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Author Topic: Hasbro Q&A Roundup - Week of August 15th, 2008  (Read 2088 times)
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« on: August 16, 2008, 01:28:53 AM »


Thanks for dropping by and checking out JTA's roundup of all of the Hasbro Q&A sessions from around the web.  The roundup is continually updating as we get more and more responses posted at the participating websites.  If you know of a site that's participating in the Q&A's but isn't represented in our roundup, please drop us a line with a hyperlink to that site's Q&A.

You can check out each site's postings by clicking on the website title.  The Star Wars Q&A's are posted alphabetically, and are followed by any Indiana Jones Q&A's that the Hasbro Lucasfilm team has fielded.

Also be sure to check back as we distill the Q&A's down to the real nitty gritty with out Q&A Headlines.  That is where we give you real news that comes out of the Q&A:  newly confirmed items, assortments, exclusive details, etc.  And feel free to post about what Hasbro is saying in the Q&A process here in the Jedi Temple War Room.

That being said, let's start of at home:


QUESTION:  In previous Q&A sessions we saw confirmation that an Obi-Wan Kenobi Evolutions 3-pack had been in development, but the set was split up and the Obi-Wan figures were to be divided out into the Basic Figure line.  We saw the EPISODE 4 version in the San Diego Comic Con presentation, and would appreciate any further updates or imagery on that figure.  But what can you tell us about the other two Obi-Wans from that Evoltions set?  When might we expect them, and is a sneak peek a possibility?

ANSWER:  They are both slotted into the 2009 lineup as "anchor" figures for key waves. Sorry, no images are available right now.

QUESTION:  The Millenium Falcon passengers Battle Pack looks like a great way for both kids and collectors to enjoy the new BMF Millenium Falcon.  The addition of the oxygen masks, blast shield helmet and cargo containers is icing on the cake.  But what about some of the other major players in the Millenium Falcon?  Some obvious characters come to mind that would go great with our new Falcons, such as a Bespin Han Solo, Princess Leia in Hoth gear, and Nien Nunb.  Is there any chance that we'll see updated versions of any of these three characters in the near future by way of the Basic Figure line?

ANSWER:  It's a good bet that all of these guys will be getting updated figures within the next couple of years.

QUESTION:  We asked in a previous Q&A session about the Clone Wars era Y-Wing, and Hasbro's response seems to have been pretty positive.  Since that session, the DK reference book STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS - THE VISUAL GUIDE has been released and shows Anakin and Ahsoka in some intense action in a Y-Wing.  Does this give the Clone Wars Y-Wing a better shot at being in next year's vehicle lineup?  And if it comes to pass, how about a functional droid socket?

ANSWER:  It does give it a better shot at getting made eventually. No word right now on timing. As far as a droid slot that would be a great idea, and a mandatory feature if such a vehicle did eventually happen.

And now to continue through the collecting community:


QUESTION:  From your Comic-Con slideshow image, it's impossible to tell, so what's the articulation like on the upcoming Legacy Collection ANH Obi-Wan Kenobi? Some fans fear it will be a repeat of the under-articulated VOTC Ben Kenobi. And might there be any way to release the TLC Obi-Wan's table accessory through alternate means, perhaps in a "Viewing of Leia's Hologram" battle pack with Obi-Wan's foot locker accessory, or maybe bribery & blackmail?

ANSWER:  That's a decent scene around which to build a future Battle Pack, since it involves some major characters. We'll take a look at that. We are generally impervious to bribery and blackmail, tools that only come in handy when we are "negotiating" over our personal selections for the next year's figure lineup. Wink

QUESTION:  We're aware that Hasbro's license for Battlestar Galactica expires at the end of the year, and many collectors are saddened because the BSG ships are often highly thought of (and most are highly sought-after!). Might Hasbro pursue future BSG licenses? Has the BSG Titanium line been doing as strongly as hoped? How did it rate compared to Star Wars Titaniums? We've seen listings for the BSG Titanium Basestar, will this piece be released before the license is up, and will there be any other new BSG Titaniums released (like Hasbro's previously-mentioned Cylon Heavy Raider)?

ANSWER:  Right now our plan is to just focus on Star Wars for the assortment for 2009 and beyond. We do not do comparisons across licenses, but we're very glad to have had the chance to produce some great Battlestar vehicles. The Cylon Basestar will be the last BSg Titanium vehicle released, coming out in the last wave this year.

QUESTION:  While your Comic-Con display showed new Star Wars Transformers with Grievous' Starfighter, the TIE Bomber, and the V-19 Torrent (which didn't have the correct tag on it in the display unfortunately, and we've yet to see the vehicle mode - could we get a photo of that?) with their minifigs inside the cockpits, it appears the newly repackaged SWTFs have no minifigs at all. Have you guys really removed the minifig concept from the line, and if so, why? Doesn't that detract from the whole point of the Star Wars characters piloting mechs aspect? Will the minifigs displayed with the 3 new SWTF molds displayed at Comic-Con not be included with those sets?

