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A quick introduction...I'm DarthRozwell previously known as rozwell on the site which I ran along with some great friends for the past few years. I am moving over to JTA/JTWR to help with some administration of the forums and submit some stories here and there.  I approached JTA with the idea of doing something a little different for the Hasbro Toy Fair event for JTA members. There will still be all the awesome frontpage, breaking news and high resolution pics but I will be offering a different insight into Toy Fair as I report for JTA.

JTA recently launched an Instagram account named jeditemplearchives

For now there is only one photo, the Hasbro Toy Fair 2013 "save the date". Starting the day of ToyFair, Saturday 2/9/13, I will take you with me on my trip through Hasbro's fan media day event. From traveling to NYC to registering at the desk to the presentations, I will be updating Instagram in realtime. Before I had an opportunity to attend in previous years, I always wondered how the process worked. I will share that with you as well as provide news. I will do the best I can with my iPhone to get some decent shots. The main page will still be your source for top breaking coverage and clear, high resolution images. Think of this as an extra to that coverage. If you are interested, just follow jeditemplearchives on Instagram (or you can use #toyfair2013). Hope to have you along for the ride!
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We look forward for all the info!
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