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Author Topic: JTA - HASBRO STAR WARS Q&A ROUNDUP - WEEK OF NOVEMBER 16th, 2009  (Read 4272 times)
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Thanks for dropping by and checking out JTA's roundup of all of the Hasbro Q&A sessions from around the web.  This week's answers come in a little late as Hasbro has slid back the time to answer.  The roundup is continually updating as we get more and more responses posted at the participating websites.  If you know of a site that's participating in the Q&A's but isn't represented in our roundup, please drop us a line with a hyperlink to that site's Q&A.

You can check out each site's postings by clicking on the website title.  And please do, as some of these websites need the traffic.  The Star Wars Q&A's are posted alphabetically.

Also be sure to check back as we distill the Q&A's down to the real nitty gritty with out Q&A Headlines.  That is where we give you real news that comes out of the Q&A:  newly confirmed items, assortments, exclusive details, etc.  And feel free to post about what Hasbro is saying in the Q&A process here in the Jedi Temple War Room.

That being said, let's start of at home:


QUESTION:  We're still keenly interested in the TRU exclusive FORCE UNLEASHED multipacks that were mentioned at San Diego Comic Con.  We know that some things need to be kept under wraps, but can you throw some hints our way about some of the details....or perhaps a sneak peek at one of the new offerings in the set?  And will these sets tie in at all with the upcoming ULTIMATE SITH EDITION of THE FORCE UNLEASHED?

ANSWER:  We have not tied into the Ultimate Sith Edition, but we will say (or rather tease) that these sets are looking excellent and will be out sometime late next Spring.  As such, it's a little too early to release any more info and we should have complete details at Toy Fair in a few months.  We'll add a little more detail – our approach to these sets has been to make sure that these have all new characters or versions, even when we started with some existing sculpts.  Our approach has been to bring out some new versions of troopers as well as a unique version of the Sith Apprentice in each one, and we think fans of the game will be very pleased with these.  Stay tuned!

QUESTION:  Since the introduction of numbering the Basic Figure line offerings, there's been a keen interest among collectors to know what that lineup is for both planning and indexing purposes.  Now that has been passed on to the Expanded Universe comic 2-pack line.  Can you please give us a rundown of the numbering on the remaining comic 2-packs?

And on a related note, can collectors expect either the Heir to the Empire pack (with Noghri & Ralracheen) or the EMPIRE "Darklighter" set (with Camie & Fixer) in the not so distant future?

ANSWER:  The comic packs have really been struggling lately, and right now we will be challenged to get to the 2010 packs that were shown at Comic Con.  That said, here's the numerical lineup through the end of the year (after Darth Krayt & Sigel Dare, pack #8):

Republic #83: Bogey Squad (#9)
Routine Valor: Commander Cody's Lieutenant and Trooper (#10)
Tales of the Jedi #6: Exar Kun & Ulic Quel Droma (#11)
Republic #65: Jedi Masters Thome & T'ra Saa (#12)
Classic Star Wars Early Adventures #1: Black Hole Stormtrooper (#13)

Beyond that, we'll hold onto that as the packs may not get out.  As for the Empire Darklighter pack with Camie and Fixer, it will be coming as a convention exclusive set next year.  The Heir to the Empire pack with Noghri and Ralrra does not currently have a home; right now it might become a Convention exclusive in 2011.  
QUESTION:  The Legacy Collection Walmart exclusive Droid Factory and TARGET exclusive Geonosis Arena Showdown sets really made us happy. It was a clever use of old parts, awesome new figures and incredible retools and/or repaints of upgraded favorites. We were wondering if they have met or exceeded expectations because they are a bit of a chore to find (at least all) at retail and we can only assume that they are selling through. Do you think that we will be fortunate enough to see another round of each in the near future? Along similar lines about "being difficult to find at retail," we are wondering if the Legacy basic figures are going to hit us hard all at once. As of the end of October, the Return Of The Jedi wave has only been found sporadically. We are a bit concerned about this. Legacy Collection has an amazing array of characters and we want to buy them all and are wondering why it is so difficult to get them.

ANSWER:  Unfortunately, the Droid Factory 2-packs have not performed to expectations, and the future sequel that was planned for this has been cancelled.  It is possible that some of the selections from this set will find their way into future packs. As for the Geonosis 2-packs, right now it's a little too early too tell and we'll know more after the holidays. Finally, as to the Legacy figures, the new waves are getting out to retail now and will be hitting hard throughout he holidays.  We have been shipping more of the EpVI wave, so there should be enough to go around. It may be difficult to find them near you depending on how much stock the stores already have; in addition, it's possible that others are competing for the figures that do come in.  Since we have brought down the number of each figure that we are making, it is going to make finding them a little more challenging.  One way to guarantee getting the figures is to check with online retailers, who are able to order all of our assortments, if you just can't find the wave you are looking for at retail.

And now to continue on through the Star Wars collecting community:

16 BIT

QUESTION:  The dioramas with the vehicles are a nifty idea. What are the chances we'll see fold-out dioramas with an original trilogy theme, like a Death Star segment or a Hoth Rebel Flight Deck in the next few years?

ANSWER:  If you are asking about Original Trilogy diorama backdrops in the Starfighter segment, we will be doing them if/when we do more OTC vehicles. If you are asking about a new type of diorama or segment, we are looking at how to utilize this nifty idea more but do not have anything lined up yet.

QUESTION:  You guys have done some great 501st-themed figures over the years, like R2-KT and the Stormtrooper with the flag a few years back. There are a lot of creative repaints of the armor, ranging from a Trooper repainted with the American flag to a tribute to someone who may or may not resemble a popular American singer. Are there any plans to do more 501st stuff for Comic-Con or Celebration or some other venue?

ANSWER:  There aren't any more 501st-tied figures coming up for the foreseeable future. Not for lack of wanting to do more, it's just that there are limited slots and our exclusive pipeline is filled with a few other things roght now. One day we do hope to get back to it, but we think you'll be in Heartbreak Hotel when we tell you there is one tribute figure we definitely won't be pursuing! (Editor's note: Sorry, Trina, we asked.)

QUESTION:  There have been rumblings that the droid TODO 360 was at one point meant to be included with the recently released Cad Bane action figure. Is this true? Also, is the little Seth Greenbot coming in some form?

ANSWER:  It is true, but we had to drop him due to costing. We are finding a way to get him into another pack, hopefully next year.


