mail away item?

ANSWER:  We don't have any plans to make a Clone factory at this time.  The Clone Wars doesn't concentrate on the manufacturing of the clones, but rather is more battle-focused.  The only reference we have is to the cloning facilities on Kamino, and we don't think that would make the most compelling playset.  Likewise, no plans for mail-in Clones beyond the Captain Rex mail-in, at least for now.

QUESTION:  Read about the confirmation and have seen the pics and the new Millenium Falcon looks amazing. My question is in many of the prior q&a's you have stated that high-end items dont sell as well as the cheaper stuff, so why decide to release two high-end items(Millenium Falcon and AT-TE) on the same day? Dont you think this will hurt their sales?

ANSWER:  We think the time is right for both of these items, and are convinced that they will find separate markets.  The Millennium Falcon has been designed to appeal to fans of all ages, especially older fans, while the AT-TE is set to delight the kids who will experience Star Wars for the first time with the Clone Wars.  We think that both of these superb vehicles will find their way into most fans' collections somehow, even if that means one or the other purchase needs to be deferred.  They should both be available over the course of the Fall, in any case.

QUESTION:  Pictures on the box for the new Millennium Falcon show a Luke figure with the blast shield helmet interacting with the training remote.  Does this mean that you plan to re-release and/or retool this figure so it will be available for kids and collectors alike to recreate the scene?  I have found that there are several occasions where you folks depict a character or a certain figure on vehicle packaging, but they are nowhere to be found at the time of the vehicle's release (case in point, there are no Clone Pilots at retail for the V-Wing).  Why does this continue to happen, and don't you think it's a bad idea to show kids figures that they can't find on the pegs at the same time as the vehicle?  Not everyone will understand that a figure is ten years old and not available when they see it on a brand new package.

ANSWER:  While some kids do want the specific figure to go with a vehicle, a lot of kids generalize, for instance using main characters or clones in their vehicles.  The Millennium Falcon though is a pretty big one so in the Battle Pack assortment this Fall there will be a "Millennium Falcon Passengers" pack with Luke, Obi-Wan, C-3PO and R2-D2.  The figures will not be new, but repacks, so this should help those kids out there recreate the iconic scenes.   As for the clone pilots, we did have them available in the Clone Trooper Evolution pack, and more pilots will be added into the Clone Wars figure line as time goes on.

To be continued.
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Hasbro Q&A Roundup - Week of July 11th, 2008 - PART 4


QUESTION:  This fall, it seems there will be 4 different Star Wars sub-lines vying for space on the pegs: Clone Wars, Legacy Collection BD figures (that's for "Build a Droid", right?), Legacy Collection GH ("greatest hits") figures, and Saga Legends. How many SKUs will that be: 2, 3 or even 4? It looks like 3, with GH figures shipping in cases with BD figures and Saga Legends wearing the Legacy Collection badge but being a separate line, is that accurate? Is there any concern that all this may create confusion or in-line competition on the pegs, perhaps even squeezing out the coveted new Legacy Collection BD figures?

ANSWER:  You are correct, there will be three basic figure assortments this Fall. 1. 87535 Legacy/Droid Factory will have two subseries, the major one which includes new/refresh figures numbered BD-1, 2, 3 etc. and the smaller "greatest hits" subseries numbered GH-1, 2, 3 etc. All Legacy/Droid Factory figures including GH come with a buildable droid part but the BD series is made to call out the new/revised figures as many collectors only want to focus on those. Collectors will get 100% of the droid parts if they get the every BD series figures in the first wave in which they are introduced. 2. 87995 Saga Legends will have figures numbered SL-1, 2, 3, etc. and the pack-in will be the weapons crate with clone gear. 3. 87638 Clone Wars basic figures will also be numbered, but there is just a number (no 2-letter prefix). #1, 2, 3, etc. There is similarly between the card designs so we do anticipate mixing on shelves, but it will not be a problem for flowing new supplies in to retail. The 30th/Saga Legends lines were very similar but consumer takeaway and flow into stores continued despite this. We expect that this Fall consumer takeaway will continue to be as we have forecast, with demand for all three assortments depending on the audience and automated replenishment flowing into stores of the proper assortments as they sell down.

QUESTION:  The Hasbro Star Wars team has discussed in previous Q&As their favorites and personal wishlists from the movies. Any hints though as to what characters might be on the team members' various Expanded Universe wishlists?

ANSWER:  Sure! Our top favorites would include, in no particular order: Jaster Mereel, Nomi Sunrider, Darth Nihl, Deliah Blue, Jarael, Ysanne Isard, Winter Windmere, Valence the Hunter, Bastila Shan, Nom Anor, Guri, and Celeste Morne. To give you a little more info, it's likely 2-3 of these will be in the 2009 lineup, and likely that at least a couple of more will make 2010.