ANSWER:  While we were originally concerned that kids might get the Star Wars Transformers confused with "real" Transformers, our research has shown that there is no confusion. Therefore, the reason for their being has vanished, and due to costing they became an easy choice to remove along with the original "spinny thing" that showed the two modes.
(Hasbro was kind enough to include images of all 3 new figures' vehicle modes in that wave, and please note that the V-19 is not an entirely finished version, it's still missing the wing cannons -ed.)



QUESTION:  With the Popularity of the Saga Collection Stand Set, what are the chances of releasing another set for 2008/2009 with new labels to reflect the new figures coming out. I know some of the labels reflect this years line but there are still some figures on stands in my display case that are still blank and could use the nice, uniform look of these great stands.

ANSWER:  Once the current batch of stands sells through, we’ll look to update with a new label sheet reflecting some present, missing, and future (!!) characters.

QUESTION:  When or are we ever going to see consistent articulation in the figures. The fact that some are easy to pose and others from the same line are near impossible to get to even stand can be frustrating not only to collectors but children also.

ANSWER:  The simple answer is there will not be consistent articulation in the Star Wars line, due to the fact that we sculpt to achieve certain design aesthetics while balancing the needs of each figure for articulation and overall line costing. We can’t afford super-articulation for every figure, for instance (nor does every figure need it) but by balancing the needs of the different figures we can afford to put more articulation where it will have the most impact.

QUESTION:  Street dates are an exciting concept. It creates an event and should give everyone equal opportunity to purchase the product. The problem is that your retail partners seem to be overmatched when managing their end of the bargain. Product is being sold directly out of the stock rooms which may lead to many disappointments during big launches (ex: 7/26) when stores are already sold out of some items. In more serious instances, the product is being placed on the floor early and customers are being denied sale of the product at the registers with the explanation that there is a “China related recall”. While collectors know the real reason for being denied the sale, parents who are shopping for their children will not. In the recent toy industry climate, this is a huge public relations blow for Hasbro through no fault of their own.  Are you concerned about this? Are the occasional failures of “street date integrity” within an acceptable margin of error for Hasbro, or do you have plans to tighten up the process in the future? (LunchBox)

ANSWER:  Any failures to honor the integrity of street dates is a failure for us and all of our outward communications to stores (including directives from retail headquarters on behalf of Hasbro and Lucasfilm to honor the dates). When stores go “rogue” it hurts everyone, since it creates ill-will among retailers and in general wastes time and detracts from our focus of working on bringing out the best toys we can. We are always looking for ways to improve every launch and share best practices with our other teams who have upcoming movie launches.

QUESTION:  The Galactic Heroes line has crossed over into Marvel, Indy, Transformers and now GI Joe. However there is a huge difference between the Galactic Heroes line and the other lines. The Galactic Heroes figures (for the most part) all consist of the same standard (rather boring) stance & base sculpts. Were as the Marvel, Indy, Transformers and GI Joe lines all have dramatically different sculpts/more interesting sculpts. The characters have incredible action poses and each one is unique.

Why have the other lines taken such a different route in terms of sculpting and poses? It would be nice to see the Galactic Heroes line start mixing it up a little instead of the same basic poses for most of the figures in the line.



QUESTION:  Seriously, no joking here, how much fan noise do we have to make to get the "smiley faced" Luke Skywalker that was originally set for the Hasbro/Wal*Mart Droid Factory 2-packs? Some of us thought it was a refreshing change of pace in all honesty. We'd happily mail away for it!

ANSWER:  Interesting note on that, Adam.  We will take that into consideration.

QUESTION:  Will the Force Unleashed Darth Vader be updated to reflect the character's "younger" look from the video game. (Fans love the older Darth Vader, but the younger version is more game-specific. It would be welcomed.)

ANSWER:  We don't have plans to update the The Force Unleashed Darth Vader (Battle Damage) figure, but when the game comes out we'll take another look at possibilities for updates and additional major figures that rate future figure consideration. Certainly any Vader variation puts it ahead of just about any other figure!

QUESTION:  If "The Team" at Hasbro had one wish for a big box toy under the tree this year, would it be the new Millennium Falcon or something newer like The Death Star?

ANSWER:  That's a one-sided prize fight, Adam. There is no Death Star playset in development (or, to eliminate doubt, at any state in development/completion) so our vote goes for the incredible Millennium Falcon!

To be continued.
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JEDI TEMPLE ARCHIVES - HASBRO Q&A ROUNDUP - Week of August 15th, 2008 - PART 2


QUESTION:  As I'm sure you are aware, there are a significant number of fans of the earlier Star Wars TV programs, such as the Holiday Special, Droids, Ewoks and the Ewok movies. Your response in various Q&A's has been that if any figures are ever to be made from these shows, that they would most likely have to be exclusives. That is very understandable, since the characters from these shows from the 70's and 80's may not be as familiar to younger collectors.  Now if these could only work as exclusives, how about this for an idea: Make a 4 or 5 pack of figures, one figure from each of the above mentioned shows, possibly with the inclusion of the original Clone Wars, and sell them online at the Star Wars Shop. It could be like an 'Evolution of Star Wars on TV'.  Maybe a collecting website (I know we would be more than happy to host such a poll!) or websites could run a poll for fans to select their top figure choices for each show. Sure, a set like this> wouldn't appeal to every single collector, but it would sure make each and every fan of these classic Star Wars shows very happy, plus it would be giving something to all of us nostalgic old-timers in one swoop! Please don't forget the fans of classic Star Wars TV!

