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Author Topic: HASBRO STAR WARS Q&A HEADLINES - WEEK OF APRIL 8th, 2010  (Read 2000 times)
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Check out the news you can use from the latest Hasbro Q&A session!  We've distilled down the Q&A process so that you can get right to the heart of the matter.  There's a lot of news from this particular session, so read carefully!



QUESTION:  Back in an August 2009 Q&A session Hasbro stated that an upgraded Original Trilogy Y-Wing was in the works for 2010.  Might this version finally represent the Grey Squadron from RETURN OF THE JEDI, or could this version be from A NEW HOPE with a mission to "Stay on Target"?

ANSWER:   ere we don't have such good news.  We had been working on a new Y-Wing, but this was dropped from the plan as retailers decided to scale back on Star Wars exclusives for 2010.  We do think that we will have an opportunity for a new version in 2011 or 2012.  So the question back to your fans is "which one would you most like to see us do next?"  Let us know what folks think.

GOLD 5:  Unfortunate news about a Y-Wing that had previously been touted by Hasbro in this Sandtroopers Q&A session.  However, there still seems to be a glimmer of hope.  And best of all, Hasbro wants YOUR feedback!  Keep checking back soon, because we will be taking a poll to determine whether people want an EPISODE 4 Y-Wing and pilot, or an EPISODE VI Y-Wing and pilot.  The results of that poll will be sent to Hasbro so that they can get REAL feedback from you, the collector, about which version of the Y-Wing you would prefer.



QUESTION:  Expanded Universe fans must be having some mixed feelings right now. We've seen about 3 years worth of solid EU releases. But the cancellation of the Expanded Universe comic 2-packs has been a disappointment for a lot of people. Still, there are comic 2-packs that were revealed to fans through some cardback art, hard samples at the Comic Con booth and more at the Star Wars presentation. And there were also some recent listings for previously unmentioned comic 2-packs posted by a UK e-tailer that included Ysanne Isard, Baron Fel, Montross & Jaster Mareel.

However, the overall message from Toy Fair also seems clear: that we can expect a strong focus on the movies and specifically EMPIRE, with EU taking a hiatus. But in the past there have been statements from Hasbro to the effect that if a toy or figure gets shown to collectors that there is a strong motivation to eventually release those items. Given the fact that collectors have seen the following comic 2-packs in either prototype form or Hasbro imagery:

Knights Of The Old Republic #6 - Jarael & Rohlan Dyre
Legacy # 7 - Deliah Blue & Darth Nihl
Heir to the Empire #TBD - Noghri Warrior & Ralrracheen likely are we to see these offered as exclusives, or potentially split out into the Basic Figure line?

ANSWER:   You are right; once we have progressed far down the design path, in some cases even having completed tooling for some of the figures in question, the intention is to try and eventually find a home for those figures. We are hopeful that over the next few years all of them will be produced in one form or another so fans can enjoy them too.

GOLD 5:  HOPE REMAINS!  Fans of the Expanded Universe comic 2-packs may have been disappointed by the news of the line's cancellation.  But Hasbro's statement indicates that the cancelled comic 2-packs that had been shown to collectors may see the light of day at some point.

The big question at this point in time is WHEN.  Based on Hasbro's statements at Toy Fair it seems highly unlikely that any of these three comic 2-packs will be released in 2010.  When precisely seems very unclear at this point, but with the figures tooled it seems likely that they may be released at some point over the next 2 - 3 years.



QUESTION:  The collector media only got a brief look at what's coming in the Saga Legends line at Toy Fair.  One figure that a number of troop builders are hoping that may return in this lineup is the Legacy Red AT-AT Driver.  It's been tough to come by, but would certainly complement the new AT-AT that's on the way.  And while we're at it, what's might the numbering scheme be for the first wave or two of Saga Legends in the new SHADOW OF THE DARK SIDE packaging?