QUESTION:  What's going on with Comic Packs? There seem to be rumors that these are going away or converting to exclusives only. Can you comment on that, and maybe update us on some of the packs that we thought were coming,
particularly wave 3 (with the TOTJ pack and the Tholme pack), the WalMart exclusives, the 2010 Wave 1 packs, and the Camie/Fixer pack that had been pulled out of the lineup?

ANSWER:  Yes, here's the latest. We can confirm that the Comic Packs will be discontinued after Spring 2010 (meaning no packs for Fall 2010). The Wal-Mart exclusive Comic Pack program has been cancelled after the last ones ship this Fall. Wave 3, including the pack with Tholme and T'ra Saa, will now be on shelf approximately March in the U.S. along with the rest of the Fall Comic Packs shown at Comic Con. This schedule should hold unless there are further delays. The Spring 2010 Wave 1 packs shown at Comic Con, including the Darth Nihl & Deliah Blue pack, may not make it out at all based on the current rate of sale, but we remain hopeful. The Camie/Fixer pack will be a convention exclusive next year.

QUESTION:  Though I enjoy the aesthetic of the Clone Wars line, I am someone who just can't see collecting two lines, even if it is to get some pretty
awesome characters. So, here's a hypothetical for you: If a cool new character, say Cad Bane, was to appear in an already establish comic series--one that was more...realistic, perhaps--would we see a realistic version of him, if you opted to do so? Or would he be the Clone Wars version?

ANSWER:  If Cad Bane appeared in a realistic (non-Clone Wars) comic than he would be fair game for the realistic figure line. Until then, he will remain in The Clone Wars figure lineup exclusively.

QUESTION:  What are the chances of you actually doing these characters as action figures in the next two years: a resculpt of Barriss Offee (realistic version), resculpt of Admiral Piett, resculpt of Admiral Ackbar, resculpt of Nien Numb, resculpt of the Weequay skiffguard, resculpt of the Gamorrean Guard (give him three different weapons, I promise to buy three of him), Wooof the Klaatu from the vintage line, and video game characters Visas Marr and Komari Vosa.

ANSWER:  At least five of the characters you cite are slated to appear in the basic figure lineup within the next two years. The two video game characters
are doubtful Visas Marr stands the better chance since she is from KotOR.


QUESTION:  With your recent answer about the Holiday Special aliens, you've put another nail in the coffin by pointing out that it is "forgettable" (though we'd argue clearly not as 3 generations of SW fans now talk about it and ask for figures from it despite having only grainy bootleg videos as their source) and figures from it won't be produced. In the past, you've done both animated-sequence figures (Boba Fett) and live-action-sequence ones (Zutton), so there is precedence to ask our question: what about Chewbacca's family? All 3 of them have appeared in other EU sources beyond the Holiday Special, but due to their origination, do you consider them figures that have little to no chance of production, or is there hope for any/all of them at some point down the line? (They wouldn't even have to come with their Life Day robes, if you absolutely couldn't find it in your heart to include them. But wouldn't that be like making a Tiny Tim figure and not including his crutch? That would be cruel... but we digress. ;-) )

ANSWER:  Chewbacca's family is fair game to come out some day, since as you point out (and we have previously) that there is comic reference for them. In fact, had the Comic Packs continued beyond next Spring, they would have been good candidates for a future pack. Now that looks very unlikely, as they would need a comic book for them to see the light of day. They remain a much farther off possibility, although the odds are low.

QUESTION:  The Clone Wars episode "Trespass" from season 1 has resonated with a lot of fans, and the episode also sports a significant amount of noteworthy new characters and outfit variants just begging to be made into figures. Already we have the Freeco Bike confirmed, as well as snow gear Anakin and Obi-Wan, and Thi-Sen; but there's still Rex and the clones in snow gear waiting to be confirmed, the other Talz warriors, the arrogant Chi Cho, Senator Chuchi, and the Pantoran guard - there's more than enough interesting and exciting characters in this episode to fill an entire wave. While Hasbro is likely to do a number of these characters eventually, the episode will fade in buyers' memories fairly quickly, so can you reveal if any will be coming in 2010?

ANSWER:  Many of the new characters from this cool episode will be coming, but characters who do not have any screen time or relevance beyond this episode, like Chi Cho, Senator Chuchi, and the Pantoran Guard will not make the lineup.

QUESTION:  Will you be reissuing the Scramble on Yavin Battle Pack in the new packaging design? Although a sleeper at first, it seems to be very popular and now many collectors themselves are scrambling trying to find it. We know you said that future Battle Packs would go back to the kid-focused styles, but as this is existing tooling and it's popular and it had a relatively short run due to the packaging change-over, it should get a re-release in the '09 packaging, don't you think? If not, what about reusing the vehicle in the Clone Wars deluxe figure & vehicle assortment? You've got other "just out of frame" vehicles there, heck, even the Desert Sport Skiff. Is it hard to believe that Clone pilots might use a transport like this?

ANSWER:  We will not be releasing Scramble on Yavin in the new line look. It *has* been a very well-received pack among collectors, we think as much for the combination of elements (a new pilot, Rebel tech, and Astro droid) as well as the vehicle itself. However, it's too late to get it into the lineup as a re-release for next year, and the Fall 2011 packs will have a different footprint making a re-release impossible. As for releasing the vehicle in the Deluxe Figure and Vehicle Assortment, that's an interesting suggesting and we'll take a look to see if it makes sense.

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  In my opinion, the cardback is a greatly under-appreciated form of art. Ever since I was a lad, I've often fantasized about the exciting if not magical life of the cardback copywriter, composing the provocative and succinct blurbs on the back of action figure packaging. It is hard to conceive of a greater power for a man to wield than to shape and mold the imagination of subsequent generations. That being said, what Star Wars figure do you believe had the best written cardback (or Force File) material in history of the line?

