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Author Topic: HASBRO STAR WARS Q&A HEADLINES - WEEK OF AUGUST 10th, 2009  (Read 2180 times)
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Check out the news you can use from the latest Hasbro Q&A session!  We've distilled down the Q&A process so that you can get right to the heart of the matter.  Because these are the things that Hasbro is confirming, so read on!



QUESTION:  In a recent Q&A you stated that from now on, battlepacks will be straight repacks. Does this mean main characters or could secondary/background characters be packed in as well? If secondary characters (i.e. troopers) are repacked, will they be straight re-releases or could they be modified? For example, lets say a Echo Base/Battle of Hoth battlepack is to be released. We get a General Rieekan, Major Derlin, Han and Echo Baste Trooper. Would the Trooper be one of the two versions that are currently in the Legacy collection or could it possible have a new head sculpt?

ANSWER:  The mainline battle packs will be taking a turn away from the beast and occasional collector-targeted set and will be focused on figure-based, kid-targeted sets effective for 2010, with a return to the original packaging depth next Fall.  Since these are often holiday or special-occasion (reward or birthday) purchases, we want to make sure that we are providing as much value as we can and as a result we can't keep put significant tooling into these sets right now.  We'll be concentrating on either pure re-packs (as we have been doing each of the past several years) or sets that all have something new to all the characters with minor changes (such as the upcoming Resurgance of the Jedi, which does hit a duel kid/collector audience).  It's unlikely that in the mainline we'll be doing collector-targeted sets like you suggest.  We don't rule out the possibility that exclusive battle packs could have a composition like that, but we were responding to a question about the mainline battle packs when we answered that.

GOLD 5:  Hasbro also confirmed this shift in the Battle Pack range at San Diego Comic Con.  But the short version of this story is that upcoming battle packs are likely to consist of all reissue figures with no changes, or slight changes like the aforementioned RESURGENCE OF THE JEDI battle pack.



QUESTION:  C-3PO needs new figures from across the saga, it's sad but true. The original Ep I Threepio figure was quite good, but he needs knee and ankle joints, perhaps the ability to hold the Anakin Skywalker podracing flag, and a little more accurate deco with yellow eyes and slightly toned-down wires. Episode II Threepio's removable parts gimmick hampered this figure's design, and since then we've gotten the fantastically-sculpted U-3PO Build-a-Droid figure, so that mold could sport the Ep 2 Threepio deco. And then there's the OT Threepio, which you've recently said is hampered with vac-metal bodies because LFL is stuck on the concept over a painted look. However, your team has produced some great-looking shiny silver protocol droids lately without vac-metallizing, and Hasbro's Marvel Universe team has been able to produce 2 different tones of shiny, metallic-looking gold colors on a few Iron Man figures, which are still super-articulated. Is something of those qualities still not to Lucasfilm's approval, or might we finally be seeing a truly super-articulated Threepio soon?

ANSWER:  Back when we added knees to the OTC C-3PO, we were happy with that because it added pretty much all of the articulation we ever thought we'd need in a C-3PO figure. It never seems his poses that require anything more than knees for sitting down, and his arms remain inactive most of the time. But you do have good points on all versions, especially EpII, which we hope we are covering for you in the Target-exclusive Geonosis Arena 2-packs this Fall. We'll take a look at future updated versions of the others for down the line. Thanks for the thoughts.

GOLD 5:  Hasbro revealed a wave of Target exclusive Geonosis Arena 2-packs at San Diego Comic Con.  And during their presentation, Hasbro commented that the package inserts could be put together to form an arena ring.  But the first 6 sets would only form a semi-circle.  Conversations with Hasbro at Comic Con indicate that there may be a second wave of Geonosis Arena 2-packs in the works which could potentially complete that Arena ring.  And this response leaves little doubt that an ATTACK OF THE CLONES C-3PO is in the works for that second wave.