ANSWER:   The Snowtrooper will be coming back as a Saga Legends Troop Builder, but the only AT-AT driver will be the one packed with the vehicle. See attached for the entire Fall 2010 Saga Legends lineup.

Wave 1
     SL01 Bossk
     SL02 IG-88
     SL03 Zuckuss
     SL04 Greedo
     SL05 Jango Fett
     SL06 Darth Vader
     SL07 Leia Boush
     SL08 Darth Maul
     SL09 Grievous
     SL10 Clone Trooper Ep II
     SL11 Anakin- Darth Vader
     SL12 Obi-Wan
Wave 2
     SL13 Yoda
     SL14 R2D2
     SL15 Shock Trooper
     SL16 Clone Trooper Ep III
     SL17 C3PO
     SL18 Chewbacca
     SL19 501st Trooper
     SL20 Battle Droid 2 pack
     SL21 Luke Snow Speeder
     SL22 Han Solo Hoth
     SL23 Snowtrooper

GOLD 5:  Hasbro has revealed the lineup for the first couple of waves of SAGA LEGENDS that will be in the new SHADOW OF THE DARK SIDE packaging.  The new lineup seems to focus on three categories:

Army builders should be happy with this lineup.  And if you missed any of the stellar bounty hunter updates over the past 3 years, here's your chance to catch up!



QUESTION:  A few sites on the net have preorders up for some of the cancelled comic packs, more specifically Jaster Mereel and Montross. Now, considering Entertainment Earth scooped up the previously cancelled comic pack, will we be seeing this set at some point, either in the stores or through some sort of online retailer like Entertainment Earth, or even as single figures, or will this comic pack never see the light of day?

ANSWER:   We are making one last attempt to try and get these released, and we are talking to Entertainment Earth. However, it's not a slam dunk as we have to meet our factory minimums. If they are not released as Comic Packs, the wait for them as single figures or in another format will be very long and they might never see a release.

GOLD 5:  As many know, WalMart cancelled one of their comic 2-pack exclusives.  Entertainment Earth and other online retailers were able to rescue that particular pack and offer it to collectors.  Apparently Hasbro will be shopping the other comic 2-packs that have been cancelled for mainline retailer to online outlets. 

So when will collectors know more?  That remains to be seen.  Especially as it may pertain to the previously unseen Mandalorians that had been listed by a scattered few online retailers.  Keep checking back for more as we continue to follow this story.



QUESTION:  It's been 6 years since the last Luke Hoth Gear figure. While that was a nifty item for its time, its sculpt and articulation is specific to 1 part of the movie. Any chance of us getting an updated Luke Hoth, perhaps with a swappable likeness to represent before and after the Wampa attack? We know you usually would prefer to do this via a running change, but after the myriad of running-change-figure problems you had recently, that seems like a troubled route to take, especially with an important character such as this.

ANSWER:   Because of the snafus we have had, there will be no more running changes. Period. Sad, but the hammer has come down on these. Now as for Luke, there is no updated version in the works just yet, but is a sure bet to be updated in the next few years.

GOLD 5:  Running changes have been an interesting experiment in the Star Wars basic figure line over the past few years.  But apparently the problems that have plagued figures like the Hoth Rebel Trooper, Utai, Scanning Crew and more have proven too burdensome for Hasbro to continue on this front.  Much of the trouble has been attributed to errors at the factories.  And when the factories are 8,006 miles away from Hasbro's HQ (yes, we figured it out), it can make hands on quality control difficult at best.  So no more running changes.

As for the original intent of this question?  Based on Hasbro's response it seems that a new Hoth version of Luke Skywalker isn't in the immediate works.  But things are always changing, so keep checking back for more on Hoth Luke Skywalker.