QUESTION:  Back on August 17th, you answered SSG's question about the TX-130 tank toy by saying "We have looked at the TX-130 and it is a cool vehicle, but right now would only go after it if it was featured in the upcoming Clone Wars animation." On October 22nd, you answered's question about the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid with "We have looked at this, but it would need animation support to make it happen." Well, now we have total confirmation that both vehicles will indeed feature in the Clone Wars CGI animation, as well as the Droid Gunship - and all 3 of these vehicles are now being made by LEGO (the Tank Droid they did for ROTS). What are the chances now of getting toys of the Tank Droid, the TX-130, and even perhaps a Droid Gunship from Hasbro? The first 2 would make excellent $20 entries, and all would satisfy fans of The Clone Wars, ROTS, and the Battlefront video game series.

ANSWER:  The chances are very good of the first two happening. The latter has a much lower shot of happening.

SSG: Also, we asked Hasbro for clarification on the following answer from the previous round since the answer says none of the blasters in question appear in animation, yet the "Clone Trooper long rifle" mentioned in the question does appear...

QUESTION:  The recent Clone Trooper and Rebel Trooper role-play blasters are pretty cool. With that in mind, will Hasbro be offering more role-play weapons such as all-new sculpts of Han's blaster, the Stormtrooper blaster (with more accurate size and folded stock under the barrel), Biker Scout pistol, and perhaps even larger ones like the Hoth Rebel rifle and Clone Trooper long rifle? (Please discuss the specific possibilities of each of the examples in this question.)
Hasbro: Sorry for the blanket answer, but since none of these blasters are present in the Clone Wars animation, we do not have plans to pursue them. Our role play efforts are really focused on trying to match what on-screen opportunities the entertainment brings (last year's Rebel Trooper blaster notwithstanding).

ANSWER:  Sorry, yes you are correct. However, we do not have plans to produce a long rifle blaster. The main problem is the sheer size - it presents a problem getting in to retail and probably would have problem justifying the amount of space it would need on the retail planogram. That one is very, very unlikely.


QUESTION:  The newest issue of STAR WARS Insider states there will be 12 Comic Packs in the 2008 line. What are they? Does this number include the three Wal*Mart-exclusive sets?

ANSWER:  The number does not include the 3 exclusive Wal-Mart sets. Here's the rundown. Ten of the sets have either been shown or confirmed previously: Obsession #3 Anakin/Durge, Republic #69 Tol Skorr/Asaaj, Marvel #69 Leia/Tobbi Dala, Marvel #68 Fenn Shysha/Dengar, Legacy #2 Cade Skywalker/Darth Talon, Legacy #6 Imperial Knights Antares Draco/Ganner Krieg, Empire #1 Vader/Admiral Trachta, Infinities RotJ Vader/sniper Leia, Heir to the Empire #1 Thrawn/Talon Karrde, and Shadows of the Empire #5 Leia/Prince Xizor. In addition, there are two more packs that will be out late that we'll reveal at Comic Con to bring us up to the announced 12.

QUESTION:  The "hot rod" Jedi Starfighter in the Titaniums diecast vehicles line ... any chance we'll see it in the 3 3/4" Starfighter Vehicles line?

ANSWER:  Unlikely as we have shifted our focus to getting more of the new Clone Wars Delta in the mix more often, and throttling back on the EpIII Starfighter as heavily as we have been. When we do "re-run" EpIII it will likely be on-screen versions.

QUESTION:  A lot of collectors are bemoaning their inability to find the 2008 Saga Legends "Fans' Choice" figures at retail, and they've yet to be offered on With the line no longer shipping to retail outlets, any chance for an online offering of a complete set of all five?

ANSWER:  We did a substantial amount of the Fans' Choice, and they have been extremely popular leading to the continually short supplies at retail. However, the run is now past us and we will not be going back with the 30th-packaged figures. We are looking at ways of getting at least some figures back out down the road in some form. HasbroToyShop made a mistake and did not forecast this one, so we actually ended up shipping what would have been their allocation to other retailers.


QUESTION:  What are the chances that Hasbro will produce a comic 2-pack based on the Jango Fett: Open Seasons comic? Aside from the fact that there are plenty of Mandalorians to pick from, I noticed that it is also an excellent chance for collectors to get both a young Count Dooku (before he left the Jedi Order) and a young Jango Fett wearing the Boba Fett-style armor! Both figures would be relatively cheap to make since you obviously now have the Evo Fett tooling and any number of existing Jedi bodies to kitbash a new Christopher Lee character.