ANSWER:  Our copywriter was overjoyed to get your letter - she really appreciates the passion that you have for her work. She approaches it with the same gusto, and we have to constantly keep her power-mad tendencies in check! Her personal favorite to work on was the Unleashed 7" series - just like the figure and packaging were "unleashed," she was also given liberty to create a new paradigm for that line. Her personal favorite from this line was Boba Fett Unleashed, repeated here for you: "As the hungry Sarlacc holds Boba Fett in its lashing tentacles, you would expect Fett to rage at fate for bringing him to this hideous circumstance. But Fett never allows himself a second of weakness or self-pity. From the moment he witnessed the brutal death of his father in the first battle of the Clone Wars, Boba Fett has dealt with the injustices and vagaries of life in a cold, calculating manner. Encased in armor and hidden behind a battle helmet, Fett has cut himself off from the universe, protecting himself from the dangers of his work as a bounty hunter, and also, perhaps, from the pain of loving and losing anyone else dear to him. Even as he struggles within the deadly Pit of Carkoon, Boba Fett exemplifies a harsh enforcer of his own code of honor and justice. He is armed not only with powerful weapons but also with the superb survival and martial arts skills taught to him by his father. If it could be possible for anyone to emerge alive from the carnivorous maw of the Sarlacc, that person would be Boba Fett." Thanks for the question!

QUESTION:  Please find attached a picture one of my most recent customs, Captain Fordo from the Battle of Coruscant in Genndy Tartakovsky's The Clone Wars, Volume II. So, now that I've made Fordo for myself, how soon can we expect an official Hasbro version, with a more accurate harness and pauldron and a better paint job?


ANSWER:  That's a sharp-looking figure! Thanks for sharing. We wish he could come sooner, but right now, a new Captain Fordo is slotted for mid-2011.

QUESTION:  The scuttlebutt I've been seeing online gives the impression that the "replacement" figures (the Beardless Hoth Rebel, the Tusked Grey-Clad Ugnaught, and possibly the Second Bespin Guard) were produced in far, far smaller numbers than was originally planned. Would it be silly of me to recommend having another, larger run of these guys, perhaps as part of a money-saving "repaint / re-release" wave (as happened with the 30th Anniversary Collection), to give people a chance to catch up? I'm sure there are still folks out there wishing to get their hands on some ROTS 501st Clone Troopers, Pit Droids, Battle Droids, and other army-builder types. Just a thought.

ANSWER:  Right now we don't have another repaint wave lined up, but we are working on ways to get at least two of them out somehow. We can now confirm that the beardless Hoth Rebel did not make it into any retail case packs, and so he technically remains unreleased. The second Bespin Guard will likewise never make it out either. The gray Ugnaught will be out soon, but based on sluggish (so far) demand for the blue one we do not have any plans to re-release either of the Ugnaught.


QUESTION:  You always talk about your "short list", "long list", and "parking lot". I was just curios how you physically organize your ideas. Do you have giant spreadsheets or lists of characters? When one character is made, do you bring a new idea into the mix to take its place? Do you sit down and have brainstorming sessions to decide which figures you will do and if so, how often? Can you tell us a little more about this whole process?

ANSWER:  Yes, we keep figures in a spreadsheet that is updated as we watch the movies, discuss among ourselves, get ideas from the Q&A, and the like. It's mostly a place to keep all ideas, although some get highlighted as "must dos" for the following year or whenever we have a slot for a new, refresh, or repaint figure. We have a selection process once a year, usually in the Fall, where the choices are made for a future year's lineup. This is a brainstorming session, but a little more focused and folks (chiefly design and marketing) bring their short list of characters will them. We just got done putting the final tweaks on the 2011 line plan and have started work on the first waves of 2011. Still to come is the 2011 exclusives lineup, so here is a chance some additional figures will be assigned to that.

QUESTION:  You have been on a role (sic) with rebel pilots lately. Will you consider releasing a generic pilot with generic helmet from the Yavin medal scene in ANH? This way we can army build with him and work toward completing that iconic scene as a diorama. And why you’re at it can you make some other army builders from that scene?

ANSWER:  We like this idea, but also realize that these characters are a little more niche than other troop builders we could be doing. Just as we did the Yavin Sentry and the Yavin hangar tech in the past couple of years, we hope to gradually turn our attention to a few more (and eventually, all) of these unheralded non-Pilot Rebels. As for a generic Pilot, it's unlikely we'll do that as you outlined. Since those pilots standing at attention were not generic themselves, the ranks were probably composed of the pilots that we are already doing. As we come up with the opportunity to do more Pilots, we'll try and work against the named and known Pilots from the classic Squadrons that we have yet to do.

QUESTION:  Redleader76 was telling me about how much he enjoys the character file card on the back of the G.I.Joe cards. Have you considered doing something similar for Star Wars figures?

ANSWER:  The idea of more information about these characters is a good one and we have considered this, but we will be going in a bit of a different direction next year.


QUESTION:  OK, so, we are aware of this "parking lot" concept for developing figures. So, knowing that our dearly departed Ackmena is not on the "lot", what's the weirdest darn figure that is parked there as-of-this-very-moment? (I'm betting it's that rabbit.)

ANSWER:  There are no rabbits in the Star Wars Universe as far as we can tell. There is a species that looks similar — the Lepi. There is one Lepi on the list, and he might just qualify as the weirdest.

QUESTION:  You — the team, the Boss Man, whoever draws the short straw on Q&A day — yes, you! You get to black-ball just one character from ever reaching figural form. Who is it, and why?

ANSWER:  If we had our way, it would be Jocasta Nu.  The idea of this character, with her haughty attitude and dismissive airs, just does not appeal to us and we have concerns that she will be popular enough to justify her plastic existence if we did do her. However, we have cast out fate to the wind on this one, and the fate of Jocastu Nu, along with a few other figures of dubious worth, are firmly in the grasp of the collecting public, at least through November 30th. As a reminder, fans should go to and vote on which figure they want to see make its way to the line.

QUESTION:  A new Bith/Modal Node — late 2010, or "don't hold your breath"? Considering the other Cantina crew, they're looking a little dated, and the time seems right to perfect the sculpt. What are the Vegas odds?

ANSWER:  Not by 2011, at least….but we do concede at some point it would be a worthwhile update.


QUESTION:  Now that you've had some time to digest the fan response to that Funeral Pyre Darth Vader set at and after SDCC, what do you think - yea or nay? Any closer to finding it a home in the 2010/2011 line-up? Or is it pretty much dead thanks to the slowdown in Legacy product demand?

ANSWER:  The response seemed to be good, and we're on the hunt for a suitable retail partner for this. The slowdown in Legacy has not helped a lot of collector-targeted exclusives (as this would be) so we have to find the right partner who can work with smaller quantities.

