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Author Topic: HASBRO Q&A ROUNDUP - Week of November 7th, 2008  (Read 1767 times)
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« on: November 07, 2008, 08:49:12 PM »

JEDI TEMPLE ARCHIVES - HASBRO Q&A ROUNDUP - Week of November 7th, 2008

Thanks for dropping by and checking out JTA's roundup of all of the Hasbro Q&A sessions from around the web.  This week's answers come in a little late as Hasbro has slid back the time to answer.  The roundup is continually updating as we get more and more responses posted at the participating websites.  If you know of a site that's participating in the Q&A's but isn't represented in our roundup, please drop us a line with a hyperlink to that site's Q&A.

You can check out each site's postings by clicking on the website title.  The Star Wars Q&A's are posted alphabetically, and are followed by any Indiana Jones Q&A's that the Hasbro Lucasfilm team has fielded.

Also be sure to check back as we distill the Q&A's down to the real nitty gritty with out Q&A Headlines.  That is where we give you real news that comes out of the Q&A:  newly confirmed items, assortments, exclusive details, etc.  And feel free to post about what Hasbro is saying in the Q&A process here in the Jedi Temple War Room.

That being said, let's start of at home:


QUESTION:  The Twilight appears to be one of the more prominent ships in THE CLONE WARS.  It was featured in the theatrical release as well as the television series.  Another Star Wars licensee has already offered a toy version of the ship at retail.  It certainly seems a bit too big for the $20 starfighter assortment.  Given the screen time and action that the Twilight has seen, is it likely to make it into a larger vehicle assortment?

ANSWER:  We do not have any plans to make a 3-3/4" version of the Twilight at this time.

QUESTION:  Looking over some responses over the course of the Q&A sessions, we took note of Hasbro confirming that there would be not one, but TWO comic 2-packs drawn from the Dark Horse limited series Jango Fett - Open Seasons.  It seems to be a given that we'll probably be getting the namesake of the series in at least one of the packs.  Can you confirm any of the other characters that we might see in the 2-packs?  Perhaps the Mandalorian Montross, or maybe even Dooku as a Jedi Master?

ANSWER:  Actually, we do not have any Jango Fett: Open Seasons packs in the 2009 line plan, and do not believe we have confirmed any (please help us out if you feel we have indeed directly confirmed any).  We have admitted a desire to do some at one point since there are great characters in there in the form of interesting variations on Jango, Jaster Mereel, Montross, young Dooku, and more.  It's possible we'll get to some of these in 2010, but not before.

QUESTION:  Several weeks ago we asked about the Clone Wars era Y-Wing and it's chances of making it into the vehicle line.  Now that the Clone Wars episode Shadow Of Malevolence has aired, and the Shadow Squadron Y-Wings have gotten some serious action along with fan acclaim, how much more likely are we to see the Y-Wing in the Clone Wars vehicle line?

ANSWER:  There is a strong chance that we will be doing a Y-Wing at some point.

And now to continue on through the Star Wars online collecting community:


QUESTION:  When will we see ball & socket hips and wrists on Stormtroopers and phase one clones? I would easily buy 20 new stormies.

ANSWER:  We have no plans to do ball and socket wrists, since that really adds cost that we feel is not warranted on figures, preferring instead to stick with swivel wrists for functionality. We will look to do ball and socket hips only when a figure needs it - like if they are designed to ride a speeder bike or creature, but this will not be a standard across the line.

QUESTION:  Can we hope to see “weapons lockers” for the OT line of figures such as loads of imperial blasters, long rifles, and rebel pistols? This WOULD BE AWESOME! Since it is running off of current weapons for clones and we have current weapons for OT this seems a no brainer. 

ANSWER:  That is an interesting suggestion for the figures that are specifically
original trilogy. We’ll take a look and see what we are able to do.

QUESTION:  Who is going be packed with Darth Krayt in the upcoming comic pack? Forum member DarthFagan’s guesses include Cade Skywalker (as he looked when he was Krayt’s captive), Emperor Roan Fel, Sigel Dare (female imperial knight), or Jariah Syn (Cade’s Bounty Hunter friend). Or how about a sith 2-pack with Darth Wyyrlok or Darth Nihl? So are we close? (DarthDre758)

ANSWER:  It will indeed be Sigel Dare.


QUESTION:  Last year, Hasbro released the R2-KT figure while making a charitable donation to ensure that the spirit of a figure for the Katie Johnson charity was fully met before any were sold. With R2-KT appearing in the Clone Wars movie, is there a chance we could get animated R2-KT as a repainted animated R2-D2 figure in a similar charity-type release?

ANSWER:  We do not have plans at this time, but there is a strong possibility that we could revisit that promotion in the future, perhaps in 2010.

QUESTION:  Will there be more droid repaints in the Clone Wars line? The molds already exist, so they shouldn't be too difficult to achieve. For instance, will there be TC-70 based on the C-3PO mold, R4-P17 based on the R2-D2 mold, or KRONOS-327 based on the IG-86 mold? TC-70 obviously would be a good companion piece to the upcoming animated Jabba you're developing, and Obi-Wan needs a droid to fit in his Jedi Starfighter's droid slot.