ANSWER:  Our mode of operation would favor multi-figure sets centered around a theme, and in this case the better approach would be to just do a multi-figure Droids or Ewoks set (we cannot approach the Holiday Special).  Right now, there is nothing on the drawing board.  We are interested in looking at these at some point, but we need to have the right retail partner, and the number of tools required remains a severe challenge to sets like this.

QUESTION:  Will we be getting a figure of General Whorm Loathsom in the Clone Wars line?

ANSWER:  Why yes, yes you will.

QUESTION:  Although you have said you highly doubt Xandel Carivus Bodyguards seeing plastic, I was interested in your reply to a question on rebelscum that said...

"We feel the Crimson Empire storyline and its sequel, Crimson Empire II, written by Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley, is an exceptional, lasting storyline worthy of attention. CE not only tells a great "origin" story for the Royal Guards, explaining why they are supremely skilled and unfailingly loyal to the Emperor, but also introduces important and memorable characters in Kir Kanos, Carnor Jax, and Mirrith Sinn."

So my question is can we continue to see more figures from the Crimson Empire series, and if so will I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel to see Xandel's Bodyguards made?

ANSWER:  We certainly hope to do additional Crimson Empire-themed sets in the future.  The most likely possibility is through Comic Packs.  We would not rule out Xandel's Bodyguards…they remain in the "parking lot" for consideration, although there are many worthy packs in there that would probably be ahead of them.


QUESTION:  I was always a fan of your Action Fleet line; it provided scale models of most of the vehicles without all the work of painting and gluing a model. Is there any chance of bringing back the Action Fleet line, and if so is there any chance of getting re-releases of some of the later parts of the line, such as the Tie Defender and E-Wing that got very limited releases? Right now they go for over 150 dollars on Ebay.

I am very happy that the titanium line is starting to see releases of more Expanded Universe vehicles, a lot of fans do appreciate it. Especially the Tie Defender that is due out soon.

ANSWER:  There is very little chance that Action Fleet as we know it will make a return, only for the fact that the type of play pattern that Action Fleet offers (micro play) has not been a popular scale recently and would probably be merchandised out of the action figure aisle, where our other scales would be more productive. So it remains on the back burner for us. We're glad you like the new Titanium vehicles - there are certainly some great EU ones out there and we hope to keep turning our attention to the best ones still yet to be done.

QUESTION:  Yes, I've been debating about this thought and possibility for days. I was just wondering if there was a possibility of Clone Commanders from Episode III being developed into “The Clone Wars” line (i.e. Commander Gree, Commander Bly, etc.?) Because if the Commander Cody character is being developed into a Clone Wars character, wouldn't that mean others would be as well? This question comes from JI reader Alpha77.

ANSWER:  Thanks. We have only seen Clone Commander Cody so far, but yes, it's possible that other EpIII Commanders will appear in The Clone Wars.

QUESTION:  On the 'Disturbance at the Lars Homestead' playset that debuted at Comic-Con, is there some other way to access the inside of the house part of the set other then the front door entrance? And is there anything inside the house like a table for Luke and company to sit and discuss things like going off to the academy or staying and working another season on the farm?

Also any plans to offer charred figure versions of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. So people can re-create the scene from ANH where Luke returns home to find he's been visited by Imperial Stormtroopers?

ANSWER:  The only opening is through the front door. Inside, there is a table as well that is a separate part fastened to the base. As for charred versions of Beru and Owen, they certainly are some of the most popular requests we heard at Comic Con, but it hasn't changed our view....we do not plan on releasing these versions


QUESTION:  This question comes in two parts...  a) The '1st Day of Issue' figures don't appear to have made it to the UK; can we assume then, that we won't be getting them since the implied first day of issue has now passed? b) Were the '1st Day of Issue' only for wave 1 of The Legacy Collection, The Clone Wars and the Greatest Hits repacks or will we be seeing them for subsequent waves?

ANSWER:  The "1st Day of Issue" stickers were only for the introductory waves for those assortments and will not appear on any subsequent waves.  Our UK team did indicate that they were shipped to retail in the UK, but they do not have a way of tracking where and when they were distributed.

QUESTION:  So the Sarlacc pit isn't a playset... it's an Ultimate Battle Pack.  Might we be getting similar playsets, I mean, Ultimate Battle Packs in the future? :-) Also, will this be coming over to the UK (along with last year's Ultimate Battle Packs that we missed out on)?

ANSWER:  It's definitely not a playset in the traditional sense, and is really more of a scene.  The 2007 Target Ultimate Battle Packs will be available at Toys 'R Us this September.  It is uncertain if the 2008 Ultimate Battle Packs (Sarlacc included) will see U.K. distribution this year. If not, we will look for an opportunity next year.