QUESTION:  It's probably a foregone concluson, but we'll ask just to try to get you on the record. How long will we have to wait to see that nifty new TIE Fighter sculpt in a blue/gray color? The white Target TIE is cool, but folks are salivating at the thought of a movie accurate color.

ANSWER:  There is nothing lined up, and it will be a few years before we get to another version of the TIE Fighter. Meanwhile, we hope fans enjoy this one - it is truly amazing and looks great with the red Shadows of the Empire lenses.

QUESTION:  Do you have any updates on the timing of the Fall 2009 Comic Packs that were shown at SDCC? Most e-tailers haven't even started taking pre-orders for them yet, which indicates they are probably farther away than we'd like. That fact, combined with some of the recent "Legacy Slowdown" answers in the Q&A is leading to many theories that the Comic Packs line may be ending sooner than anyone wanted.

ANSWER:  They are farther away than we'd like. We have really been struggling with the Comic Packs, but there is some good news - the remaining Fall packs should be out around March time frame. We're still hopeful that we can get to the Spring 2010 ones shown at Comic Con eventually as well, but right now we're focused on the Fall ones.

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  Is there any chance for Imperial and Rebel army builder packs as there are with the Clones?

ANSWER:  We have done them in the Battle Pack line in the past, but the Clones have proven to be more popular so we have focused there more often.  There's a good likelihood that we will revisit this stance down the road, and hope late next year to have a little news in this regard against the backdrop of the Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary.

QUESTION:  Are there any new OTC vehicles in the works, you can keep what they are hush hush I just want to know if there are any new vehicles, other than what we already know of?

ANSWER:  Yes there are.  We will most likely reveal what they are at Toy Fair next year.

QUESTION:  The 30th anniversary of the Empire Strikes Back is next year.Is there any thing grand planed that will knock us collectors off our feet. I mean new Vehicles, figures, battle pack with Hoth Turrets and accessories?

ANSWER:  We do have some very special plans to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of ESB next year.  However we'll be keeping a lid on details until Toy Fair, just a couple months away.


QUESTION:  The ball/socket joints we've been getting on figures lately are great and they add a lot of poseability. Most of the time the pin is hidden well, with its color matching the figure, however some figures lately have had colors on parts of the joint that did not match the rest causing things like boots or ankles to look funny. Is this something that can be helped at all or is it a manufacturing issue that's difficult to fix?

ANSWER:  It sometimes can't be helped, as the pins are molded together to save cost. Paint doesn't adhere well to that type of plastic, so we leave them unpainted. Sometimes it's a match, sometime it can't's a figure by figure decision our decision team makes.

QUESTION:  Both the Octuptarra Droid and the AT-TE have been well-received by collectors, so well received in fact that folks are clamoring for more. What are the odds of a new movie-accurate RotS deco for the Octuptarra Droid or a nifty EU "Imperial Forces" deco on the AT-TE? Or are they too big/bulky to take down the repaint road?

ANSWER:  They are not too big to take down the repaint road, as long as the originals sell out. We are from that for the Octuptarra droid and at the current rate it looks doubtful that it will merit a re-release. The AT-TE could return someday, and while the EU colors would be cool, first up would probably be another of the Clone Wars colors that have been showing up lately. In any case, we currently don't have any AT-TE re-release plans, at least through 2010.

QUESTION:  We know that many stores were recently cleared of certain Legacy Collection figures, as confirmed in a previous Q&A. What we're curious about now is that stores in some areas, Wal-Mart especially, have started stocking more of the older wave cases that contain the targeted figures (like Yarna, the Organas, and others). Would you considering doing a second round of clearing now that more of them have found their way out at many locations or do you think you've pulled enough for now?

ANSWER:  We stopped shipping these older waves, so we're mystified where the figures are coming from. It's possible these are from the retailers own distribution centers. We do not plan another pull of these older figures.


QUESTION:  UK Toys R Us stores are stocking the Imperial ARC-170 at double the price of the Republic ARC-170. How can this price be justified for what amounts to just a simple repaint, and it’s not just this item that’s suffered from huge price increases either (oil prices have come down from their highs of last year)?  ** Editor’s note: This doesn’t seem to be isolated to the UK either, with both the US and Canada experiencing huge increases for the bigger vehicles **

ANSWER:  Oil prices are just one factor that goes into manufacturing a toy.  Deco, labor, packaging, transportation... the list goes on, and some of these factors have increased.  However, the final decision on any pricing is the retailer themselves and the needs their have to deliver profitability for the line, their departments, and the chain overall.  That is one reason why there is variability from year to year even among similar items.

QUESTION:  Now we've had the BAD news that no red card Legacy figures are coming to the UK this fall, a number of readers have asked why.  Your response cited an excess of blue card stock was the main contributor. Numerous collectors have cited the exact opposite... as collectors there has actually been a drought on blue carded figures with the last new figures being the ROTS wave which came out at the end of last year. We’ve seen very few ANH, TESB or AOTC waves available in the High Street and this has forced collectors to use specialist shops or go online (at vastly inflated prices). Will these blue card figures be turning up in the UK anytime soon and secondly you quote no red carded Legacy figures for fall but what about later this year and in 2010?

ANSWER:  There will be no red carded Legacy figures coming to the U.K. as the team there has determined that there is insufficient demand among retailers to be able top bring the quantities they would have needed to commit to.  The way basic figures work for other countries outside the U.S. is that they if they cannot commit to the (oftentimes) very big factory minimum factory order, then they need to "tag on" their orders to the U.S. build.  As the U.S. is just now building the final wave if the red/white line for distribution in Spring, but the U.K. still does have demand for additional waves, the U.K. will not be getting any more of the Legacy/Droid Factory figures.  They will not get any more collector-targeted assortments until the basic figure line resets in Fall 2010.  The U.K. will be starting fresh with that assortment, and we are working with them very carefully on wave planning to make sure that they are on the right path to get every wave at that point.

QUESTION:  Although it is a legal requirement in Canada to have any writing in both English and French, the latest packaging shows two additional languages (Spanish and Portuguese) and the European cards also have multiple languages e.g. German, Italian, etc...  Whilst there is obviously a limit to the amount of text that can be on the card in terms of space, would you ever consider creating global packaging to reduce the cost of producing different cards for the various markets (and also limiting the number of possible variations)?  And on the same subject, what is the reasoning behind the Canadian cards only showing a generic character (e.g. A Clone Trooper for The Clone Wars, Darth Vader for Saga Legends) on the cards, rather than a picture of the actual character itself as is the case for the U.S.?