ANSWER:  There is a very strong chance that some day you will see at least one, if not more, comic packs based on this series.

QUESTION:  If Hasbro ever updated the OT-era Red Royal Guard, would it be a new sculpt or just a reuse of the RotS sculpt? I'm still hopeful for ball-jointed elbows on a future Royal Guard but more importantly, is there a way to revisit the robes in a way that's a bit more flattering to the character?  I love softgoods, but admittedly in the case of this figure, I had to agree with a friend of mine that it looked as though he were wearing a moo-moo and needed to lose some weight underneath! I think the main issue seems to be everything flares out a bit too much (both the moo-moo and cape) so perhaps using some velcro or thin wire to allow for the robes to be tightened up a bit would help?

ANSWER:  We would like to update the Royal Guard to SA status some day, but he will have to continue waiting a bit longer until we slot him in.  You make interesting (and accurate) observations on the soft goods; next time we get to the Royal Guard we'll take a look at the issue and see what can be done to tailor the robe.  It may not be possible in the basic figure line, but it deserves some study.

QUESTION:  Given that there seem to be many other rebels at Yavin who wear an outfit similar to the Rebel Honor Guard, will Hasbro be reusing that mold any time soon to churn out a few more Yavin rebels for us?  It seems like most are only a quick color change or head swap and baseball cap a way from being realized and obviously the cost of making these guys from existing tooling is relatively cheap for Hasbro to do.

ANSWER:  We have been looking at some of these guys, and we will probably do at least one of them before the end of next year.  There is a very good chance we'll do more of them as time goes on, although it will be a more patient approach to them since they are pretty minor background troopers. Still, we are very glad to see fans of the Rebels asking for more!


QUESTION:  In regards to the Build-a-droids in the basic Legacy collection, will any of the droids included be from the Original Trilogy movies? Most seem like they are EU droids. I think it would be great to get a E-3PO or U-3PO!

ANSWER:  Excellent choices, and while we can't confirm which OTC ones we're honing in on, we will be making sure to mix it around between on-screen and EU.

To be continued.
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Hasbro Q&A Roundup - Week of July 11th, 2008 - Part 5


QUESTION:  We have seen several large vehicles such as the AT-TE and the Millennium Falcon, will we ever see a sail barge

ANSWER:  Highly unlikely.  While it is up there near the top of our wish lists, wejust can't pull the trigger on this based on the fact that it is noticonic and deeply woven into the fabric of Star Wars like the MillenniumFalcon, or a cool aggressive Clone vehicle like the AT-TE.  It gets caughtin these filters, and that combined with the price point doesn't present an optimistic outlook.

QUESTION:  How is midnight madness going to work in the United States and will the holo Grievous be available?

ANSWER:  Midnight Madness will be rolled out across a large number of TRU stores inthe U.S., very similar to the last Episode III event. TRU has special promotion plans around Grievous as well.  Full details on TRU's Midnight Madness store locations will be made available next Wed. 7/16 when the new Hasbro Clone Wars website update goes live at  Check back then!

QUESTION:  Are there any plans for non-animated Clone Wars figures from the movie?
ANSWER:  We will be keeping the Clone Wars and Legacy lines separately and have no plans to bring the unique animated or newly-outfitted core characters over into the Legacy line.


QUESTION:  Is there a definitive list/breakout of what will be shipped to retailers for sale on July 26th? I know it all has to do with retailer distribution, but how many Legacy and Clone Wars waves will be out? Vehicles? Battle Packs? Comic Packs? Exclusives?

ANSWER:  Yes! We will be making available on 7/16 (next Wednesday) at TWO great downloadable documents that will orient folks to what will be available on 7/26 and select highlights for waves and products through October. 1. The "Hasbro Clone Wars Handbook" details almost everything that will be available over the course of the Fall for Clone Wars, with images of all basic figures, vehicles, exclusives, and more. It will also be handed out in printed form at our booth at Comic Con for fans in attendance to commemorate the 7/26 launch. 2. As the Handbook focuses on Clone Wars, and does not have actual anticipated on-shelf dates breakdowns of figures by wave, we have crafted a second companion spreadsheet titled the "Hasbro Star Wars Fall 2008 Release Guide." This Excel spreadsheet details Clone War and Legacy Collection information, along with availability dates and wave breakdowns, so all collectors will know what to focus on when. Please spread the word that these will be available 7/16 for download at Thanks!