QUESTION:  The Galactic Heroes are getting a lot of love at the moment, especially the upcoming vehicles - Darth's Vader TIE Fighter is enormous!  Seeing as we're getting a Snowspeeder soon and we've already had at AT-AT Driver and Commander, will we be seeing an AT-AT to complete the scene anytime soon?

ANSWER:  There is a good possibility that if the vehicle-based Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes get a warm reception this Fall that within a couple years we could be looking at a Galactic Heroes AT-AT.


QUESTION:  Any chance you could give the "ICMG Fan Club" at JediDefender an update on the staus of their beloved Willrow Hood? Any truth to the rumor that he'll share a body with the Rebel Tech in the Scramble at Yavin BP that was shown at SDCC?

ANSWER:  We have nothing to share yet as we are at the stage when work is just beginning. He'll be a unique figure due to his somewhat "generously" proportioned physique.

QUESTION:  Through the Q&As this year, we've had a few hints about the 2009 Return of the Jedi wave - new DS2 Luke, New Leia, New Ewok, New Malakili. They all sound great… but they are all resculpts (yes, most of those are badly needed resculpts, but they're still resculpts nonetheless). How about giving us a little scoop on a NEW figure in the wave? And will we finally see a modern version of Wooof (aka Jabba's Palace Klaatu) in this wave?

ANSWER:  Good detective work on the wave lineup so far. We can reward you with some news - yes, there will be a Wooof in the wave.


QUESTION:  Now that we have a good SA Tie Pilot mold will we finally get a basic carded SA Tie Pilot?

ANSWER:  At some point, it's very likely, but it won't be for a couple of years.

QUESTION:  An Astromech Droid question... After waiting over half a decade for a better R2-B1, many fans were very disappointed with the way the 2007 TAC R2-B1 came out. While he utilizes a superior body to the original version, the dome paint came out terrible. His dome is a dull, slightly purple, flat gray-colored plastic that doesn't look good and is out of place with every other astromech droid; the movie version had a silver metal dome only slightly duller than the average R2-D2 figure's (such as the silver paint on TAC #04 R2-D2, or R2-KT). Was the deco on the R2-B1 figure done so oddly on purpose, and if so, why? Is there any chance that we will ever get a better R2-B1 with a more metal-looking dome, perhaps as a build-a-droid?

ANSWER:  OK, here's what happened with this one. The dome was supposed to be molded in a metallic silver with a slight hint of color, and the sample was created and approved by Lucasfilm with spec's for a custom dome color. However, because it was not a standard color, the factory did not properly match the color in production, omitting the metallic. Due to our tight schedules, they started producing them and we had to accept as it was or throw our wave schedule in (further) disarray. We could look to further improve the color of the dome some way in the future, but right now we don't have another R2-B1 in the works.

QUESTION:  Will there ever be a Galactic Heroes Jango Fett with removable helmet?

ANSWER:  It's a good possibility that some point there will be.

To be continued.
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JEDI TEMPLE ARCHIVES - HASBRO Q&A ROUNDUP - Week of August 15th, 2008 - PART 3


QUESTION:  Since wave 2 of Legacy was originally scheduled to be released as a part of TAC, was the artwork for the cardbacks ever completed, and if so do you have any pictures? The artwork from TAC was absolutely awesome and I'd love to see what was made for the awesome Clone Wars themed wave.

ANSWER:  The artwork was completed for the sets, and they did look great. However, since these figures will not be coming out in this form, we don't really want to circulate the images.

QUESTION:  Do you have any pictures of the inside of the Lars' Homestead? In another Q&A you stated that there would be a table and chairs and possibly some glasses as well.

ANSWER:  There is a table in the Lars' Homestead, but no chairs or glasses. Sorry, no pics are available of the inside right now; all of our photography is with the dome on the base.

QUESTION:  I am a big fan of the AT-TE and the incredible BMF ( I picked up one of each as soon as I was able to find them) and I applaud your gutsy move to release these two landmark vehicles at the same time. I am sure that you would consider releasing other vehicles in a larger scale if the AT-TE and the BMF do well at retail.

Have you received any early numbers that might be an indicator as to how well either of these bad boys are selling?

ANSWER:  While out of the gate we have had a great response to the vehicles, the real test will be how we progress through the holiday period. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up so far, and keep spreading the word!


QUESTION:  In every Hasbro Q&A I have seen, every site complains about wanting more playsets, more playsets, MORE PLAYSETS!! Now the Sarlacc Pit and the Lars Homestead playsets are coming out and most people are underwhelmed by these offerings. To be honest, they're rather lame and have very high price tags. What kind of marketing research was done for these playsets? I really don't see the Lars Homestead set as being a good seller at all. Shouldn't playsets be based on scenes of major action in the movies therefore making it an exciting piece that children as well as collectors would want to buy? The Lars Homestead is not. Our fear is that these are test items. So my question comes down to this - If the Sarlacc Pit and Lars Homestead playsets don't sell well, will we see a further turning away from Hasbro manufacturing playsets?