ANSWER:  We will not be going to a truly global package, as the multiple languages required would truly be suffocating and result in an unappealing look.  Instead, we are solving for the number of package variations that will result in the greatest return on our efforts, and the emergence of the Latin America markets have led us to develop a package that can to go more territories beyond the previous Canada-only version.  As to why the Canadian card has a generic character, the smaller size of the Canadian market could not justify the development of individualized card artwork and so a universal card was created.  Going forward, because of the larger distribution, Canada will be able to take in cards with individual character artwork.


QUESTION:  It was once stated in a Q&A session a few months back that the Build-A-Droid format would not be utilized once the remaining 2009/2010 figures are released. If that is the case, what will become of the droids that were designed for that format? The astromechs and protocol droids were great fillers, but unique characters, like HK-47 and the upcoming YHV-1 are uniquely different designs that have never before been released, and in the case of HK-47, have been very difficult to come by at retail. Will it be possible down the line to see these released as individual figures?

ANSWER:  Right now, we don't have any plans to go back and re-release any of the Droid Factory build-able figures. The HK-47 tools are being re-used for HK-50 so you can still get another chance at an HK droid.

QUESTION:  With the announcement that Star Tours at Disneyland getting a makeover in 2011, will we finally see non-droid Star Tours characters made? I'm talking about the flight crew (cast members), Teek or the Mon-Calamari flight controller? A full-sized Star Speeder 3000 that could double as a carrying case would be a welcome addition as well.

ANSWER:  Yes, there will be some new non-Droid characters debuting in a special Star Tours themed set next year. Stay tuned for new of that right around Toy Fair time. As for a full-sized Star Speeder 3,000... not a chance that we'll do anything to interact with 3-3/4" figures.

QUESTION:  Often, Hasbro's response to a question about a requested vehicle (like the Cloud Car) that "it is still readily available to fans on ebay" - however, looking at the improvements in paint and deco on any Hasbro re-release(as seen in the multiple releases of the TIE fighter) fans feel that any re-release would be an improvement on the original. Maybe you could explain to me the reasoning that Hasbro would prefer fans to buy from the secondary market rather than from your vendor partners?

ANSWER:  Vehicles, just like characters, are not created equally. We cite the Cloud Car specifically as an example of a vehicle which is available on eBay for less than the cost if we created a new one and released it, for example, in the Starfighter Vehicle Assortment. We *do* know that there is an audience of fans who want to have a new-era (non-Vintage) Cloud Car in their collection, however based on demand it appears to be more of a niche audience. If/when we eventually do a Cloud Car, we need to be sure that the audience is big enough to justify the tooling investment.

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  The Saga Legends has been very popular with kids and obviously it's a great way to re-release troops for army-builder collectors without huge costs for you....but can we change the line-up a bit? How about adding different troopers like the Utapau Clone Trooper or Jet Trooper from Battlefront II? Also, please replace Saesee Tiin and Plo Koon with other maybe Pablo-Jill, or dare I say it....Ephant Mon!

ANSWER:  Done, done, and done..except for the Jet Trooper (who remains in the uber-popular TRU-exclusive Battlefront packs) and Pablo-Jilla and Ephant Mon. The line will continue to have a good mix of popular figures and troopers, but we will stay away from the more obscure figures because the limited number of slots we have for this line really need to work for us.

QUESTION:  Forget about Death Star Luke...what about poor "Corran Horn". Is it possible to revisit this character? Corran wore a Green flightsuit, or Green Jedi Robes, not an orange outfit. His Jedi robes are also very similar to Ki-Adi-Mundi, so it's possible to revisit one of his earlier figures for a Jedi Master Corran Horn. Any thoughts on this? While the existing figure is a nice X-Wing pilot figure, that's NOT Corran Horn. (and we won't even mention "Whistler")

ANSWER:  We have heard the fan comments on Corran Horn, and while we insist that the figure is based on good reference, we acknowledge that he's not the coloration that most fans associate with him. That said, we are slowing down a bit with EU, and so will have fewer chances to bring EU figures out for 2010. It's possible we revisit him after 2010, given his popularity, but it may be a while.

QUESTION:  The Comic Packs of Camie & Fixer and Noghri Warrior & Ralrra are still generating some buzz with fans. While we know there's a delay with their release, is there any way we can see new pictures of them? It could help keep the interest alive!

ANSWER:  The Empire Darklighter pack with Camie and Fixer will be coming as a convention exclusive set next year, and we should have pictures at Toy Fair. The Heir to the Empire pack with Noghri and Ralrra does not currently have a home; right now it might become a Convention exclusive in 2011. As such, we won't be releasing any pics until it gets closer to reality.


QUESTION:  This question is to follow up on an answer you gave on the individual figure card art. Back in late 2007, someone in a QNA had commented on how great the card art was for the Thirtyth Anniversary Collection and wondered if you guys could somehow post that card art to where we could download some of it for wallpapers and such. Your reply stated that sounded like a good idea; maybe a little way down the road. Now, Since recently, after seeing pics of the Expanded Universe wave due out later this year (which again, the card art is great!), it got me to thinking. Would you guys ever consider releasing a book (maybe that could be ordered at Hasbro online) containig the awesome card art done over the years?  I don't know if you have the characters drawn full body or not, but with some fullbody, page spreads of each character done over the years. Also, you could include some unreleased art (like from the Clone Wars series that was moved to the Legacy Collection), and the Unleashed series. I think this would be really cool. What do you think? Could this be a possibility?

ANSWER:  Thanks for the comments on the artwork Troopers; the team does knock themselves out to bring out the best in every character no matter whether they are from the movies or from the EU.  As to a book, aside from Insight, our tribute to the photographic work of Gianni Lopergolo, this is not really our realm of expertise.  Perhaps if someone were to work on a book through Lucasfilm this could happen one day.

QUESTION:  Why do you find it neccessery to repack the following Battle packs and ship them in mass quanities:

Dagobah Training
Jedi Vs Sidious
Sheild Generator assualt(granted this one came out last year but it is still warming the shelves)

Just to name a few.  Why do you repack battle packs that didn't do well the first time?I barely have seen the Geonosis assault,the one with the gun turrets as well as a few other folks.It doesn't make sense.

