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Author Topic: JTWR - HASBRO STAR WARS Q&A ROUNDUP - WEEK OF APRIL 8th, 2010  (Read 2193 times)
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Thanks for checking out JTWR's roundup of all of the Hasbro Q&A sessions from around the web.  This week's answers come in a little late as Hasbro has slid back the time to answer.  The roundup is continually updating as we get more and more responses posted at the participating websites.  If you know of a site that's participating in the Q&A's but isn't represented in our roundup, please drop us a line with a hyperlink to that site's Q&A.

You can check out each site's postings by clicking on the website title.  And please do, as some of these websites need the traffic.  The Star Wars Q&A's are posted alphabetically.

Also be sure to check back as we distill the Q&A's down to the real nitty gritty with out Q&A Headlines.  That is where we give you real news that comes out of the Q&A:  newly confirmed items, assortments, exclusive details, etc.  And feel free to post about what Hasbro is saying in the Q&A process here in the Jedi Temple War Room.

Now onto the questions from JTWR and our affiliate JTA!


QUESTION:  Back in an August 2009 Q&A session Hasbro stated that an upgraded Original Trilogy Y-Wing was in the works for 2010.  Might this version finally represent the Grey Squadron from RETURN OF THE JEDI, or could this version be from A NEW HOPE with a mission to "Stay on Target"?

ANSWER:  Here we don't have such good news.  We had been working on a new Y-Wing, but this was dropped from the plan as retailers decided to scale back on Star Wars exclusives for 2010.  We do think that we will have an opportunity for a new version in 2011 or 2012.  So the question back to your fans is "which one would you most like to see us do next?"  Let us know what folks think.

QUESTION:  The Vintage Collection brings back one of the most iconic toy packages that anyone has ever seen.  But prior statements in the Q&A process and from Toy Fair seem to indicate that the smaller blister is going to have a marked effect on what can be included with a basic no Scanning Trooper with scanning gear on a Vintage Collection card.  But in the past few years the basic figure line has seen some of the largest figures ever offered in the Star Wars line, with a number of those being Wookiees.  In a September '09 Q&A it was stated that a Wookiee other than Chewbacca might be on tap for 2011.  Will a Wookiee fit in the new, smaller figure blisters on the Vintage Collection cards?  And can you offer any hints on the identity of this new Wookiee?

ANSWER:  Yes, taller characters will fit on the Vintage blister, but you are correct in that bigger accessories will not.  Which is why it has been a challenge to find a home for the Imperial Scanning Crew Trooper (we still have not, yet).


QUESTION:  Expanded Universe fans must be having some mixed feelings right now. We've seen about 3 years worth of solid EU releases. But the cancellation of the Expanded Universe comic 2-packs has been a disappointment for a lot of people. Still, there are comic 2-packs that were revealed to fans through some cardback art, hard samples at the Comic Con booth and more at the Star Wars presentation. And there were also some recent listings for previously unmentioned comic 2-packs posted by a UK e-tailer that included Ysanne Isard, Baron Fel, Montross & Jaster Mareel.

However, the overall message from Toy Fair also seems clear: that we can expect a strong focus on the movies and specifically EMPIRE, with EU taking a hiatus. But in the past there have been statements from Hasbro to the effect that if a toy or figure gets shown to collectors that there is a strong motivation to eventually release those items. Given the fact that collectors have seen the following comic 2-packs in either prototype form or Hasbro imagery:

Knights Of The Old Republic #6 - Jarael & Rohlan Dyre
Legacy # 7 - Deliah Blue & Darth Nihl
Heir to the Empire #TBD - Noghri Warrior & Ralrracheen likely are we to see these offered as exclusives, or potentially split out into the Basic Figure line?

ANSWER:  You are right; once we have progressed far down the design path, in some cases even having completed tooling for some of the figures in question, the intention is to try and eventually find a home for those figures. We are hopeful that over the next few years all of them will be produced in one form or another so fans can enjoy them too.

QUESTION:  The collector media only got a brief look at what's coming in the Saga Legends line at Toy Fair.  One figure that a number of troop builders are hoping that may return in this lineup is the Legacy Red AT-AT Driver.  It's been tough to come by, but would certainly complement the new AT-AT that's on the way.  And while we're at it, what's might the numbering scheme be for the first wave or two of Saga Legends in the new SHADOW OF THE DARK SIDE packaging?

ANSWER:  The Snowtrooper will be coming back as a Saga Legends Troop Builder, but the only AT-AT driver will be the one packed with the vehicle. See attached for the entire Fall 2010 Saga Legends lineup.

Wave 1
     SL01 Bossk
     SL02 IG-88
     SL03 Zuckuss
     SL04 Greedo
     SL05 Jango Fett
     SL06 Darth Vader
     SL07 Leia Boush
     SL08 Darth Maul
     SL09 Grievous
     SL10 Clone Trooper Ep II
     SL11 Anakin- Darth Vader
     SL12 Obi-Wan
Wave 2
     SL13 Yoda
     SL14 R2D2
     SL15 Shock Trooper
     SL16 Clone Trooper Ep III
     SL17 C3PO
     SL18 Chewbacca
     SL19 501st Trooper
     SL20 Battle Droid 2 pack
     SL21 Luke Snow Speeder
     SL22 Han Solo Hoth
     SL23 Snowtrooper

And now to continue on through the online Star Wars collecting community:

16 BIT

QUESTION:  Now that we're getting vintage packaging, are there any chances for vintage-inspired deco or accessories? Blue shirt Hammerheads, swim fins Ponda Baba, Blue Snaggletooth, telescoping-lightsaber Darth Vader, and that first awesome Gonk Droid all come to mind, and that's just 1978 and 1979. Heck, maybe even the Ewoks could have some potential, like a POTF-colored Warok!