ANSWER:  We're sorry you feel that way, Troops. We hope that collectors are willing to consider these. In our opinion, these are some pretty cool sets.  Who thought that we would ever see toys of the Sarlacc pit or Lars Homestead? It should be a dream for fans, and we hope that these will find an appreciative audience.  We don't consider these two to be playsets in the traditional sense, as they don't have multiple play areas, lots of kid-targeted features, etc. Instead it was our intent to capture the flavor of two very iconic scenes from the OTC, an alternative to what otherwise might be a vehicle-based exclusive. The Sarlacc set is built to follow the format established by last year's Ultimate Battle Packs, and would not otherwise exist without the success of last year's sets and Target's support for the concept. Unfortunately, we did not have the set to show in package, as it looks *great*.  Likewise, the Lars Homestead set is not a playset per se but given the central role the homestead plays in the story of Luke, we felt that if was something that many collectors would want to have to build out their Tatooine scenes. Our stance on playsets has not changed, namely that unless there is a compelling, persistent (i.e. in many episodes) environment in the upcoming entertainment around which we can build a strong playset, then we will not pursue due to the extraordinarily high cost of tooling, development, and marketing.

QUESTION:  On  every single galactic marine I have cannot stand straight without me fiddling with it for 5 minutes. How was this able to get past product testing, or does Hasbro even test it's product?

ANSWER:  We have played with many Galactic Marines ourselves, during the development phase and subsequent to that.  While they do require a little effort to find to center of balance, as do many figures, we don't have a problem getting them to stand up.

QUESTION:  I appreciate that the sculpting and articulation in the modern figures is improving so dramatically, however swivel elbows are still a problem. My son purely hates them because they pop apart so easily whenever you attempt to pose the figure during play, especially with a lightsaber weilding figure. On the forums I hear constant complaints about the swivel elbows. Has Hasbro not realized that this is a problem?

ANSWER:  Swivel joints will pop apart from time to time, but they also come with a positive - articulation where there otherwise might not be any. Ball-and-socket joints are not the solution for every figure because of our cost parameters, so we use swivel joints to add articulation when there might not be another choice.


QUESTION:  Many folks feel the big Millennium Falcon to be a true masterpiece in Star Wars toys, but speaking with the designer at Comic-Con, one of the things learned was that the original design for the toy was even bigger than what we got before budgetary realities found its current size. Were there arguments about what features could be packed into the final version? Did Lucasfilm have any specific requests of ideas to do or not to do? What features were on the bubble and barely made the cut? What features (beyond voice recordings, as we know Leia and Lando didn't make the final results there, along with about 40 more minutes of "vital" Falcon dialogue that was originally considered), if any, didn't make the final cut?

ANSWER:  JT - sorry, out designer is not here to answer your question this week. We will have to follow-up with this answer.

QUESTION:  Back in November of '06, you answered a question about the canceled Yavin Accessory set and its Rebel ground crew tech by saying that you liked him but he wasn't exciting enough to do at the time. Now with the Scramble on Yavin battle pack, you have a new, much better version of that Ground Tech coming out, but the original pack's ladder, crates, lights, and direction baton accessories are still missing in action. Those accessories seem like they'd fit perfectly with this new "Scramble" battle pack, but alas no. Did you make molds for those accessories, and if so, could you run them and find a way to get those awesome and much-desired accessories into fans' collections in the near future?

ANSWER:  We did make tools for those accessories, but they are at a different factory and were not available for this accessory set. We are looking at how to use them in a future set.

QUESTION:  In the event that Hasbro collaborates with ToyFare Magazine or another outlet on a new open-entry official Fans' Choice poll, could you provide the voters a short list of characters that Hasbro absolutely cannot do - such as the Tonnikas - to ensure that the poll results are as useful as possible rather than having unusable entries? Hypothetically, if you were to do that, what characters might go on that list?

ANSWER:  You hit on the only characters that would be a waste of time on the list. Everyone else is fair game.

QUESTION:  Follow up from the last round, the Y-wing Droid Slot Q&A exchange (see the previous round below -JT) left us a little confused as the bomb-dropping gimmick has been on that toy since its inception in the Kenner ROTJ line when it had the aforementioned droid slot, and were hoping to get clarification on what happened here...

ANSWER:  Yes, it was our mistake on that one. Very sorry. The answer, as it turns out, was not mechanism-related, but aesthetic-related. The Power of the Force droids would not fit into the vintage droid slot, and it would have had to have been made bigger to accommodate. At the time, the Lucasfilm team did not like the aesthetic, and the direction was to tool it over. As a result-- (and then, mysteriously, it cut off in mid-sentence. We'll get back to them and hopefully get that last segment soon. -JT)


QUESTION:  Has Hasbro given any consideration to creating downloadable PDF files of their sticker sheets, similar to those available for the instructions sheets?

ANSWER:  We haven't, only because for most items, replacement sticker sheets are available through customer service that will provide a better replacement.

QUESTION:  Are there any plans for Clone Wars themed army builder sets, available online or otherwise?

ANSWER:  There are several battle packs out this Fall that will have multiple clones.  Otherwise, we have not offered army builder sets for several years now, instead preferring to pack them out in battle packs for mass distribution or occasional exclusives.

QUESTION:  Has a date been finalized for when will start shipping to Canada?

ANSWER:  September is now the timing we are shooting for.


