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Author Topic: JEDI TEMPLE WAR ROOM HASBRO Q&A SESSION - WEEK OF MARCH 17th, 2010  (Read 2701 times)
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WELCOME!  This is Jedi Temple War Room's inaugural Hasbro Q&A Session.  Here are our questions and Hasbro's responses for the month of March, 2010:


QUESTION:  Indications from recent Q&A sessions show that The Vintage Collection will feature one wave representing each movie. And after that we've been told to expect unthemed waves. Additionally, news out of Toy Fair indicates that we should see four waves of the Vintage Collection in 2010 and another two
 movie themed waves in 2011. Can we expect those A NEW HOPE & THE  PHANTOM MENACE waves in the Spring of 2011? And can you give us an  approximation of when the unthemed waves may begin to appear?  There has been a pattern of a spring lull the past couple of years that's been making some collectors anxious.

ANSWER:  The EpI will be an intact wave in Spring 2011, but the EpIV wave has been distributed across the rest of the year. Because the Vintage packaging won't change going from Spring 2011 into Fall, there will no slowdown or interruption in the waves so if everything runs as planned, new Spring waves will be out every 6 weeks or so.

QUESTION:  The AT-ST seems to have been extremely well received by the collecting community as a whole. It was an amazing advance from the vintage vehicle. This version seems to have been specifically geared towards the Battle of Endor in RETURN OF THE JEDI.  But with this being the 30th anniversary of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (the first place we ever saw the AT-ST), is it possible that we could see the AT-ST reintroduced in 2010 with Hoth deco? And might this be the venue by which we see the new AT-ST Driver that was mentioned back in a September, 2009 Q&A session?

ANSWER:  We're glad you appreciate the AT-ST. We agree - it sailed way past our expectations to be one of our favorite pieces of 2009. There were a lot of them actually, but that one was fantastic. Now, your question....yes, to both parts. The plan was is bring the vehicle out as an exclusive late in the year and details will likely be announced at Comic Con or CV. The exclusive line still has a bit of an unsettled nature to it this year, so we can't say with 100% certainty that it is definitely coming. Stay tuned for more info later in the year.

Keep checking back as we'll be posting the Q&A Roundup & Q&A Headline Report as sites post their sessions with Hasbro in the coming days.
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