ANSWER:  Adam, a great idea and we'll say that there is a possibility. If the 4-LOM/Zuckuss pairing this Summer does well, it does open the door for future smaller-run Vintage homages like you suggest. We would love to see that personally, and will hold that door open. However, a few things won't work, like telescoping Vader, since we don't have plans to go back to more vintage sculpts and that one relied on the arm to really work.

QUESTION:  In a recent ToyFare magazine article, we were treated to an early look of a Nom Anor figure. With the loss of the 87504 comic pack SKU, is it safe to assume that this item will not see production in the near future or is it in the process of finding a new home?

ANSWER:  Right now, Nom Anor is planned to slot into the Vintage in late '11, right after Bastila Shan.


QUESTION:  A few sites on the net have preorders up for some of the cancelled comic packs, more specifically Jaster Mereel and Montross. Now, considering Entertainment Earth scooped up the previously cancelled comic pack, will we be seeing this set at some point, either in the stores or through some sort of online retailer like Entertainment Earth, or even as single figures, or will this comic pack never see the light of day?

ANSWER:  We are making one last attempt to try and get these released, and we are talking to Entertainment Earth. However, it's not a slam dunk as we have to meet our factory minimums. If they are not released as Comic Packs, the wait for them as single figures or in another format will be very long and they might never see a release.

QUESTION:  We have yet to see The Clone Wars Wave 1 (Ayala Secura, Bly, Honda Ohnaka) from 2010 at Canadian retail although we've already had Wave 2 for some time now. Are we going to see this missing wave? Does Hasbro plan to produce every wave with Canadian packaging, or has this Ayala Secura wave been skipped like a couple previous waves seem to have been?

ANSWER:  Wave 1 will not be distributed in Canada. Because of the timing, it was not possible for production of every wave for Canada.

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  For the Expanded Universe figures last year, what decisions - outside of fan polls and the Force Unleashed video game - went into deciding which characters you chose? Hasbro produced obvious, high demand characters, but then they also produced more obscure figures that honestly had some fans taken by surprise. Such as the Lt. Sunbers/Amani and other comic packs.

ANSWER:  We keep a list of comic packs that we think would make great candidates for future packs. Sometimes, we are motivated by a significant update to an existing character that may not have seen an update in some time and we may not have in the works. Other times, we are motivated by a new design that we could add that would make for a great new feature. Occasionally, we like the idea of a non-traditional army builder. All three of these were the basis for the Amanin pack you mention. Our designer for that pack loved the tank story and felt that he could do a version of the Amanin that truly rolled up like the aliens do in the story. We embraced the idea, but the ability to get a bendy-wire armature that really allowed the figure to roll up proved too difficult and the design was compromised, so instead we focused on just getting a nice new sculpt. We love our army of Amanin aliens. As for other EU selections, it sometimes is just a story or character that strikes us as interesting and feel like a natural extension of what we see on screen in the movies, such as many of the Rogue Squadron characters or numerous Jedi we have done from the Republic series. We are sorry to see a decreased focus on the EU for the near term and hope that one day we can see additional opportunities that pay tribute the great characters created for novels, comics, and video games.

QUESTION:  In the Star Wars Crossover lines, we now have robot modes that are Droids. Such as the Battle Droid/Clone Wars AAT Tank, Magna Guard/Magna Guard Fighter, and Battle Droid Officer/Episode I AAT Tank. At the beginning of the line, it was said that Hasbro was hesitant to make robot modes that were robots. However, it seems that something has since changed. Would Hasbro ever then reconsider "Beast Mode" Crossover figures? Such as Dewbacks, Wampas, etc. that convert similar to the recent "Transformers Universe" Cheetor and Dinobot figures?

ANSWER:  We decided that since the droids were the natural adversaries of many of the characters we were doing, and were popular among kids, that we would pursue them for the Star Wars Transformers line. We don’t see the beasts in the same vein of general popularity, and don't have plans to do any at this time.


QUESTION:  Could we get a properly-sized Mouse Droid in the modern line?  The old one is way, way, way oversized, and hasn’t been available for years to boot.  The “Micro Machines” version of the droid is a perfect-scale iteration, and that’s ven harder to find.  It’d be just fine as a one-piece, unpainted black-plastic add-on “accessory” that should fit into the Vintage bubble easily.

ANSWER:  Thanks for the comment.  You’re right – it has been a while since we had a Mouse Droid out.  When we get a chance to pack him in again, we’ll look at your suggestion to make sure we get a right-sized one.

QUESTION:  Snowspeeder Luke’s grappling gun is designed a little confusingly.  Is the string supposed to attach to anything? What about the clip at the end of the launcher?

ANSWER:  The grappling hook is not meant to attach to any thing specifically but just as a fun play feature that helps recreate the scene.  The detail at the end of the hose was supposed to attach to a small detail on the belt but it was removed due to a molding issue in production.


NOTE:  Collection Station has 4 Questions & Answers due to an error with a prior session's questions.

QUESTION:  The Dark Trooper, across its 4 figures and 3 phases, always seems to have underwhelming release scenarios. Both phase II releases (the '98 EU wave, and TAC's re-release Saga Legends wave) were headaches to track down; the phase III was spread across expensive exclusive sets so it cost $85 to build, and its repaint was canceled; and now the phase I is stuck in the end-of-the-line wave that has been repurposed to low-production TRU-exclusivity. Clearly, the Dark Trooper has among the worst luck of all Star Wars figures. Has there been any thought to releasing a multi-pack of the 3 Dark Trooper figures together so that collectors finally can army-build the characters they want? Or if that won't fly, maybe you could pack in that new and also hard-to-get Kyle Katarn figure with them and have a Dark Forces theme set?