QUESTION:  We pretty much now know the bulk of the figures and vehicles being released in 2008 and early-2009. Fans suggesting figure ideas now would have to wait until late-2009 or even 2010 to see them on the shelves. In a fantasy world where all deadlines are met, what's the fastest you can possibly take a brand new figure from design to prototype to production to store shelves?

ANSWER:  It now takes us a minimum of approximately 12-14 months for new figures, 8 months or so for repaints. You can bet that we have *plenty* of surprises in store for fans ... we would not have felt confident showing such an abundance at Comic Con unless we had more great things coming ... stay tuned!

QUESTION:  Looking at the pictures from SDCC of the Infinities #3/4 Leia and Vader Comic Pack, although we never see his lightsaber ignited in the comic, wouldn't it seem more likely that an all-white armored, redeemed Vader would also change his lightsaber blade's color from red to, say, Anakin's original blue?

ANSWER:  That would have meant seeking out a new crystal, and we'll just assume that he had more pressing things to attend to.

QUESTION:  Some other STAR WARS licensees ran with the look of the CLONE WARS micro-series and created animation-style designs of Original Trilogy characters. Has Hasbro considered applying the new, CGI-animation style of THE CLONE WARS to figures of Luke, Princess Leia, or Darth Vader?

ANSWER:  We have not considered doing that. While it would be interesting to see animated versions of the OTC heroes, and realistic versions of the animated characters, we are instead keeping them separate to focus on making each assortment as strong as it can be.

Keep checking back for more Q&A postings as sites continue to post their Hasbro Q&A sessions.

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JEDI TEMPLE ARCHIVES - HASBRO Q&A ROUNDUP - Week of August 15th, 2008 - PART 4


QUESTION:  Any chance that the forthcoming SA eps2 Obi-Wan will have two heads (one with normal hair, another with the "wet hair" look from his outdoor Kamino scenes) that we can choose from?

ANSWER:  He will be coming with just one head - with normal everyday hair. We usually don't include second heads with figures unless they are really niche and someone we'd be unlikely to do again; in the case of Obi-Wan it's a sure bet we'll get to a Kamino-specific version at some future time.

QUESTION:  Even on the many rumor lists that I've seen online, there's been no hint of Hasbro giving us a new fully SA Princess Leia from ANH.  Given we still haven't gotten the definitive ANH Leia yet (though the VotC one is decent, but my vintage Kenner Leia still remains the best overall especially because of the great face sculpt) will she be coming soon?

ANSWER:  No plans for now for an all-new EpIV Princess Leia, but your question got us to thinking.  It's interesting when you ask people about their favorites, as opinions are wide-ranging. Some here like the Vintage Leia for the overall look and articulation, while others prefer the face sculpt on the slave Leia as closest to the movie Leia, and others prefer the full soft goods on the Princess Leia Collection version.  Somewhere between the favorite aspects of those three figures lies a definitive EpIV version. We'll discuss further for future possibilities.

QUESTION:  If Hasbro made a Torryn Farr figure, is there any chance she might come packed with a large set piece (similar to Torture Rack Han and Vaporator Luke). Obviously the hope would be for her to sit down at her Ion Cannon control station and issue out orders to fire the cannon.

ANSWER:  One thing is for certain - if Torryn Farr were to be a basic carded figure, she would likely not come with much more than perhaps a stool (sic). Unfortunately, given the challenging nature of costing, big accessories just aren't in the plans for the basic figures.  There is a better chance if we get a chance to do a Hoth-inpsired Battle Pack, and Torryn is selected to be in it, and we are able to fit accessories in in addition to the figures the set would need to be successful.


QUESTION:  If retail stores down the line decide to discontinue ordering Indiana Jones Figures, what would the chances be of Hasbro continuing to offer new Indiana Jones figures through various On line stores, such as Hasbro Toy Shop, Entertainment Earth, etc? I know that collectors would most definitely continue to support this line and if you already had new figures sculpted (but not released) it would be such a shame for it to go to waste! We would LOVE for this line to go on as long as possible! Keep up the great work!

ANSWER:  Thanks for the good word. The production volumes needed to get a new wave of figures produced is much larger than the online channel can support by itself, this is primarily a collector-targeted channel. The ability to continue to bring IJ figures to market depends on the continual support of the top retailers, along with a strong base of kid support for the IJ fantasy.

QUESTION:  So now we have seen that a Queen Organa figure is being released, along with the previously confirmed Willrow Hood, when will Cliegg Lars, Prequal Owen and Beru finally see the day of light? They had way more screen time then the Queen and Hood and are pretty important characters.

ANSWER:  Beru will most likely come within a year. Cliegg is not in the works yet, but stands a pretty good chance of making the lineup before too long.

QUESTION:  With the success of the new Build A Droid parts coming with figures, is it possible that an actual Droid Factory playset, much like the one in the vintage line, could be made giving various parts to make Astromech Droids and other droids. It would be popular with collectors and children as it would allow customising potential and playability.

ANSWER:  We agree, and while it's not currently on the drawing boards, it's something we would like to do at some time. We like it less because it's a playset in the traditional sense but more a great way to interact and play with the droid parts kids and collectors have assembled.


