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Author Topic: JTWR HASBRO STAR WARS Q&A ROUNDUP - WEEK OF OCTOBER 28th, 2010  (Read 3530 times)
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Thanks for checking out JTWR's roundup of all of the Hasbro Q&A sessions from around the web.  This week's answers come in a little late as Hasbro has slid back the time to answer.  The roundup is continually updating as we get more and more responses posted at the participating websites.  If you know of a site that's participating in the Q&A's but isn't represented in our roundup, please drop us a line with a hyperlink to that site's Q&A.

You can check out each site's postings by clicking on the website title.  And please do, as some of these websites need the traffic.  The Star Wars Q&A's are posted alphabetically.

Also be sure to check back as we distill the Q&A's down to the real nitty gritty with out Q&A Headlines.  That is where we give you real news that comes out of the Q&A:  newly confirmed items, assortments, exclusive details, etc.  And feel free to post about what Hasbro is saying in the Q&A process here in the Jedi Temple War Room.

Now onto the questions from Jedi Temple War Room and our affiliate site Jedi Temple Archives!


QUESTION:  The announcement of the Rebel Hangar Crew with transport being re-offered as a TRU exclusive has been widely hailed by many a collector.  And it really does harken back to the vintage days of "the mini-rig".  But it raises a couple of questions:
First, it was announced that the Rebel Hangar Crew with transport would be offered in a TRU exclusive assortment with a second Figure with vehicle.  So what might that second set be, and when can collectors expect these in stores?
And if we're not pressing our luck TOO much, there's a second part to this question:  This will be the second movie-realistic offering in the Figure with vehicle format.  Both have been TRU exclusives so far.  But can movie-realistic fans hold out some hope that this particular assortment might be expanded in the not-so distant future to include both Clone Wars AND movie-realistic offerings?

ANSWER:  Yes, we will reveal….it will be a Clone Wars Geonosian Warrior (non-zombified) on a speeder; look for this assortment to hit TRU stores in March next year.   For '11, there are no plans to add movie-specific packs to this assortment since the line is kid-focused and Clone Wars is the engine driving this assortment.  That will likely change somewhat in '12.

QUESTION:  Much of the collecting community has been abuzz about wave 5 of The Vintage Collection.  Especially since this particular wave will mark the first time in a long time that we'll be seeing a non-themed basic figure wave.  And indications are that some of the figures will be from A NEW HOPE, and others will be from THE PHANTOM MENACE.  And there are also indications that this wave COULD ship before the 2011 Toy Fair.  So, seeing how there are no major media events between now and February....can we expect to get some details or a sneak peek at Wave 5?  <Jedi Mind Trick>You want to tell us about Wave 5</Jedi Mind Trick>

ANSWER:  We will tell you about Wave 5. The first "mixed" wave will probably be out in January but there is a chance some folks could start finding it right before the end of the year.  The wave, however, is not that mixed with the figures being Cody's 212th Battalion Trooper (ball and socket hips), Luke Skywalker (EpIV, with Stormtrooper belt), Han Solo (EpIV), R5-D4 (EpIV), Stormtrooper (ball and socket hips), and Commander Gree (EPIII, a straight repack).  That will take us to Vintage #44.  After that, the waves become more mixed with figures from just about every movie.  Attached is the revised numbering and wave details for the new assortments.

Specials and Exclusives:
VCP01) 4LOM™ (C5/JediCon Exclusive)
VCP02) ZUCKUSS™ (C5/JediCon Exclusive)
VCP 03) Boba Fett™ (Redemption Item)

Wave 1:
VC02 - LEIA (HOTH Outfit)
VC03 - HAN SOLO (Echo Base Outfit)*
VC06 - C-3PO
VC10 - 4-LOM

Wave 2 and 3:

Wave 4:
*Foiled versions of above 12 figures

Wave 5:
VC25 - R2-D2

Wave 6:

Wave 1 2011
VC40 - R5-D4


QUESTION:The new bounty hunt foil card promotion has stirred up a lot of interest on the collecting trail. But surprisingly the details of this new promotion were not really touched upon during the summer convention presentations. Most of what we do know so far has been garnered from case assortment information available from some online retailers.
And from that information we've found that 4 of the 11 figures from the TESB wave are being offered as Bounty Hunt figures. And ALL of the figures from the ROTS wave have Bounty Hunt foil card variants. Back in 2006's Saga Collection only a handful of figures were offered as part of the Ultimate Galactic Hunt on which this new promotion appears to have been modeled..
Can you please explain some of the methodology behind the new Bounty Hunt foil card promotion?  And which or how many figures that have been revealed from the upcoming RETURN OF THE JEDI and ATTACK OF THE CLONES waves can collectors expect to be offered in Bounty Hunt foil cards?