ANSWER:  That is an excellent suggestion if and when we ever return to the Dark Trooper concept. With EU on hold for the most part for the foreseeable future, it won't happen any time soon, but is a good idea for if/when more opportunities for EU present themselves.

QUESTION:  The Resurgence of the Jedi battle pack has a new ANH Luke Skywalker and already fans are enjoying the new likeness and the torso design, but the other elements have some issues. The VOTC Luke's legs were used here, and they seem too small for this figure, underproportioned compared to the upper body. Also, the plastic "skirt" is rather stiff, preventing the figure from sitting down, extra frustrating since this scene he's sitting down most of the time. And the head deco is odd, cast in white plastic and then painted. Might a future ANH Luke figure address these problems while still using the head and torso sculpts?

ANSWER:  Thanks for the suggestion. We don't have any plans to release another version of Tatooine Luke aside from this one, at least for the next couple years. When we do go back to him, we'll take a look at your suggestions. Thanks!

QUESTION:  It's been 6 years since the last Luke Hoth Gear figure. While that was a nifty item for its time, its sculpt and articulation is specific to 1 part of the movie. Any chance of us getting an updated Luke Hoth, perhaps with a swappable likeness to represent before and after the Wampa attack? We know you usually would prefer to do this via a running change, but after the myriad of running-change-figure problems you had recently, that seems like a troubled route to take, especially with an important character such as this.

ANSWER:  Because of the snafus we have had, there will be no more running changes. Period. Sad, but the hammer has come down on these. Now as for Luke, there is no updated version in the works just yet, but is a sure bet to be updated in the next few years.

QUESTION:  In a recent Q&A, you stated that you weren't going to be bringing back the POTF collector coins for the foreseeable future, which meant no reusing the POTF card style. This shoots down hope of seeing vintage updates of the "last 15" POTF figures on their original cards. While we understand the reluctance to revisit coins, if you were planning to update any of the original POTF figures under the "Vintage Collection" line, would you merely put them on their corresponding movie cards? In other words, figures like Yak Face, Barada, General Lando, etc., would be placed on ROTJ cards; while figures like Luke Stormtrooper or an Imperial Gunner could go on 1978-styled Star Wars cards? Or are those "last 15" POTF characters off-limits to The Vintage Collection because of their original cards?

ANSWER:  The last 15 are non off-limits if the Vintage line continues, and we would put them out without the coins on movie-specific cards


QUESTION:  Recently we started a new feature on DewbackPatrol discussing if Hasbro has created definitive versions of figures. One group of figures that have gotten a resounding no is the Endor Rebel Soldiers. It has been quite some time since we have seen these figures updated and in our experience troop builders are great sellers for Hasbro. Have you discussed revisiting these soldiers? If you do, can we have more generic non-facial hair troopers? It seems that many troop builders have been coming out with beards and/or mustaches and it makes the figures too distinct to be generic army builders (i.e. Hoth Rebel Soldier, mustache Cloud Car Pilot).

ANSWER:  Good comment on the facial hair - we'll take that into consideration next time we draft up an Endor Trooper. Which won't be too long, as one is slated for later this Fall.

QUESTION:  The Scramble on Yavin Battle Pack was probably the most successful battle pack in recent memory and it's due to the Rebel Technician. Are there any plans to either re-release this Battle Pack (I saw it in the stores only twice and on the secondary market this set sells for $80-$90) or sell the Rebel Technician single carded? He's an easy enough figure to release in 2 versions just swap the heads. Given all the rebel ships produced over the years many fans would buy multiples to tend to their vehicles - I'd buy a ton! What are the chances that this figure hits the shelves or pegs again? Or how about putting all the troop building figures that you could be releasing in one giant 10 pack: Rebel tech, Hoth rebel, Bespin guards...etc?

ANSWER:  We don't have any plans to re-release Scramble on Yavin right now, but we do know about the secondary market demand and don't rule it out, perhaps as an account exclusive. We will not be releasing the Rebel Technician on a basic figure card unless we find that we can't re-release the Battle Pack. In that case, we'd look at the possibilities.

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  It seems like now that the line has gone vintage that it would be the ideal time for updates to some of the rarest vintage figures ever: Yak Face and Vlix. While neither of these guys from the end of the Kenner line originaly came on the style of cardbacks that you will be using, is there still a chance that either of these characters could be updated in the vintage collection?

ANSWER:  Vlix will not appear in the line.  While Yak Face stands a better chance, we have not slotted him in. His ability to crack the lineup will depend on how long Vintage as a line lasts, and when we can fit him in.  

QUESTION:  I lost my R2-KT figure a while ago, and after days of searching was still never able to find it. I'm guessing that this figure will never be re-released, but I'm sure hoping that you can add a new Clone Wars R2-KT to the line so I can at least partially replace my poor lost droid!

ANSWER:  The regular ("realistic") R2-KT will most likely not be released.  We have not ruled out releasing an animated version of her but currently do not have any plans.


QUESTION:  In the last session you said that although it is unlikely we will see figures of characters from the Clone Wars online comic, you would consider other sources, and you specifically mentioned the Dark Horse Comics Clone Wars series. So we'd like to point out the appearances of Kit Fisto and Plo Koon in the In Service of the Republic story arc, in very cool (no pun intended) cold weather gear. With the popularity of the "Trespass" episode of the TV series among kids and collectors and the recent inclusion in the line of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Rex in their cold weather gear, would you consider making those unique versions of these two fan-favorite Jedi?

ANSWER:  You hit the jackpot.  We are well aware of those issues, a truly classic story that would have been very welcome on the big screen.  At least one of the Jedi will be finding their way to the line based on their appearance in the comic.  It's possible that more characters could show up as well, but right now we only had a slot for one.