ANSWER:  Two of three droids you cite will be out within a year. The remaining one has a strong likelihood of also coming out, perhaps as an exclusive at some point. Stay tuned!

QUESTION:  In Hasbro's GI Joe line's comic packs, they have moved beyond mere reprints to also feature entirely new stand-alone comics. Given that Dark Horse has released similar Star Wars comics to retailers in the past, have you considered working with them to commission new stand-alone Star Wars comics that feature highly-requested EU characters that otherwise don't appear in the comics and therefore have a lot less chance of being released as figures?

ANSWER:  Creating new comics comes at a not-insignificant cost, and we prefer to keep our investment in the new figure tools rather than new untold comic stories. The reason we were interested in partnering with Dark Horse was the rich treasure trove of comics that have been produced over the 30-year run. That's not to say we eventually won't do custom comics (Dark Horse is very keen in working with us on this), but the reprints is where we plan to keep our focus.


QUESTION:  Starting with the Elite Forces of the Republic sets and continuing from there onward, I’ve noticed a marked tendency for Mandalorian helmets to be getting smaller and tighter-fitting on their owner’s heads.  Sometimes, this is just a case of the nose bowing out the middle of the T-visor a bit.  But I recently acquired the Comic 2-Packs featuring Fenn Shysa and Tobbi Dala.  Dala’s helmet would barely go on without severe warping, and Shysa’s was so tight, and the material so thin, the helmet has actually split in two places, just from being on his head in the package.  I’ve had to customise a couple of replacements from my stock of spare Jango helmets.  Any chance you folks could work on some bigger, better-fitting buckets for our Mandalorians in future releases?

ANSWER:  Thanks for the comment.  We're trying to strike that balance of aesthetics and functionality, but we'll take your comments into account.  We're sorry too about the split; we recommend you check with Hasbro customer service on a replacement pack if possible.

QUESTION:  What’s the probability of seeing a new Wicket W. Warrick figure using the new and improved Ewok sculpts you so generously graced us with in the TAC line (which by the way made Ewoks awesome once again)?

ANSWER:  Ewoks are indeed once again awesome, and we're glad you share the fun.  It's what we'd like to think is a trend we have seen coming and have been working toward helping propagate for some time starting with the most excellent Saga Collection Chief Chirpa figure.  Anyway, back to your question.  Look for Wicket on a basic card in 2010. 

QUESTION:  As far back as 1998, you had a potential list of Expanded Universe figures listed as “On-Line Exclusive Expanded Universe Figures”:
Ralph McQuarrie Concept Luke Skywalker
Ralph McQuarrie Concept Darth Vader
Ralph McQuarrie Concept Han Solo
Ralph McQuarrie Concept C-3PO
Ralph McQuarrie Concept R2-D2
Ralph McQuarrie Concept Chewbacca
Luke Skywalker “In Flight Suit” (Heir To The Empire)
---Gots ’em---
But the list continues:
Luke Skywalker (Splinter of the Mind’s Eye)
Princess Leia (Splinter of the Mind’s Eye)
Jorus C’baoth (Heir to the Empire)
Talon Karrde (Heir to the Empire)
Winter (Heir to the Empire)
Princess Leia (Heir to the Empire)
Rukh (Heir to the Empire)
Lando Calrissian in Coruscant Guard Disguise (Shadows of the Empire)
Coruscant Guard (Shadows of the Empire)
Howzmin (Shadows of the Empire)
Spero (Shadows of the Empire)
Prince Isolder (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Admiral Daala (The Jedi Academy Trilogy)
Kyp Durron (The Jedi Academy Trilogy)
Moruth Doole (The Jedi Academy Trilogy)
Callista (The Jedi Academy Trilogy)
Jaina Solo
Jacen Solo
Anakin Solo
Lobacca (Young Jedi Knights Series)
Exar Kun (Tales of the Jedi)
Ulic Qel-Droma (Tales of the Jedi)
Cay Qel-Droma (Tales of the Jedi)
Nomi Sunrider (Tales of the Jedi)
Master Thon (Tales of the Jedi)
Jan Ors (Dark Forces)
General Mohc (Dark Forces)
Kell Dragons (Dark Forces)
Rookie One Male (Rebel Assult)
Rookie One Female (Rebel Assult)
What happened? Will any be re-examined?  As far as “definitive look,” many of these “novel” characters have been painted by professional artists and I believe if you contact the various artists used for the Topps Sketch Cards (and maybe some novel-cover and comic book artists as well) to come up with a “definitive” look for a character, they could then be rendered in plastic.
ANSWER:  We don't know the origin of the list that you cite - from folks who have been here on the brand during that time period, it does not look like anything that the team at the time would have considered as realistic for the time nor was it ever proposed.  This seems like a fan wish list from that time period.  The situation is a little different now, with many exciting EU projects that are adding to the Star Wars storyline in significant ways, and importantly, a collecting audience eager to follow.  However, this doesn't mean that we are going hog-wild with the EU and plan to keep the focus on movie with a measured exploration of significant EU characters.  It has helped that the EU-based entries we have done in basic figures, comic packs, and occasional multi-packs have all been successful to warrant continued exploration, but we're not going to lose the core of what brought us to where we are in the first place.  That said, looking at the list you presented, there are still some real gems on there as well as some characters who have receded into the ether.  There are at least five characters who will be seeing their introduction in plastic by the end of 2009/very beginning of 2010, with a couple more strong possibilities for later in 2010.  Some more good news - you can take Talon Karrde off the list as he has just come out in the Comic Pack series. 