ANSWER:  There are only 12 foil cards this year.  None of the EpII or EpVI figures will get the foil versioning; it was confined to the 12 figures only.  It's true that there wasn't much hype for this one; we chose to downplay it because there was nothing tied to it other than a foil chase version or a mail-in or specific event to commemorate (like 2008's "First Day of Issue" ).  Still, we could have done a better job promoting this one so fans knew what to expect.

QUESTION:  The TARGET exclusive 9 pack of figures fills us with joy. And it has made us think about a few things. Since we are in “vintage mode” now, would you be able to repack some of the “older” but nonetheless fantastic figures that were originally available in the original Kenner line as well as some other strikingly cool looking characters? For example, 2001’s FX-7 and 2006’s Chief Chirpa really do not need a revisit. Can you incorporate them into The Vintage Collection at some point so we can have them in vintage packaging? Also, we would love to see Gargan and R1-G4 entered into The Vintage Collection since they were original Kenner concepts back in the day. (And we are sure Gargan would sell much better in vintage packaging.)

Even other figures like Tessek (if you’re not going to redo him at some point), Warok, Romba, Luke Stormtrooper (and why not throw us a vintage styled Han Stormtrooper too), R5-D4, Bib Fortuna, Malakili, Death Star Droid, Ugnaught, AT-AT Driver and Zuckuss are all prime examples of figures that are perfect as is and can now have the honored gift of being placed on a vintage card. It will save you on some tooling costs and make hardcore collectors very happy by getting us closer to getting all modern figures into vintage packaging. .

ANSWER:  You have asked a very interesting question.  We do indeed feel there are many great figures that we have done prior that do not need to be revisited and that would be great to see on a Vintage card, even if only for the pure package collector who wants to see these figures on this fantastic design.  However, we only have so much item count to be able to work with and doing these package refreshes does come at a price, basically bumping out a new or refreshed character or a character even more worthy of being brought into Vintage.  If Vintage has a very long run, it opens up more chances for these characters to be repacked and it would be fun to see both of these, along with many others, on Vintage cards.

And now to continue on through the online Star Wars collecting community:

16 BIT

QUESTION:  In 2008, you guys released a Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure with a helmet, but rather than making a traditional rubbery removable helmet, you included a second, swappable head.? It looked better, it felt better, and it stayed on really well-- is there any chance we can entreat you to consider trying this sort of head-swapping on future figures?? Since we're on the subject, can you let us know why one style of helmet/head-swapping might be preferable over the other way of creating these characters?

ANSWER:  For sheer play value, having an extra helmet accessory is fun and we usually prefer to include a helmet. We will look at a full extra head on occasion when it makes sense, and that's when we can manage the deco needed for two heads; heads are the most expensive part of a figure because of the extraordinary precision and paint ops needed.

QUESTION:  Big vehicles have been something you guys have really been cranking out lately.? In 2008, we got a giant Millennium Falcon and an AT-TE.? In 2009, we got a new Y-Wing Bomber as well as the Turbo Tank.? In 2010, there's a new Slave I and an AT-AT.?? You can probably guess where this is going-- does Hasbro have plans to reveal another big-ticket ($75+) exclusive and/or non-exclusive vehicle in 2011??? (And because it's our webmaster's birthday this week, he wants to know if he can weasel out of you if the ship may be Rebel, Imperial, Bounty Hunter, or Clone related.)

ANSWER:  Yes, there will be one new ship next year, and it will be less than $99.99 - that we have been focused on. It will be Clone Wars related, and that's all we'll say until Toy Fair. Happy Birthday, webmaster


QUESTION:  Will we ever see a re-issue of the Clone Wars Threepio and Artoo figures – either on card or in a set?

ANSWER:  The Clone Wars R2-D2 is still in rotation, so it will be back out again.  There are no plans to re-release C-3PO at this time.  