It is not unprecedented for Hasbro to repeat exclusive offerings like this.  Hasbro partnered with Target for two series of Order 66 2-packs.  And currently Hasbro and WalMart are offering a second series of exclusive Droid Factory 2-packs.  So a second series of Geonosis Arena 2-packs is not out of the question.  Although this news is a bit of a surprise since the first set of Geonosis Arena 2-packs has yet to make it to the shelves of Target stores.



QUESTION:  Hasbro, you recently expressed interest in redoing all the Kenner figures that are in need of a refresh. Does that include figures from multipacks such as: Max Rebo, Sy Snootles, Droopy McCool, Uncle Owen, Oola, Labria, Nabrun Leids, Dr Evazan, Klaatu, Nikto, and Barada? These figures really have not stood the test of time as well as some others and could use the update.

ANSWER:  Most of these we do see as needing an upgrade and plan on getting to them a bit at a time over the next few years. First up, in our books, would be Dr. Evazan, followed by Jabba's skiff guards. Of lesser importance would be the Max Rebo band. We honeslty don't see updating these guys, since articulation isn't the be-all end-all for all figures, and they already have some very nice sculpts.

GOLD 5:  Rumors have been swirling about the good doctor being resculpted.  And Hasbro also expressed more interest in Jabba's Skiff Guards since they offer an aggressive nature that can appeal to play patterns.  Additionally, Hasbro has previously confirmed the Skiff Guard known as Klaatu, aka Wooof in this Q&A session with Jedidefender, but the figure appears to have been pushed back to a 2010 ROTJ themed wave.



QUESTION:  The modern Star Wars line  from Hasbro/Kenner has been dominating the toy aisles for almost 14 years, and yet we still don't have an accurate and complete representation of the iconic Jabba the Hutt and His Dais from Return of the Jedi. What is Princess Leia [as Jabba's Slave] (which leaked last week) going to sit on? C'mon guys, don't hold out on me, and please send photos of Big Daddy Jabba the Hutt in honor of Father's Day or something.

ANSWER:  We did design Leia to be "forward compatible" with a Jabba and throne if we did make one. While we started the figure without having a plan in place, we can confirm that we are looking at a new Jabba, which would come with or without the throne depending on costing and tools. We would expect to have an update next year around Comic Con timing.  Stay tuned!

GOLD 5:  Jabba fans appear to have to wait just a while longer.  While Hasbro has been upfront about news regarding a RETURN OF THE JEDI gangster, it appears that the timing for a new Jabba is something of an issue.  Hasbro's response seems to indicate that they'll be ready to reveal the new ROTJ version of Jabba at 2010's San Diego Comic Con.

How Jabba will be released seems to be a point of interest.  Hasbro has indicated that the Battle Pack packaging will go back to it's slimmer profile for the fall of 2010.  So will the new Jabba be in a unique package, like his vintage predecessor?  Or as a potential exclusive?  We'll continue to follow this story as it develops.



QUESTION:  Since you probably have most of your 2010 lineup planned by now, and you indicated last year that we might get a Sandstorm Leia and Sandstorm Lando in 2010 to round out the sandstorm group, can you give us an update on that projection?  Is a sandstorm version of the upcoming Slave Leia in the running for the 2010 line?

ANSWER:  You are right in that 2010 is done and has been locked in for some time, even if we are getting to the final waves of sculpts. Unfortunately, these two did not make the cut for 2010.  We are starting work on 2011 very soon, and there is a strong possibility one or more of them will make it into the 2011 lineup.

GOLD 5:  Hasbro hints that sandstorm versions of both Leia and Lando may be possibilities for the 2011 basic figure lineup.  The first three Sandstorm figures came out in the first wave of the TLC BLUE line in August of 2008.  Will a possible three year gap between the first three Sandstorm figures and another two fly with collectors?  Only time will tell.



QUESTION:  We are all really liking the new Hoth Rebel Soldier from the Legacy Empire Strikes Back wave. Several Shipyards members have noticed a rather wide stance in the leg portion that makes him a no brainer to ride a taun taun. Would there be any likelihood that we will see a new taun taun as a battlepack or multifigure pack in the future, perhaps similar to the gelagrub battlepack  that is coming out?