To be continued.
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JEDI TEMPLE ARCHIVES - HASBRO Q&A ROUNDUP - Week of November 7th, 2008 - PART 2


QUESTION:  In past Q&A responses, you confirmed the following figures for release sometime in 2009. It's been awhile since we've heard about these, so can you tell us if plans have changed for any of them -- 2X-7KPR (the final unreleased droid from the ANH Jawa Sandrawler scene -- doesn't appear to be part of the upcoming ANH wave, so is he to be released in another way?); Holo Darth Sidious with Mechno Chair (still part of 2009's TPM wave?); Maroon Battle Droid Commander (part of the AOTC wave?), the "Interesting ROTJ Leia" (which was formerly intended to be a Slave/Sandstorm variant); and finally one of the following Jedi upgrades you said were coming in 2009: Coleman Trebor, Pablo Jill, or the Nikto Jedi? Are all these figures mentioned above still coming in 2009, or have some been cancelled or pushed back to 2010?

ANSWER:  The last droid from "Purchase of the Droids" is planned as a pack-in with a Jawa in a later wave of 2009.  Darth Sidious and Mechno Chair is still on target for release next year, as is the Leia, Coleman Trebor, and Maroon Battle Droid Commander. Pablo Jill and the Nikto Jedi upgrades are not in the works for 2009 at this point.

QUESTION:  To us (the site guys) Toy Fair 2009 is just around the corner. (Well, it is if you're counting your pennies for those expensive NYC hotels.) Anyway, the $20-range vehicles seem to fly off the shelves. How many new additions can we expect to pop up at the big show, and do you have any hints for us?

ANSWER:  There will be four 100% newly tooled additions to this spectacular assortment in 2009. The first two that will be out in Spring can be seen in The Clone Wars movie, and they both fly. Let the speculating begin!

QUESTION:  Continuing on the vehicle front, is there anything in the plus-sized range for 2009, or will holiday sales be the indicator for such a beast?

ANSWER:  We really won't be able to take stock of the opportunity to continue the higher-priced vehicle program until after the holidays.  We would not expect to be able to answer either way until Toy Fair at the earliest.


QUESTION:  Once upon a time (Toy Fair I believe), you mentioned that you were looking into doing a running change on the Legacy Wave 1 RotJ Darth Vader figure where the head would be separate from the helmet collar. Should fans of the 3-piece helmet idea keep hoping for this to happen or was the idea abandoned for the time being?

ANSWER:  This idea has been abandoned for now, and we will stick to the one version.

QUESTION:  As a self-proclaimed Cantina Alien addict, I can’t wait for the next batch of A New Hope figures. Trinto, Dice, Wioslea, and Brainiac all look fantastic... but what’s this we’re hearing about a possible new EU name for Brainiac? “Pons Limbic” - true or false? (And while we’re on the topic of the ANH wave, any chance at a nice picture of that Space Trooper?)

ANSWER:  Yes indeed, Pons Limbic is his name. We don't have any better pictures of the Space Trooper beyond the one that we showed at Comic Con, but it should be released in packaging verrrry soon.

QUESTION:  Indy Adventure Heroes question for you - will the Last Crusade wave of AH figures still make it to retail? Just want to make sure that we’re (hopefully) still getting our AH scale Henry Sr. and Grail Knight figures!

ANSWER:  Yes indeed, these Adventure Heroes will make it to retail by the end of the year.


QUESTION:  Will the Y-Wing type ships from The Clone Wars animated series show up as toys?

ANSWER:  We are hopeful that some day it will appear as a 3-3/4" vehicle. However, we are grappling with some challenges with this one so we cannot promise that it will be out any time soon.

QUESTION:  LucasArts just announced the Old Republic MMO game. Any plans to have any toys tie-in with this game?

ANSWER:  We just learned of this ourselves, so can't say if there is a tie-in that makes sense. Given the success of the Star Wars video games, and the success we have had with figures that tie to the games, we are interested in seeing what new character opportunities the game presents.

QUESTION:  When can we expect to see a Bespin Han Solo figure from Empire Strikes Back with VOTC type articulation made?

ANSWER:  Hopefully we'll be getting to Bespin Han in 2010.


QUESTION:  We've seen the new list of stickers that come with the Hasbro figure stands and we've sort of put 2 + 2 together based on previous Q&A's to reveal that the concept figures for 2009 include Anakin Skywalker.  Will these concept figures be based around the Clone Wars (i.e. the animated style) or the Prequel's (i.e. realistic) or perhaps even a mixture of both?  What other figures will we see in this line - you said that there'll be a total of 4 concept figures next year - are they all from the same period of time and will they all complement one another?