QUESTION:  If, according to (Lucas/fandom and the Kenner figure) Blue Snaggletooth is Zutton, the "twin" of Teekel (the red Snaggletooth in the "Cantina Denizens" cinemapack), then why was the Blue Snaggletooth in the K-mart exclusive made from a Geezum (Hasbro red Snaggletooth) figure? That said, will we ever get a "proper" Blue garbed metal booted Zutton Snaggletooth?

ANSWER:  The red snaggletooth was used because the tooling was the best route to getting a blue snaggletooth.  We do think that sometime in the next few years an updated blue one will make it into the line, but it would still be several years away if we decided to slot it in.

To be continued...
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QUESTION:  The recent update to Hoth Leia has taken off, it seems to be moving off TVC pegs, and fans appreciate how good a figure it is with sculpting and articulation working together so well for such a classic Leia outfit. With that in mind, ESB offers 2 more Leia outfits that need similar treatment, the Bespin Gown outfit and the Bespin Escape outfit. The last Bespin Escape Leia, which is one of the character's signature action sequences in the saga, was back in the POTJ line in 2001, and was limited in articulation so to be stuck in an action pose. The last Bespin Gown Leia had very little articulation and even less usable, leaving it a statue. What are the chances that we could get modern-quality updates to these 2 iconic ESB Leia outfits?

ANSWER:  The chances are good that both of these figures will see light of day in the next several years, with one of them being slated for next year in the Vintage lineup. However, the Bespin gown version figure may not be as super-articulated as the more action-oriented figures due to her outfit.

QUESTION:  Despite several denied fan requests for an update of her "classic" look in the basic line, as well as a flat out "not happening" for the somewhat necessary inclusion in the Galactic Heroes line (considering we have the other two in the classic trio) some fans are getting the idea that Hasbro has something against Sy Snootles. Does she rank up there with Ben Quadinaros, Jaxxon, and Jocasta Nu as being too far out there, or are those fans just reading too much into your lack of movement on this? Has Lucasfilm had any role in your decision not to pursue anything representing the classic puppet, or is there hope that we can convince Hasbro to change their stance? Now that the Vintage line is back this would be a perfect opportunity to get this classic alien into the hands of collectors, even if not as a basic figure but an exclusive. Consider that the existing Sy Snootles figure has some of the most useless articulation ever, its pose is incredibly awkward, and its paint is the only one of the band to be so inaccurate. We're not even asking for Max Rebo's instrument to be corrected with the horn on top, just a better Sy Snootles. Shouldn't the frontman of the band get the best figure instead of the worst?

ANSWER:  We just don't feel that Sy Snootles is a compelling enough character to slot into lineup right now. The band itself is niche, with some pretty funky creatures, and we don't think the Rebo band members are that compelling. The last time we released them, in 2006 for Wal-Mart, they really struggled even with the more limited exclusives volume. It would be a long time before we'd think about slotting Sy Snootles in ahead of more compelling figures.


QUESTION:  What prompted the decision to make the upcoming ROTJ R2-D2 smaller than the current molds? I’ve always noticed that the modern R2-D2 figures were a little larger than realistic scale should have them at, but this honestly never bothered me enough to want a “proper to scale” version, even back when it was rare to get a non-R2-D2 Astromech figure. (The difference wasn’t as bad as it used to be with Leia compared to Chewie, for example.) But now we’ve got nearly 40 individual Astromechs using the Droid Factory and Vintage bodies, including the recently-announced pilot-pack Astromechs. Plus most of the R3s and R4s are already using a different mold that stands out badly in terms of proportion, and the odds of any of these being redone are basically nil.I appreciate the dedication to film accuracy, and the amount of gimmickry in the new mold is amazing… but shouldn’t scale have taken one for the team so the Astromechs can keep a pretty consistent look even if the minor details in sculpt differ?

ANSWER:  This has been the subject of some discussion on the team as well.  The decision to make R2-D2 smaller was done to produce a more screen-accurate version.  Thought was not necessarily given to how the the rest of the astromech droids might be seen to be out of scale, or whether this means that future astromechs might be produced a smaller scale which means that there would be inconsistency.  In our opinion, the differences in the new R2 and previous ones is slight and not enough to contrast strongly against all other droids.  However, it may be best to treat this one as a 1-off rather than the new norm, because folks have more astro droids in the previous size.  If it ain’t broke….