QUESTION:  We have a three-part question (and please forgive us if something similar has been asked already in previous sessions). Everyone is sad to see the Build-a-Droid pack-in go later this year. The Build-a-Droid concept gave us a wide variety of awesome droids from throughout the Star Wars universe, and the pieces also had tremendous customizing potential for both kids and for the large number of collectors who are into that sort of thing. But perhaps the most important thing about the Build-a-Droid pack-in is that it if kids and collectors wanted to have a complete droid, they had to buy an entire wave of figures, even if there were one or two characters that they may otherwise have passed on. So the first part of our question is do you think that ending such a popular pack-in will hurt sales? Also, would you consider bringing the Build-a-Droid pack-in back to the line in the future, even though no other pack-in has ever been brought back after ending? And last but not least, what's YOUR favorite pack-in in the modern Star Wars line's fifteen year history? One of our forum members ran a poll across several different sites, and Build-a-Droid was the clear favorite, but we're curious which one you liked working on and bringing us the most (Commtech chips, Force files, coins, etc.)?

ANSWER:  We are very grateful that fans have shown so much heart for the Droid Factory concept. It certainly was out favorite (and most useful!) pack-in by far.  We don't think that removing the buildable figure will hurt sales, as the decision to replace the line with Vintage has a very strong appeal.  If anything, we think that the Droid Factory concept may have been too confusing for kids and some fans to follow.  We don't think the Droid Factory parts actually hurt sales, but sales during the Droid Factory run were some of the lowest in recent times for Star Wars figures.  We think it could return one day, if we can clearly communicate the concept and get some more credit on the front of the package.  After all, coins did return (albeit after a very long hiatus!).


QUESTION:  This two-year(+) foray into the realms of Vintage Resurrection figures will strip collector-aimed figures down to the bare bones: a figure, a weapon or two, stuffed into a coffin-style blister. That is a neat and tidy package, all said. Can we "movie-based" collectors hope to see a few lush accessories in The Clone Wars series to pick up the slack?

ANSWER:  Larger accessories are always something we struggle with, and eliminating them was likely necessary whether we had the smaller coffin-style blisters or not.  There won't be any more exotic accessories in the Clone Wars than you have seen to date.    

QUESTION:  The Vintage era produced some truly unique figures: Death Squad Commander, Blue Snaggletooth with his KISS-style platform boots, the "cheap" vinyl-caped Jawa, and the almost dead-to-rights Hoth Rebel Soldier. We know that some of these are en route, but are these guys "in the mix" for this upcoming two-year run?

ANSWER:  Adam, a great idea and we'll say that there is a possibility.  If the 4-LOM/Zuckuss pairing this Summer does well, it does open the door for future smaller-run Vintage homages like you suggest. Death Squad Commander, given his name, is not likely as a mainline release and would be good as an exclusive.  Blue Snaggletooth would likewise we excellent in his spiffy space suit, and a vinyl cape Jawa would indeed be welcome in the same vein.  The Hoth Rebel Soldier would likely be a mainline release, if we found a slot for him in the next couple of years.


QUESTION:  Looking ahead to next year - please tell me that the Bespin Han scheduled for 2011 will be all-new. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the occasional re-use of parts, it's just that some folks are getting a little tired of seeing the VOTC Han parts re-used again and again for "new" Hans (like the re-used parts on the Echo Base Hangar Han).

ANSWER:  As it's drawn up now, the 2011 Bespin Han would be all-new. Our outlook on tooling is basically this: if we can use solid existing parts to create a new aesthetic we have not seen before, then it allows us to develop newness elsewhere (for example, a brand new character we haven't done before). To a strong degree, new characters owe their existence to our ability to leverage our existing library to continue to get our "greatest hits" characters out there, be it as pure carry-forwards or as refreshed if there is a version we feel we can do better. We will continue to try and make sure that each refreshed character as a substantial improvement, rather than just a small change, folks feel the purchase is justified.

QUESTION:  During Toy Fair, we only got a small sampling of the card backs, so we only managed to get a few of the figure numbers - VC01 Dengar, VC05 AT-AT Commander, and VC10 4-LOM. Any chance you can give us a list of the numbering for the first wave so we can all get our checklists updated before July? (Can you tell we're anxiously awaiting the Vintage stuff?)

ANSWER:  See attached list for the numbers for figures 1-11 and the Convention exclusive and mail-in Boba Fett.

Wave 1:
VC07) C-3PO™
VC11) 4-LOM™

VCP01) 4-LOM™ (C5/JediCon exclusive)
VCP02) ZUCKUSS™ (C5/JediCon exclusive)
VCP03) BOBA FETT™ (Redemption item)

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  Having just seen the Iron Man 2 Mini-Head playsets I am left wondering if there is any chance we might see Star Wars Mini-Head playsets again? Is there any hope we can see the Action Fleet Line revived too now that the titanium line seems to be over? I am hoping this heralds a new Action Fleet / Micro Machine era!

ANSWER:  We have been looking at various ways to introduce micro play back to the market, but it has some tough challenges as micro play isn't a relevant play pattern among boys currently.  We haven't found the right hook to reintroduce it yet, but it's something we'll continue to look at.

QUESTION:  Would you ever consider releasing a wave of  Saga Legends with nothing but hard/impossible to find figures from the past? Figures that are going for extravagent amounts of money on Ebay(examples:Darth Malek, Darth Reven, Scorch, Shadow Stormtroopers, etc...)?

ANSWER:  We have done that in the past with Saga Legends, but currently the format is devoted to supplying kid-targeted figures that complement the Clone Wars and that approach has yielded greater volumes per figure that we would achieve with collector-targeted figures. We do know demand remains high the figures you cited, and will be looking at ways to bring them back if we can find a willing retail partner and the right format (such as a multi-pack, for example).