QUESTION:  By now, you are aware the BMF has been found up in Canada. I was wondering if the stores in the Canadian market have to meet the mandated shelf date that the US does? What is the punishment, if any, for a store in Canada that sells an item for for the July 26th date?

ANSWER:  The stores that sold unites, in violation of the 7/26 on shelf date, have stopped. The on-sale date is 7/26 the world over, not just for the U.S.

QUESTION:  a boxed image has shown up online of the new Clone Wars Republic Gunship and it has sparked the discussion regarding the label/decal possibilities. Will collectors be able to "personalize" their gunships in regards to the nose art? The box front looks to show at least 2 decos (the "Twi'lek pin-up" and a red circular symbol) are these labels included with the gunship and are there other choices as well? What are they?

ANSWER:  The deco of the vehicle includes the nose art tampo. It will not be provided on a sticker sheet.


QUESTION:  July 26th is coming up fast. Is there a check list of items that will be available on July 26th that can help collectors plan ahead and prioritize?

ANSWER:  Yes! We will be making available on 7/16 (next Wednesday) at TWO great downloadable documents that will orient folks to what will be available on 7/26 and select highlights for waves and products through October. 1. The "Hasbro Clone Wars Handbook" details almost everything that will be available over the course of the Fall for Clone Wars, with images of all basic figures, vehicles, exclusives, and more. It will also be handed out in printed form at our booth at Comic Con for fans in attendance to commemorate the 7/26 launch. 2. As the Handbook focuses on Clone Wars, and does not have actual anticipated on-shelf date breakdowns of figures by wave, we have crafted a second companion spreadsheet titled the "Hasbro Star Wars Fall 2008 Release Guide." This Excel spreadsheet details Clone War and Legacy Collection information, along with availability dates and wave breakdowns, so all collectors will know what to focus on when. Please spread the word that these will be available 7/16 for download at Thanks!

QUESTION:  Images have popped up online of a Wal-Mart Exclusive Clone WarsGunship, can you provide any more info on this? Is this a re-paint or a new mold?

ANSWER:  There will be a redeco of the existing Republic Gunship, featuring new Twi'Lek nose art debuted in the Clone Wars.

QUESTION:  Some readers are curious why you suddenly decided to make and release two massive and expensive vehicles back-to-back after years of stating that high-ticket vehicles were not profitable enough to pursue.

ANSWER:  We think the time is right for both of these items, and are convinced that they will find separate markets. The Millennium Falcon has been designed to appeal to fans of all ages, especially older fans, while the AT-TE is set to delight the kids who will experience Star Wars for the first time with the Clone Wars. We think that both of these superb vehicles will find their way into most fans' collections somehow, even if that means one or the other purchase needs to be deferred. They should both be available over the course of the Fall, in any case.

Keep checking back as more sites post their Q&A reports.
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Hasbro Q&A Roundup - Week of July 11th, 2008 - INDIANA JONES EDITION


QUESTION:  One of the scenes talked about a lot from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the "nuke the fridge" scene. Would Hasbro make a deluxe figure representing Indy and his life-saving refrigerator? Would Hasbro design the fridge pre-blast "clean" or with battle damage?

ANSWER:  We do not have plans to create the fridge.


QUESTION:  Well we have seen the TOD wave and what a fantastic wave it is! The only thing we have noticed that is missing is a sankara stone accessory. Will any of the six figures in this wave come with a sankara stone?

ANSWER:  We did not include the stone accessory because it is planned to be included in another item in 2009.

QUESTION:  As you're doing a Thugee Guard figure I wanted to suggest a possible redeco; while watching the movie I noticed that just after Indy recovers from being possessed a couple of Thugees in mostly black outfits take the Maharajah away. These dudes look very cool, and I'd love to see them in figure form. They shouldn't be too hard to do as repaints.

ANSWER:  That's a variant we have on our list for sometime down the road. No telling when we'll be able to get to it, though.

QUESTION:  While Hasbro has said that the Young Indiana Jones are not a priority at the moment, at some point soon, would Hasbro do a figure of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones from the episode, Mystery of the Blues? The figure would be great for many reasons, but would also give Hasbro the chance to get a different, but still core-image Indy that differs from the existing Indy figures currently on pegs. A new head sculpt would be warranted, but the figure could also see the inclusion of soft good scarves. As far accessories, the figure could be packaged with a saxophone and a non-coiled whip. While this Indy appearance wasn't action-themed, give kids the whip in use and they'll fill in the blanks.

ANSWER:  Interesting suggestion - we'll take another look at that one. Thanks.