ANSWER:  There will indeed be a concept Anakin figure - that much we can confirm.  All of these will be realistic figures that fit the Legacy Collection, and will be drawn from a mix of original and prequel trilogy sources.

QUESTION:  2008 saw the majority of Star Wars products coming in the 2nd half of the year.  Obviously, you've been working hard on the Indy line as well and as you've explained that there's a limit of available factories in the far east to produce goods.  Since, it looks doubtful that the Indy line will continue (unless there's another film) does this mean that these same issues will not occur in 2009 and we'll see Star Wars product spread evenly throughout the year ahead?  Also, is it too early to tell us how many figures we can expect to see next year in the Basic (Clone Wars and Legacy) and Comic Pack lines?

ANSWER:  Star Wars and Indiana Jones did not share factories.  The chief reason for the back-loaded slate of releases is because we were switching over to all new assortment numbers for this Fall, which meant that any late Spring items were cancelled and rolled into the Fall assortments (otherwise they would have been released).  The situation for 2009 should be smoother, but due to some sculpting challenges we have had, the Spring will be lighter than the Fall once again. Right now, there are about 46 figures slated for the Legacy Collection/Droid Factory in 7 different waves (one wave, the last EU wave, is slated to be January 2010 so we are not counting this one in the 2009 total even though it is very close). There will be about 34 Clone Wars basic figures.  There are slated to be 14 new Comic 2-packs next year as well.

QUESTION:  It's been a while (at least it seems that way) since fans have had a chance to vote on which figures they'd most like to see re-released in > the Greatest Hits line or as new figures.  Many of the figures voted for previously have been re-released and some of the most requested figures have also been produced - for that we thank you - how about another fan's choice poll to see what's still wanted so the gaps can be filled?  Talking of re-releases, whilst playsets are off the radar for the moment have you considered re-releasing the cardboard Cantina and Jabba's Playset environments as they offer enormous play value for a relatively small price - maybe they could even be included in some form of Battle Pack in the future?

ANSWER:  We have talked about a reprise of the 2006 Toy Fare Top 25 poll at some point, but have not had the time to adequately dive in and work on it.  We hope to get to it some day soon, and when we do, it will involve the different websites helping with the input to the voting lists. It's just a matter of having the time to be able to get everything sorted out.  Stay tuned...

To be continued.
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JEDI TEMPLE ARCHIVES - HASBRO Q&A ROUNDUP - Week of November 7th, 2008 - PART 3


QUESTION:  Your Legacy Wave 2, all figure from the 2-D Clone Wars cartoon, was outstanding. You wrapped up a lot of the main wants people had from the original CW cartoons in one fell swoop! The question is now, which characters/figures would Hasbro most like to crank out from the original cartoon? Fans at JediDefender certainly liked a lot of the "arena combat" characters from one episode.

ANSWER:  There are still one or two figures (such as Fordo in Type II armor that with Lucasfilm's permission we could possibly do, but for all intents and purposes we are done exploring the original Clone Wars micro-series. Given their very minor screen time, it is highly unlikely we'll ever do any characters from the Asaaj/arena scene, as cool as it was.

QUESTION:  The Yavin Scramble sled the Rebels use to ferry gear and pilots is a really cool little vehicle to get in that upcoming battlepack. Our question then is are you planning more of these types of "big accessories" for battlepacks in the future, like maybe the Hoth trooper sled, vehicle maintenance energizer? Also do you happen to have any new photos of the items from the Yavin Battlepack to share (It really is insanely cool!)?

ANSWER:  We're glad you like it. Occasionally we have produced some very collector-targeted Battle Packs and plan to occasionally do these going forward. However, as with the large majority of our Battle Packs, the focus will be kid-first and will consist primarily of repacked figures.

QUESTION:  The Hoth E-Web/Tripod cannon is cool, but maybe due for an upgrade. It's a little big, and something new could maybe be made to fold up so the awesome new Snowtroopers we've got could carry it around to deploy it. Any chance of that anytime soon?

ANSWER:  Not for 2009, but we are looking at the possibility of a new one for 2010.


QUESTION:  In the last couple of QnA rounds you have confirmed that next year we will see a "deluxe"-type assortment for "The Clone Wars" line as a way to bring back things such as the Spider Droid, Crab Droid, Vulture Droid and Speeder Bikes. This is a move that I, and many other Army Builders from around the world, will surely support.
My question is: Would this type of assortment also see such things like the "Republic Artillery Guns" which were used during the Battle of Christophsis? And could an Assortment like this still find a place in The Legacy Collection as a way of releasing Speeder Bikes for the Clone Lancer Trooper and IG Lancer Droids, and perhaps even for Luke and Leia, and perhaps even Darth Maul's Speeder Bike?

ANSWER:  Many of the things you mention will not be released in the new deluxe-type assortment because they do not relate to the new Clone Wars series, which is what this new format will be 100% dedicated to. We have a limited ability to add new segments to the Star Wars line, and if we added something like this for the Legacy Collection, it would mean that something else would have to go away, and we do not feel it would be the best addition for the Legacy line. Incidentally, the Clone cannon from Battle of Christophsis are way to big for this price point, let alone the Starfighter Vehicle Assortment, so we do not have plans to do them, at least for now.