ANSWER:  Despite what you may be seeing at your local store, nationally these are some of our best and make sense to re-release. We select our Battle Pack repacks based on what sells the best.  Jedi vs. Sidious is one of the best-selling Battle Packs of all time, and it's not hard to see why: all of the key players of a great scene (well, almost, missing only Anakin) for a good price....perfect for the kids who come into the franchise every year or who otherwise want to play this iconic scene.  Dagobah is also a great seller with Luke, Yoda, Vader (of sorts), and R2-D2...all some of the most popular characters.  More Geonosis are on the way.

QUESTION:  Why are the eyes of the folding battle droids not painted on the Target Geonosis 2 packs.. was this to show they were powered off?

ANSWER:  This was a mistake on our part.  If/when the droids are ever re-released we'll make sure to correct this.  However, there will not be a correction in the Geonosis pack run as all production is already at Target.


QUESTION:  We've been hearing how the TLC line has been having sales troubles going back to its inception in July '08. There have been numerous Hasbro comments about lowered volume due to a shrinking of the hardcore collector base and a virtual drying up of the casual consumer base. Now through Q&A we're hearing about entire waves of basic figures, the bread & butter of the line, possibly getting pushed back or dropped into exclusive territory as brand management tries to ensure that those molds get into collectors' hands at all. Yet through all this, we continue to hear that Saga Legends is a strong seller with the casual consumers and thus with Hasbro's retail partners. While we fans appreciate and admire the drive over the past 6 years to deliver 40 to 50 new figures per year, without entertainment support it appears that pace has become an albatross around the mainline's neck as multiple outside forces such as  manufacturing and the economy beat up the line (along with the rest of the toy industry). When fans look at something like the AT-AT Driver figure, which had a chiefly satisfactory figure released only 3 years ago yet now has an entirely new tooling coming up, it seems like the priority to meet x-many new figures per wave is no longer a viable concept, as budgeting for figures that either won't see widespread release at retail or will get pushed back means the next products down the line suffer worse fates is spent across a wave rather than the mainline as a whole. Though not ideal, have you considered merging the mainline figures and Saga Legends back together, scaling back the overall scope of new figures to fit in releases alongside the Legends figures, and cutting down on new resculpted figures when existing ones like the 3-year-old AT-AT Driver would satisfy interest with little or no change? Would focusing all of the non-Clone Wars figures back into a single SKU help keep mainline figures afloat, even if the number of new figures is scaled back significantly?

ANSWER:  Thanks for the thoughtful summary of the challenges that we are facing with the "new collector economy." We are determined to keep delivering significant newness in the basic figure line. The basic figure line that will take over after Legacy / Droid Factory will look a little different, along the lines of all the things you mentioned. It will consists of all new tooled figures (about the same proportion as are in the line now), significant repaints/retooled figures, Saga Legends-type figures, and figures released on basic figure cards for the first time. Because of the sheer popularity that Saga Legends has had with its audience, we will keep it going as a separate line but change up the figures some. We believe that it's critical to keep Saga Legends doing, as kids are getting the core heroes and villains (with occasional troops), while fans are adding troops to shore up their forces. However, exactly to your point, we will be refocusing Legends a bit and sending some key figures over into the line that will replace Legacy so there is some core hero traction to that line as well.

QUESTION:  Why did K'Kruhk not come with his mythical hat as an accessory? Many of his fans had high hopes for its inclusion, as it's an important part of his persona. Did you consider this when you decided to make him, and if so, why didn't it make the cut?

ANSWER:  He was already a very expensive figure, and we couldn't add his hat.

QUESTION:  The end of the Titanium era has brought much dismay to collectors, not simply because of the grim unlikelihood for the future behind the "hiatus" status, but also because it leaves many great ships nearly impossible to find. Many Titaniums that saw limited releases or worse and were expected to get re-released in the future are now going to be mythical at best, such as the Gungan Bongo Sub (now doomed to be postponed into eternity), Trade Federation Landing Craft, Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Rogue Shadow, Luke Skywalker's X-wing (Sculpt 2), AOTC Naboo Royal Cruiser, P-38 Magnaguard Starfighter, and more. What with the line's demise skunking the fans out of some great molds, would it be possible to get any sort of limited rereleases of these incredibly difficult to acquire treasures - and the ones that almost made it such as the Bongo - as HasbroToyShop exclusives? If not, why not? Isn't seeing ANY financial return on molds that haven't made their money back better than no return at all?
ANSWER:  The demand for Titanium was low to begin with, relative to the 3-3/4" figure line, but has really been hit over the past year. Contrary to what some people think, convention (or online) releases find much smaller audiences than toys that get national release. Re-releasing these for Comic Con would not be a possibility due to the mismatch between demand and the much higher minimum quantities required by our factories. However, all is not doom and gloom for fans of Titanium, and we are looking for ways that we could bring it back out to retail. It may take a while, but we have a lot of heart for this series still.


QUESTION:  When designing a new figure how much thought goes into whether or not the figure will stand on its own? Some figures just won't stand on  their own no matter how hard a person tries to pose them. Sometimes even with peg support they wont stand (Mon Mothma ROTS). For collectors who are openers and like to pose their figures it is very annoying. Especially, when you get the domino effect when one falls over.

ANSWER:  We design all figures to stand on their own, or else we must include a stand for them.  Mon Mothma should have been able to stand on her own.  In any case we are more cognizant of this now when we design figures.  If you have an abundance of figures falling over because of spindly legs and temperature changes, we recommend the figure stands available through; currently there are stands available with two footpegs which really do the trick for some figures like Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, and  Geonosian Warriors.

QUESTION:  It was announced awhile back that Hasbro was taking over the Master Replicas Force F/X Lightsabers line. So far, I have only seen one such
 release at Zellers about a month or so ago. Are there still plans to continue with this awesome line and if so, could you give us a hint as to what some of the future sabers will be? Is there any chance of having some of the others that have been already released by Master Replicas, rereleased? I missed the Yoda and Darth Maul (duel blades) ones and would like to pick them up.