QUESTION:  With The Last Crusade hitting shelves now and the Temple of Doom wave  hitting in September, what else can we expect from the 3 3/4" Indiana Jones line in 2008? We've seen pictures of two new deluxe sets (Mutt  w/ Bike & Cairo Thugs) and the Akator Playset, anything else to look forward to in 2008?

ANSWER:  We have indeed been front-loaded this year, as expected for a movie year. The next news for 3-3/4" will be in Spring 2009, and we should have pics to preview at Comic Con.

QUESTION:  Do you have any plans to release Temple of Doom deluxe sets? I think  items such as the sacrifice cage or the mine car would go great with any collection!

ANSWER:  We agree, and there is a good chance at least one of those items will make it out in 2009.

QUESTION:  How soon do you plan on releasing the second wave of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull basic figures? Are any of the following characters on your radar: Mac, Oxley, Army disguised Russians or the Alien? I would think all would be logical choices!

ANSWER:  There will be a few more KOTCS figures later in 2009. A couple of your figures are in the works.


QUESTION:  Have you considered doing a deluxe set from the beginning of Kingdom > of the Crystal Skull, which would include a Hangar 51 crate containing the > metallic case and alien remains inside? I think that would be a fantastic set and it is a big part of the movie.

ANSWER:  That is a cool idea and we have indeed thought about it, but did not pursue in favor of some other sets. Perhaps someday...

QUESTION:  Will you be making an Ark Ghost in the 3.75 inch lineup? The adventure heroes ghost is my personal favorite and I think it would go great with the basic figure lineup as well! You could include a rotating head with the peaceful looking lady on one side and the other have the angry skull face.

ANSWER:  Yes, we plan on getting this out Spring of next year in the Deluxe lineup.


QUESTION:  The pack-in relic idea has been welcomed by the collector crowd and children alike. However, the dead-line for mailing off for the "special figure" is late October. Are there plans to continue with the relic pack-ins and if so will there be any additional mail-away promotions planned for 2009?

ANSWER:  There is no additional mail-ins planned for 2009. The relics will continue in the current figures through Spring 2009, while all of the new figures coming Spring 2009 will have figure stands.

QUESTION:  Will we see more 12" figures? If yes will we see some of the Female figures as well, like Marion and the female villains?

ANSWER:  There will indeed be more 12" figures through next Spring. We would like to do at least one female, but it has yet to be seen whether she will indeed make the line, depending on tooling costs. We will have more details later in the Fall.

QUESTION:  My question is why did you folks make figures based on the third movie before the second movie (Temple of Doom)? Does the decision come from a marketing standpoint that 'The Last Crusade' is more popular and would sell better? I'm curious as to what the thought process behind this decision was?

ANSWER:  Yes, that is the very reason why Last Crusade figures came first.


QUESTION:  Hasbro, how about a mail away redemption for a museum-type display case for displaying all the wonderful artifacts packed in with the figures this year? And will the artifact pack-ins remain for 09 or will you give us something else? I think the artifacts/crates have been very well received, probably better than almost any of the pack-ins that have been done for the SW line. If the pack-ins are changed to something else, will we still be able to use the stickers from this year's figures for next year's redemption?

ANSWER:  We did look at doing a museum-type case but just could not get it to cost out, so we went with the crystal skeleton/throne option instead. For 2009, we will be releasing new figures with a cool new Indiana Jones figure stand and phasing out the artifacts (existing figures will likely continue to come with their artifacts). There will likely be no redemption next year - so use those stickers on this year's crystal skeleton before the offer expires!

QUESTION:  What is the most exciting thing or idea you are working that you could share with the fans? Something that will blow us away?

ANSWER:  There is a very interesting vehicle that we are hoping we can get to next year. However, we can't give you any more details in the chance that it doesn't make our timing. Stay tuned!

QUESTION:  There seem to be an awful lot of Wave 1 and 2 figures being repacked into the 3rd (and most likely the 4th) wave revision cases, even though most stores (in my area at least) are still pretty well stocked with the early figures. Isn't this going to hurt the sell through on these, especially when most of the "new" figures in the wave 3 cases are only packed 1 per case? If retailers order 10 cases of wave 3, but only sell 8 or so figures from each case (the "new" figures) they won't have enough room on the shelves to re-order more cases. Why pack so many old figures back into the assortments?

ANSWER:  We could only do 1 each per case of the new figures because we need to produce figures at a pretty high capacity, so carrying forward figures was inevitable. Most of the figures that we have carried forward have been the IJ figures and Mutts - figures which we forecast to be more popular. We have carried forward additional figures to round out the case pack, and these more narrowly-appealing figures (like Sallah, or Monkey Man) will probably linger awhile at retail until they move through.

More to come as more sites continue to file their Q&A's
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