ANSWER:  We did not design the Rebel Soldier with a new Tauntaun in mind.  By now you have seen our update on the Dewback, and we hope that it meets your approval.  We would like to take a similar approach to the Tauntaun and are indeed working on one for 2010.  No details yets on how it willcome out, but odds are that it will be an exclusive.  Stay tuned!

GOLD 5:  Hasbro said at Comic Con that THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK would be a major theme for 2010, and this news shows that they're serious.  A new tauntaun is likely to be issued with a rider.  Luke Skywalker perhaps?  That's all fodder for discussion, but certainly it's welcome.



QUESTION:  A new Barriss about it?

ANSWER:  We agree she is long overdue in the Legacy lineup. Within the next couple of years there is an outstanding chance of seeing her either in basic figures or an exclusive.

GOLD 5:  Barriss Offee is one of a number of figures from the early part of the decade that were preposed and stylized in a style similar to that of smaller boutique action figure companies.  The original offerings had a dynamic look, but left the figures looking more like statues and had less mobility as action figures.

Hasbro's response indicates that they would like to revisit Barriss Offee, and probably give her similar articulation to what we're seeing with other modern Jedi figures.  And with Hasbro's earlier indication that there might be more to the Geonosis Arena 2-packs, we may see a new Barriss Offee offered in that format.



QUESTION:  I love my Clone Wars Obi-Wan Delta Starfighter but, dang it, all I have is an R2-D2 or R3-S6 to navigate. When can we expect to see a Clone Wars R4-P17? Obi-Wan refuses to go on any missions without R4 despite his claims that he never owned a droid.

Also, seeing as you are re-issuing the Clone Wars General Grievous in the new red packaging, do you consider this to be the best, most accurate effort given to getting his likeness to the fans? As one of the most imposing villains in The Clone Wars his current figure seems rather petite and non-functional. Any chance Grievous will get the treatment he deserves soon?

ANSWER:  Yes, Obi-Wan does throw is a curve with that phrase.  Could it be that he believes he could never truly "own" a droid, and thus the statement is truthful?  We could debate for hours….the R4-P17 question ("When? When? WHEN!?") seems to be the most popular question from the last few weeks.   We are planing him into the lineup, but it will take some time to get him

As for the Grievous, we were quite pleased with the way he turned out, and judging by the demand, he is one of the top five figures in the entire line.  Since the Clone Wars line is kid-targeted primarily, we don't see a need to update him for now but will take your comments into account for when we ge a chance for a new take at him.

GOLD 5:  The news here is the potential for some Clone Wars astromechs to join the line.  Apparently Hasbro may have overlooked the demand that droid sockets in the new Jedi starfighters may have created.  It seems odd that it may take a while to get some astromechs into the pipeline, since there have already been two astromechs in the basic figure line.  But the answer may be that slots in the CLONE WARS basic figure line were all tied up for a while.

Keep checking back for more Q&A Headlines as more sites continue to post their Q&A sessions.

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QUESTION:  It was announced since Toy Fair that Shaak Ti and the other "The Force Unleashed" wave 2 figures would be released as retailer exclusives. What are the other figures, and which retailer will they be available through? Any images yet?

ANSWER:  Actually, Shaak Ti is in the wave prior (the EU wave, recently shown at Toy Fair). The other figures, which were a new wave, were pulled from mainline and adjusted for the exclusive packs. The packs will now be five-packs, and will be either all new sculpts, or all new deco when we have used a previously existing sculpt. Included will be several trooper variants, including a jump trooper with newly added jump pack. Across the two packs, there will be two versions of Galen Marek, Proxy, and a twist in Juno. More information will be available as we get close to launch later this Fall.

GOLD 5:  You may have seen our JTA EXCLUSIVE REPORT on the future of figures from THE FORCE UNLEASHED.  This Q&A session with SW Collector confirms that there will be a couple of versions of Vader's Secret Apprentice, Galen Marek, his droid Proxy and a new Juno Eclipse.  The specifics are still to be determined, but Juno Eclipse will probably be in her alternate uniform.

Keep checking back for more Q&A Headlines as they come in!

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