ANSWER:  Unfortunately, Canadian distribution has been a challenge for a high-end collector item like this, but we are working with more retailers to try and get wider distribution for next year.  Meanwhile, we have re-released many of the most popular sabers and they are currently available through

QUESTION:  Having recently bought the Vos/Commander Faie comic pack, I was happy to see that with the bigger helmet (as opposed to the flip-up visor head on the earlier Kashyyyk Clonetrooper) gives the clone a bit more height so that he's no longer as much of a "midget trooper". Will we be getting Faie eventually in the basic card line (either in TLC or Legends) so that he'll be easier to army build rather than ending up with 30 Vos's?   And please consider finding a way to make him just a *bit* more taller if possible, he remains considerably shorter than the standard white eps3 clone.  As well, perhaps changing the deco  pattern would yield a "new" 41st Elite trooper who doesn't look like Faie - it'd be great to have a few varied deco patterns in fact.

ANSWER:  Thanks for the comments.  We did not see the height issue as we developed the figure but will take a look at it.  Sometimes, it comes down to the way that a figure's head sits on the neck post.  We do not have any plans
to re-release Faie right now but agree that he is a sharp figure and would be a great candidate for a future Saga-Legends type release.

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  I'm wondering if you could give us an idea of how you will be handling future EU figure releases. As you have indicated, the comic pack line is not selling as well as it once was and may not continue beyond 2010. Would all EU characters need to find their way into a coveted slot in an EU wave in the basic line, or are there other possibilities that you could see working to keep a steady flow of all new EU figures in the mix? As you know, there are still many prominent characters out there that have not been honored with a figure, like Zayne Carrick & Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph (KOTOR), Finn Galfridian and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker (Invasion), Dass Jennir (Dark Times), and Celeste Morne (Vector). Most of these are still at the height of their popularity. Without comic packs, would these characters become long shots to ever be included in the basic line, or do you think you could find a way to fit them in somewhere else?

ANSWER:  We can confirm that the Comic Pack, as a mainline SKU, will not continue past Spring 2010 at this point. There are select Comic Packs slated for exclusives, though, so the format is not completely dead. Beyond the Comic Packs, occasional exclusives are the only hope for EU figures until they find their way back into the mainline. After the last wave of Legacy/Droid Factory, set for approximately February, there are no more EU figures slotted for the mainline basic figure wave until Fall 2011, at the earliest. It will be a bit of dry spell while we focus on the films for a while, but there will be some excellent exclusives coming out (like the Toys 'R Us The Force Unleashed packs) that should held cover the gap. Some of the characters you mention, like Zayne, do stand a chance of coming out someday. Others, like Celeste Mourne, are unlikely ever to get made without a comic book to go with them. Hopefully Finn (and the rest of the new Jedi Order) are around for when we do get a chance to either relaunch Comic Packs or add more focus to the EU.

QUESTION:  What was the inspiration for some of the EU characters in the old Power of the Jedi line, especially for Obi-Wan Kenobi in cold weather gear? I've never heard of Obi-Wan wearing that outfit before. Was the design a Hasbro creation? Although the figure is really dated now, I always liked the concept of that figure. Speaking of the POTJ line, it was a fantastic line, but given it's age, some of it's figures are due for updates. Aurra Sing, Coruscant Guard, concept art Darth Maul (yellow cloak), Mon Calamari Officer and the Rebel Fleet Trooper are good characters who have been out of circulation for almost a decade and could really benefit from a modern articulation upgrade and sculpt. I know he probably doesn't stand a snowball's chance in July of getting a new figure, but I'll put in a plug for a new cold weather Obi-Wan too!

ANSWER:  The design was a Hasbro creation, put forward with Lucasfilm's support. New takes on characters like this, even if not supported directly by entertainment, are occasionally needed to keep a character "fresh." The Clone Wars has show that these characters would adopt other gear depending on the circumstances, and while well before The Clone Wars these types of outfits were developed to match the personality of the Jedi and the styling of the Star Wars universe. As for the others you mentioned, some of the other characters you mention will be updated within the next two years. A new cold weather Obi-Wan is coming shortly in The Clone Wars figure line.

QUESTION:  How far in advance do you get to see characters from upcoming Clone Wars episodes to help you plan the line? Do you generally wait until you see finished episodes before you plan what characters you're going to make, or are you already getting info on what important characters will be coming towards the end of this season, or even next?

ANSWER:  Not far enough! While we see scripts a good degree ahead of time, we generally need art assets for characters 14 months or so ahead and Lucasfilm usually doesn't have the characters locked down at that point. So when we do get the finished, locked assets we're usually slotting characters in that will it retail after the episodes have aired. We try to close the gap, but the toy needs happen so far in advance it's difficult to be "day and date" with the entertainment.


QUESTION:  As someone who only collects the realistic line and not CW (though I enjoy the cartoon series) I did recently find myself purchasing an Admiral Yularen figure during a TRU sale. Why?  Because he was packed with an awesome holo-command table accessory. Being "playset starved" for environmental pieces to put next to my figures, this was a strong draw for me since the piece went well with my TLC figure display (sadly the Yularen is in a junk figure drawer... his strangely tight pants/feminine legs looked odd standing next to my realistic Needa).  While I know Hasbro has rejected the notion of a "build a playset" idea, what about other pieces from the Republic Cruiser bridge/interior coming as accessories in the future?  It certainly got a die-hard realistic collector like myself to actually buy a CW figure.

ANSWER:  There will be fewer of the larger accessory pieces in the Legacy line going forward, simply because we don't have the costing to spare; we're keeping as much as we can in new figure tooling for next year which means there is fewer left over for extra accessories.  We hope to be able to add some flavor in other ways, though, aside from basic figures.

QUESTION:  Is there any chance Hasbro will ever re-visit Taun We and redo her to the proper scale?  I own the original Saga release and would still like to get a new version which is the correct height (the older one is just too short, although it is nicely sculpted).  A new SA young Boba Fett to complement Taun would also be fantastic!

ANSWER:  It's unlikely we'll get back to Taun We in the next few years; her previous figure is still great in our book and the demand for a new one just isn't there yet.  Farther down the road she's always a possibility, but we'd rate her chances pretty low.

QUESTION:  Has any progress been made in creating a Droideka for the realistic line that can roll up into its ball configuration?  This question has been asked before and the last time you said you'd ask your designers to look into it, just curious as this seems like an obvious evolution for this particular character/figure. And if it's not feasible, couldn't Hasbro just include an already rolled-up Droideka as an accessory to go with the unrolled figure?