QUESTION:  Way back in 1999/2000 as part of the Episode 1 line you released a "Fambaa with Shield Generator and Gungan Warrior". What are the chances of this being re-released in the Battle Pack format? And would you consider creating the other half of the Shield Generator? The previously released set contains the second half of the Shield Generator which emits the shield over the army. The first half is a longer more cannon like device which shoots a beam of energy into the emitter. This would be a nice addition for those of us who already have the original release.

ANSWER:  That's a very interesting question and one we'll look at as a possibility for farther down the road. We will not be releasing any of the big Episode I sets any time soon, as we are still a few years away from there being a big upswell in Episode I collecting interest. When that time comes, we'll be looking at new as well as re-release opportunities.

QUESTION:   Over the years you have given us a variety of "Pack-Ins" with our figures including Slides, Coins, CommTech Chips, Force Files and little Holo figures to name a few. But the stand out "Pack-Ins" seem to be the stands and now the "Build-A-Droid" pieces. Both of these offer us collectors something functional: Stands allow us to display our figures a little like trophies, and the new Build-A-Droid concept allows us to expand our collections with figures that we would probably never get. My question is: Do you see the Build-A-Droid continuing beyond 2009 - if only for another year or two? Or what other pack-ins can we expect?

ANSWER:  We like it a lot too and plan for this cool mechanic to have a very long life. As of now, the Droid Factory mechanic will continue in basic figures through at least Spring of 2010. After that, it may continue to show up in other formats (such as multi-packs or exclusives) even if it is not in the basic figure lineup.


QUESTION:   We've started to see what appears to be figures from the Empire Strikes Back wave (seemingly slated for early 2009) start to show on retail websites (such as - can you fill in the blanks on the wave and/or share pictures. It's been a while since we've seen much of anything new directly from you, and instead of letting some other outlet get the jump on you (like Previews did on the upcoming comic packs), perhaps you'd consider showing us this upcoming wave? At minimum can you tell us who the sixth figure is beyond Luke and Leia from the Medical Frigate, the Hoth Rebel Soldier, Captain Needa and the Ugnaught (grumble - at least tell us that there's something coming with the little guy to fill up the bubble a little further!). Time to get rolling on more early 2009 information don't you think?

ANSWER:  You have sussed out the entire wave, with two exceptions. The last figure from the wave is a refresh of the Evolution Emperor, with a great new head. The Droid Factory figure is going to be a hot one - the EU favorite HK-47. How's that for some more information? As for photos, we aren't ready to release any photos of this wave yet, but they should be available soon.

QUESTION:   Any chance of seeing a redo on the Titanium series Executor? Preferably one that is very detailed and does not have an Imperial Star Destroyer attached to it.

ANSWER:  We do not have plans to redo this one.

QUESTION:   In a recent Q&A you confirmed that a super-articulated Republic Commando figure was coming in a spring 2009 Evolutions pack. Will this figure be a generic white-armored commando, a commando from Omega or Delta Squad (if so, which character?), or a commando of Hasbro's own creation? We Republic Commando fans need something to tide us over for the next few months!

ANSWER:  It will actually be one we have not done before - Fi, aka RC-8015, who was associated with Omega Squad. Sweet!


QUESTION:   On the new animated series Obi-Wan figure, you have added a ball joint at the shoulder that is covered up and solid, and it looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing than previous figures that had the connector showing. Was this a test run of this new type of joint, and will you be adding it to other figures going forward? I'd love to see it put in place as a standard on all figures with ball jointed shoulders, and hopefully ball jointed shoulders will become the standard.

ANSWER:  We have migrated the size of the shoulder joint down somewhat over all the figure lines, but it's still a case-by-case basis and it does come with a range limitation when we do it.  The Obi-Wan figure is an example where the joint is inset into more of a pocket since Obi-Wan's tunic and shoulder pads project out somewhat.  On, say, the animated Clone Trooper, the joint is more visible but that's because it is less inset, allowing for a greater range of movement (including the ability to bring hands together in front of the body.  So while we do make progress overall in continual refinement of the aesthetics, it is always with an eye toward individual functionality.

QUESTION:   I have heard rumors of a Bespin Han Solo in the Vintage packaging line coming this year or the next. Is this true? Will he be a new sculpt or one based on the same anorexicly thin body/small head that's been used to make the vintage Endor, Bespin Torture, and sandstorm Han?

ANSWER:  What you have heard is false.  There is no Bespin Han in the works for this year or next (most likely in 2010).  In addition, we have gone on record as saying that the Vintage line is not coming back in 2009, but we are looking at ways to get it back out after that.

QUESTION:   The move to a build-a-figure format is encouraging, a proven formula it showed with the Marvel line. Do you plan on expanding this idea in the future? Maybe a build-a-weapon, build-a-Sith, or build-a-Jedi figure? Maybe you can incorporate this with your vehicle line and make a build-a-death star.