QUESTION:  With the new versions of vehicles and Jabba, we’ve also seen figures released (or announced) that fit right in, such as the Cloud Car and Cloud Car Pilot, Jabba and the upcoming Barada, possibly more.  But you could also make the case that last year’s Slave Leia works well with the new Jabba even though there was a year between releases.  Now, I’m sure that was no accident, but perhaps you could give our readers a bit of insight into the process of planning figures and display sets/vehicles.  It’s a great undertaking to revamp a large piece like the AT-AT or Slave-1, so one might think that any additional figures are planned once the go-ahead on the vehicle is given.  But maybe it’s also the case that “Hey, we’ve got X and Y out, and if we get this vehicle out there, we could make E, F, and G from our to-do list.”  Is it more of vehicle first, figures later, or is it that since we have these figures available, now would be a good time to get this vehicle out?  Or is it a bit of both?

ANSWER:  We generally have very few opportunities to plan programs or complete scenes so we don’t usually try.  In the case of Jabba, we didn’t plan any other figures to go with it; Barada was just happenstance, just like if Jabba came out next year we’d have a couple of his henchmen out then as well.  When it comes to vehicles, though, we are giving more thought to making sure we have additional figures tied to the theme to make the battle a little bigger.  When we next come out with a B-Wing, to pick a random vehicle, if it does not come with a pilot we want to make sure there is a pilot available somewhere in the line at around the same time to complete the play pattern.


QUESTION:  Who now holds the “probably never will make as a figure” slot on the Clone Wars line-up? Jocasta Nu or Clone Number 99?  Or both?

ANSWER:  Right now both are in that tier. Jocasta would stand the higher chance though.

QUESTION: no longer has Star Wars stands available.  Will they be returning?  If so, will they be the same design or will they be refreshed?

ANSWER:  The battle stands did indeed sell through. There are no plans to offer them again at this point; they actually took a lot longer to move through than we had anticipated (the shop carried the batch for a few years). We will get together with the Hasbro Toy Shop team to see if they want to invest in more inventory, and if they do, look to freshen things up.


QUESTION:  In a recent Q&A you seemed to have some suspicions about the popularity of Jocasta Nu. While some of our members do indeed want her made there were a variety of extra votes from fans who joined only to vote (possibly multiple times) to put her over the top. As much as I would like to buy her to add to my dioramas, I believe your suspicions are correct. With that said, I am very happy with the results of the fan’s choice poll. The genuine desire for Jabba’s guards and your willingness to slot them into the line is great! However, it seems one very prominent guard has still been forgotten. Is there a chance that Velken Tezeri will be slotted into the line in the near future? He is a very unique character that is somewhat prominent in that scene.

ANSWER:  There are no plans for Velken Tezeri at the moment, but our long-term plan is to eventually produce all of the characters from the Skiff so given time, we're confident he will find his way into the line. Thanks for adding a call out for more of the skiff guards. [Hasbro, just for once can we get a new figure confirmed? - Roz]

QUESTION:  You really seem to do an excellent job on some characters. Slave Leia, Luke Bespin, and Bossk come to mind. They really always come out great and are an improvement from the previous version. The three of them were all some of the highlights of the POTF2 line. Then their respective follow up releases were also highlights of their time. You even worked an action feature into a Bespin Luke that did not interfere with the aesthetics. I did not think it was possible to top the VOTC Luke Bespin from a few years ago, but you did that too. The most recent versions of all these characters are some of the best figures ever. Other characters seem to be more difficult to nail. Is there something about certain characters or outfits that really work better than others? Can you tell us a little about what makes a character difficult or easy to sculpt?

ANSWER:  In general, the main three human characters from the original trilogy collection (Luke, Leia, and Han) have been the most challenging for us to ensure that it is right all the way through production. First it's the sculpt; the right balance of features is needed to really nail it. Next, the artisans that create the figure tooling in China, by hand, need to ensure that all the details get translated perfectly to a production ready figure. This is not the easiest thing to do in 3-3/4" scale, and it won't come out perfect every time, which is why we have kept trying for some of our signature characters. We're thrilled that we delivered figures, especially the Luke and Leia you cite, that in our opinion are the definitive versions of those characters.