ANSWER:  Good question.  We never got around to slotting a new Droidekka into the lineup so work on this idea never got very far.  We will take a look at this for farther down the road - thanks for the reminder.


QUESTION:  As a fan site we have been asked this sort of question many times over the years, and thought we should ask the official line for collectors to take. Many collectors and parents of young collectors loose small parts of figures and vehicles, hands tend to be separated from arms during play with Jedi or Sith as do vehicle parts during battle... Is there anyway to obtain these small removable parts or is it back of to buy a new one? I recall years back when I was a child here in the UK Palitoy kindly replaced my Action Man's hands and broken bits of Star Wars vehicles, can this still be done?

ANSWER:  Our customer service does keep some vehicles that they can use for replacement parts, but hands and small weapons just aren't parts that we can replace as readily due to the nearly overwhelming logistics that would be required. Instead, we're likely to simply send out a replacement figure to replace a broken or defective figure, even if it can't always be the exact same one. If anyone has an issue with a Hasbro toy, we recommend that you contact Hasbro's Customer Service. There is no company that is more concerned about customer satisfaction than we are, and will work to make everything right as best we can.

QUESTION:  Customising is a popular hobby amongst Star Wars collectors, as so many want to alter the figures or create characters of their own. Recently with 'Build A Droid' and changes to figure structure customising has become for the most part easier, with heads, hands etc being more easy to remove by a good pull instead of boil and pop. Was this a planned change or just coincidence? Are we likely to see more customiser friendly features with figures in the future or perhaps a 'Build A Figure' set of various arms, legs, hands, heads, helmets etc etc so collectors can personalise figures to taste and customisers can build up their 'parts' box? With the additional amount of figures customisers buy for 'fodder' it would be nice to give them a further nod of appreciation.

ANSWER:  We *have* been trying to work toward a more universal-sized head ball, based on numerous customizers' comments over the years. This is something we will increasingly try to dial into even though it won't always be possible due to individual figure sculpts and the like. We don't think we will ever get to a point where we produce a set compared of various human parts. We always emphasize the character first. It's a possibility for Droids, since that is true to their nature, but very doubtful for humans. Thanks for the question and we look forward to seeing the fruits of your customizing on the forums!

QUESTION:  The new Jawa in wave 4 of the Legacy collection includes a material lower cloak, it fondly reminds me of the vintage cloth cape Jawa, which I feel so far has not been beaten by any of it's modern counterparts. May I suggest a future Jawa release come with a full material cloak and a well articulated body underneath as this would look fantastic... please Smiley

ANSWER:  That's a great idea. We'll consider that next time we elect to tackle another Jawa pack. Thanks for the suggestion.


QUESTION:  It has been many moons since we heard that the Galactic Heroes AT-AT Imperial Walker was put on hold for a possible 2010 release. Has there been any progress made as to when and where this ultra-cool (and fun) set will be released and has there been a preliminary pricepoint established? It has also been revealed that there is a GH Clone Wars Y-wing coming - are there any Separatist companion vehicles like a Vulture Droid or AAT Tank in the pipeline? And finally, Anakin's Twilight Spice Frieghter continues to see heavy rotation in the animated Clone Wars series, will it too be realized in GH form for us soon?

ANSWER:  Thanks for the Galactic Heroes questions. We don't get many of them but the little guys on our desk jump up and down in excitement when we do. Good news on the AT-AT - it is back into the lineup for Fall 2011. While we don't have any of the others you mentioned in the works, we'd like to get to an AAT someday - it would be a great addition. The Twilight just remains too big to tackle, and it's very doubtful that we'll get to it. You never know, would make for a cute vehicle when done in GH-style.

QUESTION:  First off, I commend you for the awesome execution regarding the Dewback with Sandtrooper - is it a fantastic upgrade to one of my favorite Star Wars beast of burden. Speaking of beasties, would you be able to confirm a swirling rumor for us? We've heard that Hasbro is looking to release an all new Jabba but we've also heard that there is the potential for a new Tauntaun in the works for '10 - is there some credibility to this rumor? Whether you can confirm this or not, if there was one in the works, would it be worked into same assortment pricepoint as the Dewback or more along the lines of the Clone Wars figure w/vehicle price structure? Again, if there was a new Tauntaun in the works, would/could it include the split open belly feature to protect Luke from the harsh Minnesota Hoth climate.

ANSWER:  We can confirm that there is a new Jabba in the works for 2010. We have been working on this one for a long time now, and have finally lined it up for an exclusive at a major retailer. However, we can confirm that there is not a new Tauntaun in development for 2010. We looked at the possibility, but then had to pull the plug on it. There's a possibility it could come back into the 2011 line. Sorry to disappoint for next year.

QUESTION:  With the establishment of the figure w/vehicle assortment for the Clone Wars line, we can't help but wonder (and hope) for something similar for the Legacy line. One item collectors are requesting is a revisit of the Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannon (the small one that looks like a radar dish) from the battle of Hoth. Any chance we could see this item return to shelves as it would be the perfect opportunity to get that pesky beardless Hoth Trooper into our hands.

ANSWER:  That would be a good solution to get the beardless Hoth Trooper out there, but there are no plans to broaden the Deluxe Figure and Vehicle line into movie-based items. That does not mean that some cool OTC things won't be coming next year - it's just that we have to find other ways of doing them.


QUESTION:  Will there be an eventual release of the TIE Bomber featuring a brand-new movie-accurate cockpit like on the new Interceptor?

ANSWER:  Yes, there will be. We have one in development but do not yet know if it will make it into the 2010 lineup. If it doesn't, them 2011 is a good possibility.

QUESTION:  Are there any plans to release Darth Sidious and Ahsoka Tano Force FX lightsabers in 2010?

ANSWER:  We do not have either of these in the works right now.

QUESTION:  Will Hasbro be producing more items that are based from The Force Unleashed video game? And if so can you let us know what may be coming and share any images of what is in the works?

ANSWER:  There is one basic figure coming up that we have already announced - a new version of Shaak Ti, who will be coming in the final way of the Legacy/Droid Factory basic figure assortment in approximately February. Beyond that, there are two multi-figure sets on the way for Toys 'R Us that are turning out great. We plan to reveal those at Toy Fair next year, at the latest. Beyond that set, we don't rule out more TFU-themed figures depending on demand.

Keep checking back as more sites continue to publish their Q&A sessions with Hasbro!
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