ANSWER:  We do not have plans to expand this beyond droids. We will not be expanding the concept to flesh-and-blood figures as that doesn't fit the direction of Star Wars, as we treat characters as whole entities rather than pieces.  The exception is droids of course, where by their very nature they can be disassembled.  The Death Star would require an insane number of pieces, and would require too many purchases over too long a period of time to be tenable.  We have no plans to go there.

To be continued.
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« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2008, 05:24:36 PM »

JEDI TEMPLE ARCHIVES - HASBRO Q&A ROUNDUP - Week of November 7th, 2008 - PART 4


QUESTION:  Recently, you confirmed that in the '09 Legacy line, there will be an EU wave; separately, you have said that there won't be more TFU figures in '09 beyond Shaak Ti, no KOTOR possible before 2010, no more Clone Wars micro-series figures, and no realistic figures from the new Clone Wars series. With all those EU sources out of the way, and the comic characters getting tons of coverage in the Comic Packs line, does that mean the '09 EU wave will finally show some love for characters from the novels?

ANSWER:  Excellent detective work. Yes indeed, there will be a couple figures from novels in there, including two from the famous 2006 Toy Fare top 25 poll.
(Editor's note - for reference, here are all of the remaining yet-to-be-made winners of that poll: Bastila Shan,  Padme Amidala Funeral, Corran Horn, Exar Kun, Nom Anor, Jaina Solo, Anakin Solo, and Jacen Solo. -JT)

QUESTION:  Some collectors have expressed disappointment in the Disturbance at the Lars Homestead set. The example shown in the slideshow at Comic-Con featured much a nicer deco, and while we understand that prototypes usually have more care than production pieces, it seems like this particular production version suffered a severe backslide in quality, the deco just doesn't hold up. It's hard for collectors to understand how a $50 set is only 2 new pieces (the womp rat and the house section), a vacuform base, and 4 older pieces (the 3 figures and the moisture vaporator), and then how it could end up losing significant quality at that pricepoint. We understand the tooling for the house was an extensive portion of the budget, and we appreciate the great effort made to get this made, but collectors keep asking us to ask: what happened here, what went wrong to drag that quality down? And that leads to: why was this set produced now when it couldn't find all the budget for a better deco, more troopers, a treadwell droid, more accessories, etc.?

ANSWER:  We knew from the outset that this set would be narrowly collector-targeted, but because of the prominent and iconic nature of the homestead we decided to go ahead with it. As a result, the overall costs to develop (including tooling) are reflected against a somewhat more narrow volume than that which is reflected in the eventual price. There was just no other way to bring this one out. Originally the Homestead set was to have more troopers and another womp rat, but these had to be removed to contain the costs. As for the deco, the original deco was deemed to be too heavy for the piece and it was pulled back.

QUESTION:  Back in April, you said you should have for us at Comic Con a peek at the upcoming Comic Packs Lumiya figure, but with Comic Con come and gone, we still have not seen Lumiya. Is it possible we could see this figure now, and if not, why not?

ANSWER:  Due to sculpting delays, the wave with Lumiya will not be out until the middle of next year. As such, we do not a have a picture of her ready yet.


QUESTION:  Regarding cases: one of our previous questions asked about carrying cases for figures but was mis-interpreted as meaning protective cases. Are there any plans for the release of any new carrying cases for figures?
ANSWER:  Sorry about that.  There are no plans for new carrying cases for figures.
QUESTION:  Will the Wal-Mart Exclusive A-Wing fighter and Clone Gunship be available at Canadian retail? If so, when & where can we expect to find them?
ANSWER:  The Gunship is available now at Canadian Wal-Marts.  The A-Wing will not be available (we were not able to tag onto the production run in time to secure Canadian inventory).


QUESTION:  We have seen word of incredible sales for Clone Wars figures.  Many people have wondered if the Clone Wars figures would be short-lived and eventually made in the realistic style, but given these sales numbers is there a possibility of the "realistic" line being phased out for the animated stylings?
ANSWER:  You have heard correctly - the Clone Wars line has been exceptionally well-received thanks in large part to a very receptive new audience of kids being thrilled by the animated series on Cartoon Network (not only are the toys doing well, but the series is also a ratings smash!).  It should also be mentioned that the realistic Legacy figures (both the Droid Factory and the Saga Legends) are also doing extremely well right now.  There are certainly no plans to drop the realistic line, not a chance, especially since this is the most relevant style for the films and other EU media which remain a significant focus of the line.

QUESTION:  We received word that there may be a Clone Wars themed playset in development.  Can you confirm, deny, or provide any other details about this?
ANSWER:  There is no Clone Wars-themed playset in development.

QUESTION:  Earlier this year you said that you would be providing, about quarterly, updated checklists that we collectors could use to follow what we find in stores.  As we are reaching the November date, is this still the plan and will we see a new one on Hasbro's web site sometime soon to guide us through the Holidays?
ANSWER:  We'd still like to do it; it will take us some time to get it together.  Hopefully we'll have it available by Thanksgiving.


QUESTION:  I'm a long time Star Wars fan that has been pleasantly surprised and impressed by what I've seen so far of The Clone Wars series, in particular the Malevolence story line. Now, how long am I going to have to wait before I can buy the pilots and colorful astromech droids of Shadow Squadron?