To be continued...
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QUESTION:  As a fan of Droids and Ewoks, I'm wondering if the Hasbro team checked out the articles about the 25th anniversary of these two TV series at (check one of them out here: article) or if perhaps you have taken a special interest in the "Droids or Ewoks toy you wished had been produced" part of the article? There are some great hints in that article as to what fans are still hoping for. Come on, give us some encouraging words!

ANSWER:  Actually, we had not checked out that story; thanks for pointing it out.  Sorry to break it to you, but we have not planned anything additional for the shows.

QUESTION:  It's been a long time since we've had a new EV-9D9, 8-D8 or an Original Trilogy 2-1B. Are new figures of these droids anywhere on your radar? The ROTS 2-1B figure from a few years ago is nice, but we still need a droid that looks like the one from The Empire Strikes Back.

ANSWER:  Thanks for the question.  Yes, these droids (especially the first two) are on our radar screen but have yet to be slotted into the lineup through 2012.  All three, being in the original Kenner line, have that extra cachet of being figures we want to see updated for the modern line.  It's a matter of time before we get to them; ideally it will be on a Vintage card should the Vintage line continue past 2012.


QUESTION:  R5-K6 is one of your best figures ever.  While researching its background however, I found some really interesting photos.  One pic from the briefing scene shows R5-K6 actually having a white body with red panels.  Another clearly shows him in the back of a Y-Wing fighter in the hangar, even though we know Red Leader flew the X-Wing.  Adding even more confusion is the fact that there appears to be a shot showing the R5-K6 body scheme you released on the Death Star!  I know you get your info and references direct from Lucasfilm, but thought maybe there might be a new figure of R5-K6 with the same dome, but with a white & red body in the furture for us.  You can see all the pics I mention on this site:
ANSWER:  Thanks very much for sending that.  We were aware of that already; there is indeed some murkiness to the re-use or even the body colors of some of the droids.  But over time we hope to fill in the blanks.  As asked on that astromech page link you sent: "How cool would it be to eventually have an astromech droid from all twelve Red Squadron pilots from the Battle of Yavin?"  The answer is that it would be very cool and we hope to get there one day (along with their pilots, of course!).  

QUESTION:  Based on the season 3 trailer, it appears that the Blurrg beasts will see more action in the Clone Wars series. Can kids and collectors expect to see this interesting creature, perhaps with a Twi'Lek rider? The deluxe line is almost entirely made up of small vehicles, when collectors and kids alike would also enjoy seeing small beasts, it helps make the line more diverse and keeps us interested.

ANSWER:  We do not have any plans to for the Blurrg beast currently, but since Clones use them for mounts it's not out of the realm of possibility for sometime in the future.  


QUESTION:  Fans asked and you've found a way to include the Scramble on Yavin Battle Pack into this year's lineup, as well as the beardless Hoth Rebel Soldier. Has the alternate Imperial Scanning Crew Tech with alternate scan trunk found a home (or is it close to finding one)?

ANSWER:  It is close to finding a home in next Fall's exclusive lineup, but it's not 100% confirmed yet.  If it fails to catch on, we will continue to look for ways to bring it out.  It's one our priorities, given the demand for this guy.

QUESTION:  Has there been any development on the Darth Vader/Funeral Pyre set?

ANSWER:  There have been no developments; it remains on hold.


QUESTION:  Have you decided yet what set will accompany the Yavin IV Technician and Sled in the TRU exclusive deluxe assortment next Spring? At Celebration all you could offer was that it would most likely be Clone Wars themed - any chance you can let us know what the other set in assortment will be?

ANSWER:  Yes, we will reveal... it will be a Clone Wars Geonosian Warrior (non-zombified) on a speeder. Right now we're looking at a March '11 on-shelf date.

QUESTION:  At Celebration V you mentioned that the AotC Padme would be shipping with two unique headdresses - one movie based and one concept based. Any chance we could get a comparison pic of the two headdresses atop Padme's head?

ANSWER:  Attached are the two headresses that will be included with Padme.



To be continued...
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QUESTION:  Can someone at Hasbro please explain why the CW Clones all seem to have parts that have gone green (its like the same colour green thats on the torso's of the Anti Hailfire squad)?  At first it was a few Matchstick helmets  now i've stopped buying clones because its impossible to find a clone thats actually all white (where he should be). I went into Sainsbury and found the ambush 2 packs but had to pass as Rys's arms were green and so was Thires thighs and feet!   Have you changed plastics ? Because if you have i suggest you change back , clones are being left on the shelf because they are nearly all badly discoloured.