QUESTION:  Would you consider utilizing the current Deluxe assortment to release larger sized figures on cards that would otherwise not fit on the Vintage Style cards?  Both Kal'Falnl C'ndros and Cane Adiss could benefit from this sort of release and you could pack Kal'Falnl with C-3PO as a Mos Eisley set and Cane Adiss with Slave Leia or another smaller Jabba Palace Palace denizen; this would also be a great way to get Ephant Mon or Graxxol Kelvyyn out there again.

ANSWER:  That's an interesting suggestion, but the focus on the Figure & Vehicle assortment is to be a kid-targeted segment that delivers a great vehicle (and figure) at an affordable price point. We don't have plans to add any figure 2-packs, and will stick with kid-friendly packs for the line.  

QUESTION:  With the announcement that in the US the last wave of Legacy (Build-a-Droid) is a Toys R Us exclusive and the last wave of Comic Packs is going to be in short supply, are there any plans to bring these products to the UK and Canada?

ANSWER:  Canada will not be getting the EU basic figure wave, but they are trying to get the comic wave in for distribution here.  

JEDI NEWS NOTE: We've asked for clarification on where 'here' is - Canada, UK or both?!?


QUESTION:  Recently one of the sites asked you about the Vintage Hoth Rebel getting an update, and you said you felt the recent Legacy figure was sufficient to cover that figure. We believe the Legacy figure is outstanding, but we're Rebel Soldier fans at Jedi Defender, and so we are really curious if that means you feel the Echo Base Trooper (The brown vested soldiers) the original vintage Rebel is based on is completely off the table then for a modern update? The uniform is pretty significantly different, and the Echo Base Troopers do have that nifty cut scene fighting Wampas, so we're hoping you're still considering making the brown vested Hoth Rebels even if not considering it a "Vintage Update".

ANSWER:  We love the rebel troops ourselves and are still considering the brown vests for a future figure, even if we feel that we have "checked the box" as far as updating the Hoth Rebel.

QUESTION:  Again you confirmed another figure in the last round of Q&A, and fans were immediately curious how you would go about said figure. You mentioned a new Senate Duel Palpatine figure is on the table for 2010, and as a front-runner in polls done at our site, that's incredible news. The question now on everyone's mind is; how exactly are you planning to execute the figure? Will Palpatine sport softgoods or plastic robes? Will the articulation count be there for hanging out in his office as well as flipping around the Senate like a madman? Inquiring minds want to know (and sure, you can send us pictures too!) on this one!

ANSWER:  The new Palpatine figure will have a fabric robe to accommodate all the necessary office lounging poses as well as the epic dueling ones.


QUESTION:  What ARE the chances of getting an updated speederbike in the foreseeable future? It wouldn't have to be a completely new mold (although favoured). The Vintage version is still quite good if you could get rid of the “T-bar” which is a relic of Kenner Vintage articulation, redesign the food-pedal, the handle-bars and add some kind of transparent stand to mimic the floating effect. However, using the Vintage mold instead of a completely new mold would mean figures like the Bikerscout, Endor Leia, and Endor Luke should definitely be updated with the “state-of-the-art” ball-jointed hip articulation.

This would even be a great idea for more than one “Endor speederbike chase” battlepack, with different combinations of figures like Endor-Luke, Endor Leia, Scout-Troopers, Ewoks, Rebelcommandos even Han Solo and Chewie, respectively with one or two Speederbikes. I think this would be appealing to collectors and children alike, since you could offer core characters and Troopbuilder figures in combination with vehicles from a very memorable ROTJ scene.

ANSWER:  We agree an all-new Speederbike is long overdue, and concur that all of the changes should be addressed in a new one. While we don't have one slotted into the lineup anywhere, we will soon be working on 2012 and that would make an excellent addition to the roster of vehicles needing an upgrade.

QUESTION:  With the success of the "BIG" vehicles in mind, when can we add a Jabba's Sailbarge and Rebel Transport to our collections? We were happy to find out that the Cloud car is near, and hope that a Rebel Transport isn't too far away either. The already released Tatooine skiff is screaming for a Jabba's Sailbarge to complete the ROTJ scene.

ANSWER:  Unfortunately, neither of these vehicles are likely to ever be updated. Neither of them are iconic enough to be recognized or demanded by kids, and the collector base alone cannot support the massive investment that these would entail. Of the two, our own personal wish would be for the Sail Barge to happen, but to have a chance of doing so it would need to be featured prominently in new entertainment.

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  Are there any plans to include the A99 aquata breather, which was included with 2007's Obi-Wan Kenobi (TAC#05), with the Episode 1 version of him and Qui-Gon Jinn?

ANSWER:  That's an excellent suggestion. We haven't fully spec'd out their figures, yet but when we do we'll look at the possibility.

QUESTION:  You have said in the past that "non-agressive" characters will not play a huge part in The Clone Wars line, but can we expect a few of the important or recurring ones such as Bail Organa, Palpatine, Dutchess Satine, Orn Free Taa, or even a Padme in non-adventure gear? Would your position on doing these types of characters in the line change should it continue beyond the run of the TV series?

ANSWER:  We do not plan on doing these characters in the Clone Wars line. There is no demand for characters like these among kids, and it appears that while there are adults (and no doubt some kids) collecting Clone Wars, the legacy line has many more collectors. Therefore we will not be putting a lot of obscure characters into the Clone Wars line for this reason.


QUESTION:  There has been talk of "another" Boba Fett figure due out this year as part of the Vintage Collection. Will this be Fett in his Empire or Jedi colors? Will he have a firing rocket like the mail-away figure?