ANSWER:  Some of the pilots will be out next year. No word on whether there will be additional astromech repaints, but that's a very interesting suggestion.

QUESTION:  Will all four of the upcoming concept art-based figures for 2009 be from the Prequel Trilogy, or will we see a mix of PT and OT?

ANSWER:  There will be a mix of original and prequel trilogy.

QUESTION:  Just about all of the Yoda figures from the Prequels have had an action feature of some kind. Any chance for a more articulated, non-action feature Yoda along the line somewhere?

ANSWER:  Interesting question. We are planning a new prequel Yoda in 2010 that should meet your interests.

To be continued. 
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JEDI TEMPLE ARCHIVES - HASBRO Q&A ROUNDUP - Week of November 7th, 2008 - PART 5


QUESTION:  When will we get a new Palpatine? I know there is a new comic pack clone Emperor coming, but it's been a long time since a brand new movie accurate Palpatine figure has been released. Today, virtually all Palpatine figures are in need of an update. The only Episode I version is nearly a decade old, there was only one Episode II version ever made, the Episode III red-robed Jedi duel version is really lacking in articulation, several other Episode III versions have never been done, and a new Episode VI version that can sit on his throne is long overdue. Can we expect at least one or more new Palpatine figures in the near future, and if so, could you fill us in on which movie(s) it might be from?

ANSWER:  We hear you.  It may take a little while, but we eventually plan to introduce several new Palpatines over the next couple of years. The first one up will be a new EpV version that will be due out early next year, with a new head sculpt on the Evolutions body.  Following that, we have the long-awaited hologram Emperor on mechano chair slated for later next year.  After that, our hope is that we can attack a couple more great versions over the next couple of years, including Senate Duel which is our #1 next "wish list" figure.  Stay tuned!

QUESTION:  What are the chances for seeing in 3-3/4" plastic, some of the unique clone pilots (ie matchstick and others with unique paint jobs) from shadow squadron that piloted the y-wing bombers against the Malevolence with Anakin in the clone wars series?

ANSWER:  There is a strong chance at least one of them, if not more, will be out next year.

QUESTION:  You've upgraded the Titanium X-Wing recently with an all-new mold with movable wings, I was wondering if Hasbro would also look at doing the same for the Y-Wing? It'd be nice to first have the engines/wings be actual hollow interiors rather than black-painted simulated hollowing and a slightly larger body than the existing Y-Wing mold to allow for more detail in the sculpt.

ANSWER:  Interesting idea, but it's not in our long-term plans.


QUESTION:  Will the Y-Wings from The Clone Wars animated series show up as toys?
ANSWER:  We are hopeful that some day it will appear as a 3-3/4" vehicle.  However, we are grappling with some challenges with this one so we cannot promise that it will be out any time soon.

QUESTION:  LucasArts just announced the Old Republic MMO game. Any plans to have any toys tie-in with this game?
ANSWER:  We just learned of this ourselves, so can't say if there is a tie-in that makes sense.  Given the success of the Star Wars video games, and the success we have had with figures that tie to the games, we are interested in seeing what new character opportunities the game presents.

QUESTION:  When can we expect to see a Bespin Han Solo figure from ESB with VOTC type articulation made?
ANSWER:  Hopefully we'll be getting to Bespin Han in 2010.


QUESTION:  Are there new Greatest Hits ("GH" designated) repack figures planned for the TLC line in '08/'09? Most case revisions from here on out don't specify any further offerings. If so, what are they and when should we expect them? If not, why?

ANSWER:  Yes, there will be approximately a dozen Greatest Hits figures in the 2009 lineup. It's too early to reveal them all, but for the most part they will be drawn from various multi-packs and select basic figure releases from the past couple of years.

QUESTION:  During the 30th Anniversary collection, you had a designated "EU" wave with figures like Darth Revan and Darth Malak. Are there plans on the horizon for a similarly themed basic carded wave in 2009 or are Comic Packs, Battle Packs and Evolutions sets to be our sources for most EU material figures?

ANSWER:  There was an EU-themed wave slated as the very last wave of 2009, but now it has slipped a bit and we anticipate that it will be on-shelf in January 2010 at this point. This wave will include the previously announced The Force Unleashed Shaak Ti as well as K'kruhk and a few other major figures drawn from other EU sources.

QUESTION:  Can you give us a preview of what the new Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter looks like when separated into its 2 vehicle mode? Also regarding the new JSF, will the hyperspace ring from the TAC release interface with this new design? If so, will we get a hyperspace ring optioned JSF say for Anakin or future releases since it has been featured in the CW series right out of the gate?

ANSWER:  The Hyperspace ring will indeed be compatible with the new Jedi Starfighter. Right now, we are looking for a retail partner for a future version of this ship released with the right. It may not be Anakin as his ship is most likely to be in the mainline Starfighter vehicle assortment, but we could do additional Jedi Starfighters in this manner with the right retail partner.