ANSWER:  This is the first we have heard of this issue; we have not seen it in any of our production samples.  We'll look into it; if you could provide pics of this green it would be a big help.  While we check and guarantee production samples of everything that goes into production, sometimes things change due to material availability, changing deco masks, and the like.  Occasionally, we hear of things first from our consumers letting us know that something might be off.

QUESTION:  For a long time, fans have asked for the AT-TE, Twin Pod Cloud Car, and Rebel Troop Transport.  For just as long, the team at Hasbro has said no way to all three of these.  Now, the AT-TE was finally made because it was seen prominently in The Clone Wars movie and cartoons.  The team from Hasbro admitted recently at this year's San Diego Comic Con that the Twin Pod Cloud Car was nixed because the senior member of the group had forbid it, but was no longer there, and now we have the Cloud Car.  So, that brings us to the Rebel Troop Transport?  Does this great item have any shot at seeing life again as a new toy?  I do believe that retail sales have shown that larger scale ships have been selling well, and the playability of this was large in the Vintage days, so I'm certain that the team from Hasbro can make the new version every bit as playable.  And, in anticipation of the answer that there just isn't enough demand for such an item, what would need to be done to prove that there IS such a demand?

ANSWER:  Actually, the playability of the Rebel Troop Transport, in our opinion was almost nil, which is the third strike against it.  The first is the lack of interest/demand among kids, and the second is the very uninspiring look of the vehicle.  This is a triple whammy for a vehicle candidate. It was recent entertainment support that helped the AT-TE make it to reality; for those kinds of huge investments (for both us and fans) we need the vehicles to be either completely iconic (Millennium Falcon, AT-AT, Slave 1) or have recent entertainment support (AT-TE, Turbo Tank, Slave 1).


QUESTION:  The Hidden Enemy and Hostage Crisis multi-packs have both recently shown up in the UK, albeit minus the DVDs. What was the reason for releasing them this way, and will it be the same if they are released in Canada?

ANSWER:  We actually were not able to secure international distribution approval for the DVDs, and thus it became a North American exclusive (with the DVD). Since then, Warner Bros. has really liked the concept and execution and has agreed to allow us to bring the idea to more markets should we decide to continue. If there are new waves next year (our exclusives plan is not 100% set so it's too early to say) then they will be offered in more markets, U.K. chief among them.

** Since the question was sent in, both packs have been released, with the DVD, in Canada

QUESTION:  Since an image of Sergeant Bric was revealed on back in July, months before his first appearance on the opening episode of Season 3, you obviously had seen visuals well in advance to give you sufficient time to make him ready for the redemption scheme. With that in mind, what other likely candidates from this episode (chief among them being Domino squad as cadets) might we expect in the near future?

ANSWER:  By now, word has leaked out. We will be doing Hevy in training gear in basic figures in Wave 1 '11. We don't have a place for any of the other characters in the lineup and there are no plans to do more. There is likely to be a Battle Pack in Fall '11 with some of the other characters (non-Domino Squad) in the episode. Stay tuned.


QUESTION:  Sorry, this is a long question.  By the time these answers come back it will be mid-October and we still don’t know what fate beholds the exclusive items announced at Celebration V for the UK and Europe.  We included a list of these and we’d really appreciate knowing what items we’ll see over here so we know what we need to buy from the US/eBay – I’ve excluded some of the Toys ‘R’ Us exclusives as history shows that we do get those.  Before we get to the list, please can you also confirm if Jabba on Throne will make it to the UK?  Here goes…

Jabba on Throne - No [Even though we were told at Celebration V this would be coming to the UK?!?]
Jodo Kast - No
Malevolence DVD 2 Packs (albeit without DVD’s in Europe) - No
Galactic Heroes AT-ST - Yes at Argos (will not ship in the US this Fall)
Clone Wars Figure 2 Packs - Senate Commandos & Cad Bane/IG-86 - No
Kit Fisto Starfighter - Yes at Argos
Geonosis Arena 2010 Assortment - Yes at Tesco
Vintage Boxed Snow Speeder and TIE Fighter - Yes at Smyths
TIE Bomber - No
Hoth Battle Packs - Yes, to be determined where
Star Wars Vintage Figure Collection - 9 Pack - No
Sergeant Bric and Mat - No [We'll check this...]
Star Wars Mini Muggs 3 Packs - No