ANSWER:  We showed this Boba at Toy Fair - an EpV-themed Boba. He does not come with a rocket-firing backpack - that is the exclusive domain of the mail-in figure.

QUESTION:  There has not been a newly-sculpted kid Anakin from Episode I in nearly a decade. As Anakin is the main character of Star Wars, it seems strange that we have never gotten an "ultimate" figure of this version of him. Is there a sculpt of Episode I Anakin that is considered by Hasbro to already be "perfect", or is a newly-sculpted, super-articulated version being held back for another reason?

ANSWER:  We are not holding back a new super-articulated version of little Annie. Actually, we feel the current sculpts are very good, and we don't see super-articulation as that significant an upgrade. we would not rule it out, since he is such a major character in EpI, but he is not high on our list of priorities. On the same topic, we are at a point where many of the more niche characters from EpI/EpII won't ever be getting an upgrade, because the sculpting aesthetics are already great and not all characters need a great deal articulation (such as Queen Amidala, senators, aliens, etc). We want to give these slots over to as yet-unmade characters as much as possible, rather than re-tread ground when there is an already perfectly good sculpt available.


QUESTION:  Now that Toy Fair has come and gone, could you possibly list for us which 10 figures are going to be the "Greatest Hits" repackaged figures for The Vintage Collection 2010 line and possibly even which particular movie wave each figure will be in? On a similar note, can you reveal which repackaged figures this year's Saga Legends lineup will include?

ANSWER:  The Vintage "Greatest Hits" number nine (not 10 as previously reported) and

- 4-LOM (EpV wave)
- Stormtrooper (EpIII wave)
- Commander Cody (EpIII wave)
- EpIII Obi-Wan (EpIII wave)
- EpIII Clone Trooper (EpIII wave)
- Yoda with hover chair (EpVI wave)
- EpII Obi-Wan (EpII wave)
- Mace Windu (EpII wave)
- Super Battle Droid (EpII wave)

The Saga Legends wave this year will include an abundance of figures, including some of the most beloved Bounty Hunters to complement those in the main line.

Wave 1:
SL01- Bossk
SL02- IG-88
SL03- Zuckuss
SL04- Greedo
SL05- Jango Fett
SL06- Darth Vader
SL07- Leia (Boussh Disguise)
SL08- Darth Maul
SL09- General Grievous
SL10- Clone Trooper (Ep II)
SL11- Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)
SL12- Obi-Wan

Wave 2
SL13 Yoda
SL14- R2D2
SL15- Shock Trooper
SL16- Clone Trooper (Ep III)
SL17- C3PO
SL18 Chewbacca
SL19- 501st Legion Trooper
SL20- Battle Droids (2 pack)
SL21- Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot)
SL22- Han Solo (Hoth OUtfit)
SL23- Snowtrooper

QUESTION:  The use of soft goods has come a long way in the last few years, with BD34 Ben Kenobi and BD39 Emperor Palpatine being some of my stand-out favorites of late. Given your improvements in this area, do you think the time is approaching when you can do some justice to the Emperor's Royal Guard? The last one was pretty good, but the cut of the cloth was all wrong. Notice I'm not asking about this particular character's release, I just want to know with your recent strides in this area you think you're able to give us the definitive version.

For the record, I think the cut of cloaks from the Vintage figure but somewhat airier in fit is the way to go.

ANSWER:  Yes, we can't wait to get out hands on doing a new Royal Guard. While we don't have a handle on timing yet, we do have one planned for the line within the next couple of years.


QUESTION:  New characters are introduced to the Clone Wars series at a dizzying speed, and us fans would of course like to see all the major characters realized in plastic.  That said, you do a great job of getting topical figures out in a good time.  On average, how long before an episode airs do you get to see about that episode's new characters, and then how do you judge when to bring that character to retail?

ANSWER:  The decision on when to release is easy, since we're usually playing catch-up with the schedule and can't get the figures out fast enough.  It takes us from 14-16 months ideally to usher a figure through production, but we don't get materials within that window typically.  Things often change until late in the game when it comes to TV production, and we'd rather get the figure right than issue something that is wrong and would need to be updated at a significant cost (or never at all, which we don't like either).

QUESTION:  We are very excited about the addition of the Mandalorians to the Clone Wars cartoon, but at Toy Fair the only Mando troop you showed came on a more expensive deluxe vehicle pack.  Are there plans to release a single carded Mando troop in 2010? 

ANSWER:  Eventually, there will be one released but on a basic card but it likely will not be the same one from the Figure/Vehicle pack.

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  With the reveal of the Vintage Collection cardbacks using the classic Kenner styling, there's one oddity which doesn't fit with modern retail. The previous Vintage-style cardbacks came in clamshells that had J-hooks, but this new line has no clamshells and the samples you've shown have no J-hooks, only punch-through hanger holes with plastic reinforcement on the back. Isn't this a risky gamble, making it harder for consumers to get to product and for employees trying to restock? Was this considered, and if so, why was the decision made to stay with the old-style hangers?

ANSWER:  It was not without discussion that we decided to do this, since we know that it could make getting at a figure on a peg behind several other figures somewhat tedious, and a potential risk for consumers pulling them off pegs forcefully. The decision was made to stay with the old-style punched because we feel the cards look best and most true to Vintage that way. They have been reinforced with a custom plastic tab to ensure that they won't be easily damaged by being pulled off pegs, but we still have the issue of impatient consumers not willing to take figures off to get to the one they want as well as for employees restocking.