QUESTION:  In a recent Q&A, you stated that you weren't going to be bringing back the POTF collector coins for the foreseeable future, which meant no reusing the POTF card style. This shoots down hope of seeing vintage updates of the "last 15" POTF figures on their original cards. While we understand the reluctance to revisit coins, if you were planning to update any of the original POTF figures under the "Vintage Collection" line, would you merely put them on their corresponding movie cards? In other words, figures like Yak Face, Barada, General Lando, etc., would be placed on ROTJ cards; while figures like Luke Stormtrooper or an Imperial Gunner could go on 1978-styled Star Wars cards? Or are those "last 15" POTF characters off-limits to The Vintage Collection because of their original cards?

ANSWER:   The last 15 are non off-limits if the Vintage line continues, and we would put them out without the coins on movie-specific cards

GOLD 5:  Vintage fans have long speculated about the possibility of Hasbro releasing modern versions of Kenner's Power Of The Force line.  This seemed to be a potentially natural fit back in 2007 during the 30th Anniversary Collection where the valued added pack-in were the collectible coins.  The collectible coins were also the hallmark of the vintage Kenner POTF line back in 1984.  But Hasbro declined to pursue premium versions of those POTF figures at that time.

Now, it seems that the characters that were originally offered in that POTF line have the POTENTIAL to be re-released in a modern, premium form in the Vintage Collection.  But if these 15 characters were to be released in the upcoming Vintage Collection, they would NOT include the collectible coins that their POTF predecessors included.  And instead of featuring the distinct look of the POTF Kenner card, these characters would come on movie specific cards.

All of this being said, Hasbro HAS NOT confirmed any of the Power Of The Force characters as being in the lineup for the Vintage Collection.  Again, Hasbro HAS NOT confirmed any of the Power Of The Force characters as being in the lineup for the Vintage Collection.  But if they do we will report that news as it happens.



QUESTION:  Recently we started a new feature on Dewback Patrol discussing if Hasbro has created definitive versions of figures. One group of figures that have gotten a resounding no is the Endor Rebel Soldiers. It has been quite some time since we have seen these figures updated and in our experience troop builders are great sellers for Hasbro. Have you discussed revisiting these soldiers? If you do, can we have more generic non-facial hair troopers? It seems that many troop builders have been coming out with beards and/or mustaches and it makes the figures too distinct to be generic army builders (i.e. Hoth Rebel Soldier, mustache Cloud Car Pilot).

ANSWER:   Good comment on the facial hair - we'll take that into consideration next time we draft up an Endor Trooper. Which won't be too long, as one is slated for later this Fall.

GOLD 5:  While not the original intent of this question, Dewback Patrol gets Hasbro to confirm a new Endor Rebel Trooper for the fall of 2010.  This figure seems to be a likely candidate for the Episode VI wave (third in the Vintage Collection), but as Hasbro is slotting some characters in movie waves that don't quite match up, we'll have to wait and see.  But this is obviously good news for fans of the Rebel troops!



QUESTION:  In the last session you said that although it is unlikely we will see figures of characters from the Clone Wars online comic, you would consider other sources, and you specifically mentioned the Dark Horse Comics Clone Wars series. So we'd like to point out the appearances of Kit Fisto and Plo Koon in the In Service of the Republic story arc, in very cool (no pun intended) cold weather gear. With the popularity of the "Trespass" episode of the TV series among kids and collectors and the recent inclusion in the line of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Rex in their cold weather gear, would you consider making those unique versions of these two fan-favorite Jedi?

ANSWER:   You hit the jackpot.  We are well aware of those issues, a truly classic story that would have been very welcome on the big screen.  At least one of the Jedi will be finding their way to the line based on their appearance in the comic.  It's possible that more characters could show up as well, but right now we only had a slot for one.

GOLD 5:  Echo Base Forums hit the mark with this question.  According to Hasbro's response we can expect Clone Wars versions of either Plo Koon or Kit Fisto in cold weather gear.  They were featured in a three issue story arc of Dark Horse's Clone Wars title in a campaign on the world of Khorm.  Which of the two Jedi Masters are we in store for?  That remains to be seen.