QUESTION:  Some collectors, after initially swearing off the Clone Wars line, have started to come around to really like the figures once seeing them in person and now they want them all - including the mailaway Captain Rex. Since the TAC line assortments are all but dead, is there a way to mail off for the Rex using the UPC codes from the Animated Clone Wars (84638 asst.) figures instead?

ANSWER:  Sorry - that mail-in promotion only applies to the 30th Anniv Collection (87500 assortment) and prior Saga Legends (85770 assortment). Some of these are still hanging around at retail, but once they are gone, they are gone.

QUESTION:  I, like many, was sad to hear that the tables that are pictured with 2009 ANH Kenobi and Brainiac will not be included, everyone was very excited when we saw these tables they're brilliant and are the type of pack-ins we love! Is there anyway you could rethink putting the tables back in? Also, do you have a breakdown of which figures will include which B.A.D. (R2-N5 and R5-A2 astromechs) part for this wave?

ANSWER:  Unfortunately, it has come down to costing and we could not afford to keep all of the pieces in these figures. For the initial wave, Luke, Han, Space Trooper, and Jawa will come with the R5 pieces, while the Cantina denizens Wioslea, Braniac, Tron Duaba/Dice Ibegon, and Obi-Wan will come with the R2 parts. The other four carry-forward figures in the wave will have a second copy of R5 (so the case pack will have two R5 / one R2).

QUESTION:  First off, thank you for revisiting the playset/environment segment in 2008/2009. Many collectors have questions regarding the Lars Homestead. What functionality does the homestead itself have? What level of detail does it have on the interior - table/seating? Is the dome removable to place figures inside? Are there foot pegs to aid in the posing of a couple of those unstable POTF2 era pack-in figures. Is a re-release a possibility with an EII era Beru, Lars with Anakin and Lars Homestead Padme (from 2003)?

ANSWER:  We're glad you appreciate the Lars Homestead set. We don't consider this a playset in the traditional set, but a specific environment meant for collectors. As such, there are no play features other than the ability to pose figures with the scene. The dome does come off, and there is a table inside, but no benches. Also, due to the nature of the base (vacuform), there are no foot pegs for characters. If the set proves popular, a re-release is certainly possible, but we hope you won't have to wait that long to get some other key figures you mentioned.


QUESTION:  Have sales of the AT-TE and new Falcon been strong enough that we can expect more large vehicles and/or play sets in the near future?

ANSWER:  While out of the gate we have had a great response to the vehicles, the real test will be how we progress through the holiday period. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up so far, and keep spreading the word!

QUESTION:  When can we expect more Greatest Hits figures? Who will they be and what waves will we find them in?

ANSWER:  Only one more GH-series figure is planned for this year - a Felucia Clone Trooper. More are planned in 2009 to round out some waves.

QUESTION:  The Stocking Stuffer Galactic Heroes sets look fantastic! Any thoughts to bringing back the Holiday Edition figures for the 3 3/4 inch line? And Can we expect to see some Deluxe figures soon from the Clone Wars line? This seems like the perfect line to bring them back!

ANSWER:  We will not be bringing back the 3-3/4" Holiday figures any time soon. We are evaluating a new Deluxe-type line for Fall 2009 for Clone Wars.
Details should be available at Toy Fair.

Keep checking back for more Q&A postings as sites continue to post their Hasbro Q&A sessions.

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QUESTION:  Hasbro, the overabundance of figures on the pegs (especially Mutt Williams, either version,) and your relatively small display of figures at Comic Con, fears have popped up that the line is dying, and dying fast. We know that there is another Club Obi-Wan themed wave coming, could you maybe reveal that wave or at least not an Indy figure from it? Anything you can do to quell fears of premature death for the line.

ANSWER:  While the size of the IJ collector base may not be as large as other brands, no doubt IJ fans make up for it in passion, and without that passion we could never have built out the line as broadly as we have. For that we are deeply appreciative.

Continuation of the IJ line into 2009 depends on several factors, including kid interest and support in IJ through the DVD/holiday period and willing support for retailers to extend the line into a second year. One question is how far we can get without entertainment support for a second year. As such, we do not want to show any figures beyond what we have already shown.

QUESTION:  If, hypothetically, you were to make the Rocket Sled from KOTCS, what price point would you place it in and what figures or features would it include? I would love to see this "vehicle" in the 20 dollar assortment with some track and maybe some spring loaded ejecting seats!

ANSWER:  That would be the logical price point at which to do it. We did look at the vehicle but decided that it was not the most interesting one to pursue, and went with the Jungle Cutter instead, which turned out to be a great choice.

QUESTION:  With all the deluxe figure sets we've had for the first two waves (Raiders and Crystal Skull), why are there no deluxe figure assortments to accompany the Last Crusade and Temple of Doom waves? Sure, we have the German motorcycle and rider, which is a STUNNING set at that, but the Indy/Henry Jones Sr. motorcycle and sidecar sets are sorely missing to complete that great action sequence. Also, Indy on the stallion seems like a given since the horse tooling already exists.