QUESTION:  Snowspeeder Luke is an amazing figure, but collectors have numerous issues and are wondering if they might be addressed on a future re-release. Issues including the awkward hand poses, the wrong saber hilt (again), no lit lightsaber, no way to plug the saber hilt into the belt, no way to hook the grappling gun onto the belt, the thermal cap on the head that disappears and reappears throughout the character wearing this costume on Hoth and Dagobah, the raised helmet visor in the AT-AT attack, and even Luke not wearing his gloves in the costume on Dagobah. Let me state again, fans love this figure overall, it's just that they love it so much they've taken a hard look and see the issues as they stand. So, will any or all of those issues be addressed on a future re-release of this figure?

ANSWER:  We are glad to hear that you and many of the fans like the figure. Currently we do not have a plan to release another new Hoth Luke in the immediate future but we do plan on doing other Luke figures. We can look to address the lightsaber hilt issue. We do appreciate all the comments and feedback which helps us to improve our products and when we do revise the Hoth figure in the future we will definitely look at making some if not all the improvements you suggest.


QUESTION:  Could Hasbro (Hasbro Canada) please update us on the status of whether these following products will be coming to Canada or not?

Star Wars Legacy Collection Action Figures Wave 11 (RotS)
US Assortiment # 92144 / 87535
US Availability: Now
Canadian Availability: ?
Star Wars Legacy Collection Action Figures Wave 12 (TESB)
US Assortment # 89027 / 87535
US Availability: Now
Canadian Availability: ?

Star Wars Legacy Collection Action Figures Wave 13 (EU)
US Assortment # 93301 / 87535
US Availability: June 2010
Canadian Availability: ?

Star Wars Clone Wars Action Figures Wave 11
US Assortment #:  
US Availability: Now
Canadian Availability:  ?

Star Wars Clone Wars Action Figure 2010 Wave 3 Round 1
US Assortment #:
US Availability: March 2010
Canadian Availability:
Star Wars Legacy Action Figure Comic Packs Wave 7
US Assortment #:
US Availability: April 2010
Canadian Availability:
TRU TFU 5-packs
Exclusive Vintage packaging for the Big AT-AT
TRU Deluxe Figure and Vehicle Packs - Stap w/BD, Speeder Bike w/Scout.

ANSWER:  Unfortunately, the only remaining Legacy/Droid Factory waves that will be
shipping into Canada are the EpV wave.  As for Clone Wars, only Wave 3 has yet to ship.  The Comic Pack wave is likely to come in, and the three TRU exclusives (TF packs, vintage AT-AT, and the figure/vehicle packs) will all see Canadian distribution.

QUESTION:  Several TCW vehicle repaints seem similar to appearances from the Dark Times comic story arc The Path to Nowhere issues 1-2, specifically the TRU exclusive Imperial V-Wing, the Shadow Squadron ARC-170 (not so much) and the recently revealed Clone Interceptor Tank. Were the Dark Times comics the source/partial inspiration for these vehicles? Can we expect other EU inspired vehicle repaints such as the blue marked Turbo Tank in issue #2?

ANSWER:  Yes, we do use comics as inspiration for vehicle deco.  However, redecos of bigger vehicles like the AT-TE or Turbo Tank are much trickier because of the higher price points (neither of these are slotted to come back into the lineup).  If there is an opportunity to bring these back, we will look for Clone Wars and other sources for inspiration.


QUESTION:  While fans are very excited about the upcoming C5 4-LOM and Zuckuss 2 pack, they are concerned over the price. Do you have an indication of the price of this exclusive?

ANSWER:  Right now, we do not see this being priced above $19.99.

QUESTION:  Bravo on the new Cloud Car! Appreciating Hasbro's stance on less aggressive vehicles in the Star Wars line making for weaker choices as far as kid appeal goes, the pop-out cannons for the Cloud Car looks like a winner that makes both bases happy. However, with this vehicle's (hopeful) success in mind, might we see other, less overtly aggressive, movie vehicles made into plastic (with hidden battle features) in the coming years? For example, a Jedi never knows when trouble might jump out, so perhaps the ROTS Jedi Airspeeders sported some concealed, pop-up missile racks. Or Uncle Owen, mindful of the ever present Tusken threat, may have installed an anti-personnel weapon of some kind inside his family speeder, and who knows what concealed weaponry might burst out when more obscure vehicles like the Tatooine 9000 2001 or Void Spiders are in sticky situations?

Any chance of seeing some of these, or other new vehicles from the movie, realized in the near future please?

ANSWER:  Good question!  Overall, we do not plan to put more of these type into the line as the Cloud Car is more of a signature commemorative item.  And to be honest will probably be the vehicle that we will be the most cautious about when it comes to release numbers.

We do like the Jedi airspeeders and will say, with some risk as always, that there is a 90% chance that we'll do this within the next 2 -3 years.  We like it because it's Jedi, has a unique STAR WARS shape and has some decent on screen support.

The Landspeeder is also going to return using the same tool from the previous release - Power Of The Jedi if memory serves.  As cool as the Tatooine 9000 is and we love everything Cantina, even outside, that's a remote longshot but we won't say never.  And the Void Spider we'll never do.  There are much better uses for our tooling dollars.


QUESTION:  I'm loving the look of that vintage line! There is just so much to like ranging from the cards to the Boba Fett mail-in to the 4-LOM and Zuckuss in vintage colors. All great ideas, and I hope that this line continues for a long time. What I'm wondering is that now the line is going the retro route, if there will finally be a good update made to the Sebastien Shaw Anakin Skywalker figure. That gray robed figure that I got in the mail back in 1985 was always one of my favorites out of the whole line. Even though the figure didn't have the transparent ghost look, the gray robes and the pale skin still gave the figure a ghostly feel, and the ash color scheme was really effective in giving the impression that this was a Jedi who lived a long time on the dark side. While we still do need a new transparent Shaw Anakin, what are your thoughts about making a non-transparent variant figure in the vintage color scheme?