Based on Hasbro's response it seems possible that Hasbro was on the verge of bringing Clone Wars animated figures into the realm of the Comic 2-pack line.  But with that line cancelled it seems that Hasbro may have found a new home for these figures in the Clone Wars basic figure line.  And it begs the question "what might have been?"



QUESTION:  Again you confirmed another figure in the last round of Q&A, and fans were immediately curious how you would go about said figure. You mentioned a new Senate Duel Palpatine figure is on the table for 2010, and as a front-runner in polls done at our site, that's incredible news. The question now on everyone's mind is; how exactly are you planning to execute the figure? Will Palpatine sport softgoods or plastic robes? Will the articulation count be there for hanging out in his office as well as flipping around the Senate like a madman? Inquiring minds want to know (and sure, you can send us pictures too!) on this one!

ANSWER:   The new Palpatine figure will have a fabric robe to accommodate all the necessary office lounging poses as well as the epic dueling ones.

GOLD 5:  Good news for softgoods fans!  Hasbro confirms that the upcoming Senate Duel Darth Sidious will feature a softgoods robe and sufficient articulation to allow for a range of poses.  Will Hasbro please fans with this version of Sidious?  Time will tell, because many collectors have been waiting for this figure since 2005!



QUESTION:  Now that Toy Fair has come and gone, could you possibly list for us which 10 figures are going to be the "Greatest Hits" repackaged figures for The Vintage Collection 2010 line and possibly even which particular movie wave each figure will be in? On a similar note, can you reveal which repackaged figures this year's Saga Legends lineup will include?

ANSWER:   The Vintage "Greatest Hits" number nine (not 10 as previously reported) and

- 4-LOM (EpV wave)
- Stormtrooper (EpIII wave)
- Commander Cody (EpIII wave)
- EpIII Obi-Wan (EpIII wave)
- EpIII Clone Trooper (EpIII wave)
- Yoda with hover chair (EpVI wave)
- EpII Obi-Wan (EpII wave)
- Mace Windu (EpII wave)
- Super Battle Droid (EpII wave)

The Saga Legends wave this year will include an abundance of figures, including some of the most beloved Bounty Hunters to complement those in the main line.

Wave 1:
SL01- Bossk
SL02- IG-88
SL03- Zuckuss
SL04- Greedo
SL05- Jango Fett
SL06- Darth Vader
SL07- Leia (Boussh Disguise)
SL08- Darth Maul
SL09- General Grievous
SL10- Clone Trooper (Ep II)
SL11- Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)
SL12- Obi-Wan

Wave 2
SL13 Yoda
SL14- R2D2
SL15- Shock Trooper
SL16- Clone Trooper (Ep III)
SL17- C3PO
SL18 Chewbacca
SL19- 501st Legion Trooper
SL20- Battle Droids (2 pack)
SL21- Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot)
SL22- Han Solo (Hoth OUtfit)
SL23- Snowtrooper

GOLD 5:  Those of you who read JTA's Q&A session will recognize the information about the Saga Legends line.  But Rebelscum manages to get Hasbro to let loose some info about the Greatest Hits offerings that will be a part of the Vintage Collection's basic figure line. 

At Toy Fair Hasbro revealed that 10 of 37 Vintage Collection basic figures planned for 2010 would be "Greatest Hits" figures.  Meaning, they would be previously released figures that hold up well with all-new figures with a modern aesthetic.  Hasbro ammends that previous statement from Toy Fair, stating that only 9 figures in the 2010 Vintage Collection basic figure line will be Greatest Hits.

As for the "37" number?  To date, Hasbro has explicitly confirmed 25 of these 37 Vintage Collection basic figures (see more on that in our Vintage Collection Line Index).  So what are the remaining 12?  We wait with bated breath!!!