QUESTION:  With a renewed focus on Jabba-themed items and higher-ticket items (or a combination such as the forthcoming exclusive Sarlacc and Skiff), what is the likelihood that collectors will see either a full or partial Jabba's Sail Barge vehicle/playset in the coming year or two? If it's not currently on the drawing board, what factors would sway you toward developing and releasing one.

ANSWER:  While we have discussed it, there is very little chance we would ever release this one simply because it has too many strikes against it. It is not a vehicle that kids would "vote" for, given a choice between a Sail Barge and more aggressive vehicles, it would take a massive development and tooling effort, and it simply is not iconic enough to command what would be a whopping price point. If we continue the big vehicle program, there is a long list of others we would consider before a Sail Barge.

QUESTION:  Previous collection lines have run for approximately a year (Saga Collection, Original Trilogy Collection, etc.), so what is the projected lifespan of Legacy Collection and Clone Wars? Will those two merge into a single unified line when the live-action show's merchandising appears on the market?

ANSWER:  There will be a new "line look" starting next Fall, but the three basic figures lines as we know them will remain in place at least through Spring 2010. Legacy and Clone Wars will never merge into a single basic figure SKU due to the different audiences and composition of those lines. We don't know anything about live action yet, so we don't know how we're going to handle it. It might be it's own line entirely....we just don't know yet.

QUESTION:  When determining the success or failure of a product line, what is the most important source of feedback for Hasbro (aside from sales numbers) and what is the least important?

ANSWER:  Sales numbers tell us only that a line did not meet our expectations, not *why*. It's important to understand the why. When a toy or line fails, it could mean that: our original estimates of the market size were off; the consumer insights upon which we built the premise of the toy were unsound; the product did not deliver ultimately on the original promise; or some other unanticipated factor. So to understand why a line fails means digging into the specific especially as it pertains to learning from our mistakes with an eye toward the future.

To be continued.  Keep checking back for updates as more sites file their Hasbro Q&A reports.
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QUESTION:  Have you considered teaming with the Disney theme parks as a shared (Disney/ exclusive outlet for keeping new and old figures out there for fans? The "entertainment support" will be there 24/7, and I believe the Disney Park stores have been selling Indy merchandise and action figures for the better part of fifteen years now. Also, there have been quite a few exclusive Star Tours figures that seemed to be pretty popular as theme park only items...

ANSWER:  This would not be an effective way to merchandise in the relatively limited space available for the Disney Parks. Instead they have better success with the current mix and select exclusives. While a lot of Star Tours figures were produced, the ones at the end were struggling in popularity and proof that the idea may only be able to be extended so far.

QUESTION:  Since the Indiana Jones line is ending after the TOD wave, there will be some MAJOR gaps in the collection- such as Toht and Walter Donovan. What is the chance of seeing some of these gaps filled as starwarsshop/indianajonesshop exclusives? You already have both Toht (as seen at SDCC) and Donovan (Cobra Commander body from SCDD Exclusive with a new head) in the works, so why waste the effort already put into these figures and leave collectors upset with incomplete collections?

ANSWER:  Online, unfortunately, only reaches a fraction of the collecting audience. For the IJ figures to really succeed and hit our volumes, we need to have national distribution, and that will happen only when there is more IJ entertainment news. If there is another movie, Toht (and the entirety of the shelved Raiders wave) will be in the lineup.

QUESTION:  Since the 3 3/4" wave with the melting Toht has been cancelled...does this mean that the Last Crusade wave of Adventure Heroes has been cancelled as well? I need a cute Sean Connery!

ANSWER:  All of the Adventure Heroes that were previously announced will ship this year.


QUESTION:  At what point was the Indiana Jones line considered a failure and the decision made to end it?  Was it before or after the now-defunct 2009 prototypes were previewed at San Diego Comic Con?

ANSWER:  At Comic Con, we were still optimistic that some of the 2009 would make it to retail. In the subsequent months, the Spring 2009 retail landscape became clearer and it became evident that IJ, without the benefit of any new entertainment, would not have the total audience needed to compete and succeed at retail. Our hope was that the audience we saw at the launch and through the movie period could sustain IJ as a long-term brand, but instead interest closely followed the waxing and waning of the movie (and we anticipate the DVD cycle as well). This is a key learning and we now know better how to plan if there should be another IJ movie.

QUESTION:  Why did some of the Indiana Jones figures have lesser quality paint applications than those in the Star Wars line considering both are major Lucasfilm licenses and presumably held to the same rigorous approval process? Was this an intentional cost-cutting approach (because even the hand-painted prototypes differed in quality).

ANSWER:  We were using a brand new factory for the IJ figures, and there was a learning factor in the first wave. This became much more refined with subsequent batches.

QUESTION:  Will any aspect of the Indiana Jones license continue (Mighty Muggs, Titanium Series, Adventure Heroes, etc.), or is the license as a whole considered over?

ANSWER:  Other than the Entertainment Earth exclusive wave of Mighty Muggs, the rest of the assortments will be done after this Fall.

Keep checking back as more Q&A reports get filed.
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Hasbro reports in with their Q&A posting HERE.  Check out our full roundup report for new listings from the following sites:

Creature Cantina
SW Action News
Toy News I

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