For the Temple of Doom wave, fans have been clamoring for the mine cars for years. Not only is the tooling minimal, but it could also be used twice to cover both the hero and villain deluxe figure sets. A Thuggee sacrificial pit cage with Willie Scott also seems like a natural fit for this assortment.

ANSWER:  Those are all natural fits for the Deluxe assortment, and were all considered at one point. However, it's unlikely that we'll be getting to these farther-out concepts next year.


QUESTION:  First a quick follow up to the one of our questions from last session  if we can. The question was asked about a Marcus Brody action figure.  The response was "It is unlikely we will do a Marcus Brody figure". Did you mean for next year or did you mean ever? And if so, is there  a "list" of the characters that won't be made?

ANSWER:  We can't really say never, as we hope there will be another Indy film, and if it comes to pass there will almost certainly be a Marcus Brody figure.

QUESTION:  Can we expect a 3.75" Belloq in white suit and Panama hat or a  3.75" Toht and German Mechanic in 2009?

ANSWER:  We did show images of a couple of these figures at Comic Con, which are planned for early Spring 2009. This is depending on retail support for IJ continuing through Spring 2009, something that we will be evaluating with our retail partners in the coming months.

QUESTION:  Weeks ago you confirmed you confirmed that an Ark Ghost was  coming in a deluxe set next year. Last Q&A session you changed your answer to no Ark Ghost was planned. Can you please clarify?

ANSWER:  We did have plans for an Ark ghost, but now it is no longer in the plans.

QUESTION:  What is the status of the Dietrich figure that was confirmed  months ago in a Q&A? He was missing from the new Raiders wave announced at Comic Con.

ANSWER:  He was planned to be in a later wave in 2009, not in the wave that was shown.


QUESTION:  Since we didn't see anything announced on them at SDCC, I guess we'll have to ask - what's the deal with the three new deluxe figures that are popping up for pre-order at a few on-line shops: Deluxe Indy with Map Room, Deluxe Indy with Soul Trap, and Deluxe Indy with Rocket Sled. True or False?

ANSWER:  All false. While they may have been considered at one point, none of them ever got past preliminary stages.


QUESTION:  Are we going to get a Young Indiana Jones (Sean Patrick Flannery) figure from the TV show?

ANSWER:  We do not have plans to get to any Young Indiana Jones figures.

QUESTION:  Are the deluxe figures going to continue into 2009? Or will the lack of support from a new movie end this line? Thanks.

ANSWER:  We hope that the Deluxe line, like other segments, continues into 2009. We are still evaluating how far support for the current line extends given that there is not another movie on the horizon.

QUESTION:  We got our first glimpse of the Toht figure and its variant at SDCC. Will it be released in equal numbers as the regular figure, or is this similar to a chase variant where it will be limited to something like one per case? In other words, how hard will this version be to find for collectors?

ANSWER:  The intent is to include the second head in the pack rather than do a separate variant.


QUESTION:  Since the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom wave of figures should be hitting retail around the time that the mail-away offer for the Crystal Skeleton figure expires, will the mail-away offer be extended to allow for the lateness of that wave relative to the offer? Many of us plan to army-build from this wave and would like more crystal skeletons!

ANSWER:  The mail-in offers (all three of them) have been extended until Dec. 31st so fans should have plenty of time to take advantage using the stickers from the Temple wave. Please pass the word on, as it's likely that the stickers on the figures coming out of Asia will not be updated in time to reflect the extended date.

QUESTION:  On July 11, this question was answered at

QUESTION:  Will you be making an Ark Ghost in the 3.75 inch lineup? The adventure heroes ghost is my personal favorite and I think it would go great with the basic figure lineup as well! You could include a rotating head with the peaceful looking lady on one side and the other have the angry skull face.
ANSWER:  Yes, we plan on getting this out Spring of next year in the Deluxe lineup.

Now, last week, this question was answered on INDIANA JONES COLLECTORS:

QUESTION:  Will we be seeing an ARK Ghost in the 3.75" figure lineup?
ANSWER:  No plans for an Ark ghost in the lineup. It's a great idea for a future Deluxe-type item, but we have no plans for it right now.

So, which is it? Yes or no?

ANSWER:  The Ark Ghost will not be making it out in the spring after all.

QUESTION:  Do you remain confident about and committed to the long term success of the line? It would be very unfortunate if poor planning helped speed the line to a premature end. The products themselves are consistently terrific and the overwhelming majority of collectors are very happy with the actual figures, just not with availability and distribution. What steps is Hasbro taking to ensure the future viability of the line?

ANSWER:  The Indiana Jones line is without question considered a success, given that Indiana Jones has never previously been a successfully merchandised toy line. However, for a line to be ongoing, we have to have an audience (both kids and collectors) who are interested in continuing to collect the line. We know that IJ does not have a collector base similar to some of the bigger brands (like Star Wars), which places more of a burden relatively on kids to shoulder the load. So far, kids' interest has been somewhat 1-dimensional, showing an appreciation for relatively few figures (Indy and Mutt primarily). We expect that there will be a huge up swell in kid interest in IJ figures during the TV and holiday times, but exactly how long afterward, and how deeply they support the lines are still to be decided.

Please keep checking back for more Q&A sessions as they come in.
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