QUESTION:  The use of soft goods has come a long way in the last few years, with BD34 Ben Kenobi and BD39 Emperor Palpatine being some of my stand-out favorites of late. Given your improvements in this area, do you think the time is approaching when you can do some justice to the Emperor's Royal Guard? The last one was pretty good, but the cut of the cloth was all wrong. Notice I'm not asking about this particular character's release, I just want to know with your recent strides in this area you think you're able to give us the definitive version.

For the record, I think the cut of cloaks from the Vintage figure but somewhat airier in fit is the way to go.

ANSWER:   Yes, we can't wait to get out hands on doing a new Royal Guard. While we don't have a handle on timing yet, we do have one planned for the line within the next couple of years.

GOLD 5:  While this response doesn't indicate a new Royal Guard is something to expect in the immediate future, it seems to be something that is in development.  When to expect it?  That remains uncertain, but it is something that JTWR will be tracking in the Rumor Mill.



QUESTION:  By the time this question is answered, many collectors will have started finding the final wave of Clone Wars figures in the Red/White packaging consisting of Cold Weather Gear Obi-Wan, Cold Assault Gear Captain Rex, MagnaGuard and the Firefighter Droid. Sadly, we have also found that Cad Bane in Clone Trooper Disguise was dropped from this wave as evidence by the sticker covering him up on the back of the packaging. Can you explain his removal from this wave and what future wave we might find him. Also, an interesting thing about this particular wave is that you've decided to create an all-new Cold Weather Gear Obi-Wan rather than recasting the existing Cold Weather Anakin body. In these days of trying to save tooling dollars, why devote precious resources in such a way?

ANSWER:   Cad Bane in Clone Outfit will reappear at some point, but the details are going to remain under wraps. We advise folks to keep their eyes opened later this Fall. As for the bodies, we are actually running Anakin and Obi-Wan at the same time and needed extra capacity, hence the second body sculpt.

GOLD 5:  Sharp eyed Clone Wars collectors may have discovered something interesting on the cardbacks of some Clone Wars figures that are now shipping to retail.  A sticker has been applied to some cardbacks to conceal a Cad Bane in Clone armor figure.  Apparently the figure has been delayed and will not be available on the current white and red Clone Wars cardbacks.  But Hasbro's response indicates that this figure will be offered later in 2010, albeit in the new SHADOW OF THE DARK SIDE line look for Clone Wars.



QUESTION:  Rumors are swirling of a new Oola being offered as a pack in for the new Jabba the Hutt battle pack, I for one surely welcome the idea. Hypothetically, if that is the case, would/could she be in a reclining sculpt similar to the recent Slave Leia or do you plan on offering a fully ambulatory sculpt? If not, what if you had a the reclining version as the battle pack pack-in and then offered a fully articulated one in the basic "Vintage" line later down the road as you'd already have a completed sculpt for the head, arms and torso? Also regarding the Jabba Battle Pack, would it be out of the question to throw in one or two of those court denizens from the 2004 Ultra/Deluxe Saga pack namely Bubo and/or Wol Cabagarbagee? Jabba needs his buddies!

ANSWER:   You are right in that a new Oola is coming with Jabba. However, this was an expensive pack for us to produce so we concentrated on a new nicely articulated Oola, but no secondary sculpts or other accessories could be put in. We know you'll enjoy the end result - we think it's fantastic and well worth the wait.

GOLD 5:  Hasbro's response confirms that the upcoming Jabba the Hutt will definitely be coming with an Oola pack-in figure.  But Hasbro's response seems to indicate that this new pack was costly for Hasbro to produce, and will likely not include the much sought after throne or dais that collectors have wanted to see included with a modern Jabba the Hutt.  To date, the only version of Jabba that has been released with the throne is the Kenner vintage Jabba.  Loose samples with the throne can be had for $25 to $35 if your new Jabba MUST have a throne.

Keep checking back for more Q&A Headlines as sites continue to post their Hasbro Star Wars Q&A sessions.  And be sure to get involved in the discussions by registering as a member of the Jedi Temple War Room community!

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