ANSWER:  We actually don't have a new version of this figure on the drawing boards yet, but if the line did continue we would be likely to do a new transparent one rather than an opaque one.  We think the last spirit we did turned out great and would like to continue that effect for future spirit figures (Obi-Wan, Yoda, etc).

QUESTION:  Since we all know how much you love to re-use molds again and again (and again... and again... and again)... when can we expect the Build A Droid parts to pop back up? It would be really neat to do a Jawa deluxe figure where you can put in one of the recent Jawa figures and say... enough parts to build two or three different droids. Or even do a small playset along the lines of the Lars homestead where we can get a small Jawa home, several Jawa figures (the last few were really well done), and enough parts to build several droids. OR if you want to really get classic and do a nice homage to the vintage line, why not re-issue the original Droid Factory playset with all new Build A Droid figure parts included? Do it up in a nice vintage style box like the AT-AT Walker is getting this year, and you'll have a winner.

ANSWER:  We don't have plans for a return to the Droid Factory concept yet, but are looking at various options.  We have looked at a return of the playset-type approach, but the tooling bill is just enormous for what would be a small run compared to, say, the interest we get from most vehicles.  Still, it's something we'd like to keep looking at, and thanks for keeping the heat of those fans flamed.

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  Is there a possibility of re-issuing vintage versions of the Kenner Star Wars figures similar to what has been done with Transformers Generation 1?

ANSWER:  This is something we have looked at in the past, but have decided not to go here. From our past research with fans, this seems to be more of a niche interest as the current figure aesthetic is much more interesting to the majority of fans. Given the limited number of items and focus we need to put on the line, we will not be pursuing this beyond the mail-in Boba Fett figure.

QUESTION:  What does the future hold for miniature scaled Star Wars vehicles like the Action Fleet and Titanium lines?

ANSWER:  We have a lot of love for Titanium still and hope that it will return one day. We do think the "play pattern" of collectability and display in the metal format is still relevant, but it's a question of priorities. Action Fleet is a little bit of a different beast, because the miniature figure/vehicle play pattern that it was founded upon isn't a popular play pattern among kids right now, and to relaunch it would need to have a new approach. If and when it returned, it probably would not be the same Action Fleet that some fans know and love for those reasons.


QUESTION:  By the time this question is answered, many collectors will have started finding the final wave of Clone Wars figures in the Red/White packaging consisting of Cold Weather Gear Obi-Wan, Cold Assault Gear Captain Rex, MagnaGuard and the Firefighter Droid. Sadly, we have also found that Cad Bane in Clone Trooper Disguise was dropped from this wave as evidence by the sticker covering him up on the back of the packaging. Can you explain his removal from this wave and what future wave we might find him. Also, an interesting thing about this particular wave is that you've decided to create an all-new Cold Weather Gear Obi-Wan rather than recasting the existing Cold Weather Anakin body. In these days of trying to save tooling dollars, why devote precious resources in such a way?

ANSWER:  Cad Bane in Clone Outfit will reappear at some point, but the details are going to remain under wraps. We advise folks to keep their eyes opened later this Fall. As for the bodies, we are actually running Anakin and Obi-Wan at the same time and needed extra capacity, hence the second body sculpt.

QUESTION:  Rumors are swirling of a new Oola being offered as a pack in for the new Jabba the Hutt battle pack, I for one surely welcome the idea. Hypothetically, if that is the case, would/could she be in a reclining sculpt similar to the recent Slave Leia or do you plan on offering a fully ambulatory sculpt? If not, what if you had a the reclining version as the battle pack pack-in and then offered a fully articulated one in the basic "Vintage" line later down the road as you'd already have a completed sculpt for the head, arms and torso? Also regarding the Jabba Battle Pack, would it be out of the question to throw in one or two of those court denizens from the 2004 Ultra/Deluxe Saga pack namely Bubo and/or Wol Cabasgarbagete? Jabba needs his buddies!

ANSWER:  You are right in that a new Oola is coming with Jabba. However, this was an expensive pack for us to produce so we concentrated on a new nicely articulated Oola, but no secondary sculpts or other accessories could be put in. We know you'll enjoy the end result - we think it's fantastic and well worth the wait.


QUESTION:  I know many collectors still want the B.A.D concept to move forward, you, Hasbro, have admitted that this was one of your best and favorite pack ins of all time. So why not include the B.A.D. concept in the Saga Legends? I know you are going to say it is because it is a Kid Targeted line, but what kid wouldn't love to put droids together, not to mention, you would draw collectors into this segment as well, increasing sales, you can include new droid parts creating new characters, and recycle some of the older ones per each wave of figures.

ANSWER:  We already include something that is more important to kids - a weapons cache and game card - with every Saga Legends figure. In addition, we would only include new droid parts in when we had new figures to pack the parts in with, to ensure that collectors weren't forced to buy figures they already had to get parts they needed. For all of these reasons, Droid Factory won't be coming into the Saga Legends line.

QUESTION:  Are the boxed items [non-single carded figures] going to be released in vintage style? At Toy Fair you did announce that the AT-AT would have the Vintage Décor as a TRU Exclusive but will others boxed items get that treatment?

ANSWER:  There will be three vehicles this Fall that will get a small, exclusive run in Vintage packaging. The AT-AT will be going to Toys 'R Us, and two other vehicles have yet to be announced for another retailer later this Fall. These packages will be vintage-inspired in every way but will feature the modern toys instead of vintage toys in photography, and in the line art on the back. The one main difference will be the actual cardboard; for the bigger vehicle (AT-AT) we won't be using corrugate like in the Kenner days, but use modern packaging techniques with printing designed to look authentic.

Keep checking back for more as sites continue to post their Star Wars Q&A sessions with Hasbro over the coming hours and days!
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UPDATE - More sites added!

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