QUESTION:  The new Vintage release of Wicket (due in January) sees as a blurring of the lines between the realistic and animated line-ups with the inclusion of the animated hood; might we see more of this in the future, possibly to allow minor characters that have appeared in both the movies and the TV series to be offered with alternate heads/appendages, with the potentially added bonus of collectors buying two to get the different versions?  In case you hadn't already guessed, Jocasta Nu would be a prime candidate – one body but with two different (animated and non-animated) heads.

ANSWER:  We don't have any plans for figures like this, but it's possible that we could do more where we could check off two key variations with one figure.  Still no plans for Jocasta Nu, though.


QUESTION:  Why did you make one of the most asked for OT resculpts (Jabba The Hutt) a Wal-Mart exclusive? The demand for this piece is high and has been for years. So why did you opt for a one store exclusive instead of making it widely available?

ANSWER:  Great question. The reason is that we do not have an assortment above the $24.99 Starfighter Vehicles, so there was no "home" for him. Next you might ask "Well, why not just do him as a stand-alone item?" At that point, the volume expectations go way, way up since it's expected that any item we do has to hit a certain level of volume and stay on the shelves close to 12 months. As cool as Jabba is, he cannot sustain the productivity of an assortment like this, and there was no other great things that we could complement him with to make it an assortment. The only way to bring it to retail at all was as an exclusive, and Wal-Mart was a very willing partner.

QUESTION:  We noticed that there are still figures being released, which have differently colored ankle joints from the actual outfit/boots. Like the most recent vintage ROTS Obi-Wan, or the Toys'R'Us exclusive cadet Boba Fett from the Slave 1 Ultimate Battlepack. There you have two fantastic figures, with great head sculpts and fantastic likeness to the actual characters, but then you look at the ankles/boots, and it just looks off. Boba almost looks like as if he's wearing red socks. Is this something that Team Hasbro is aware of and is looking into correcting, or is this something we'll have to live with?

ANSWER:  In order to control our tooling budgets, our vendors often decide which parts are tooled with which others for economy. As a result, it may mean the pins have different colors or needed to be painted to match molded parts, which can be tricky. It's something we're aware of, but we need to tolerate on occasion to get everything done the way we need it to be to hit targets.

To be continued...
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QUESTION:  The Legends Snowtrooper is fantastic because the Vintage Snowtrooper was always a fantastic figure, however when he was first released he had a bit of a wide leg stance. Now the Legends figure is out, and his stance is noticeably less wide. Was this a tooling change to the figure, or no? We're really curious how he could go from such a wide pose to one that's much more natural and appealing! And now all you have to do is to get us plenty of Hoth Rebels to go against him too, of course. Wink

ANSWER:  Our factory added a new tool for the Snowtrooper due to the fact we were using it in a couple places and extra capacity was needed. When they created the tool, it looks like they took it upon themselves to narrow the stance, to accommodate vehicle play. This is something that we did not necessarily direct, but obviously we're very happy with the result.

QUESTION:  There are some great exclusives coming up, between the large Hoth Battlepacks, the Battle of Endor Pilot sets, and of course Target's Geonosis Arena 2-Packs continuing. We're curious if some of these exclusives could have a future with a different setting? For instance maybe make another Pilot with droid set but possibly focus on Yavin or even the Prequals/Clone Wars? Or perhaps the Target Geonosis 2-Packs could someday focus on a battle from the Original Trilogy instead, like Endor or Hoth? The formats for these exclusives are exciting and have delivered some great figures, so we're curious if they'll expand to other eras, or battles at some point.

ANSWER:  We certainly like the 2-pack format for other themes as well, and there are myriad possibilities. The package doesn't have to be the same, as we have shown with similar ideas like Order 66, Droid Factory 2-packs, and Wal-Mart and Target exclusive Clone Wars packs; it's the theme that makes each one unique. With a galaxy with the depth of Star Wars, there are so many ways we can go and will continue exploring options. If the TRU Endor Pilots multi-packs are successful, we plan to continue that format with more sets along the same vein. There are still so many pilots from on-screen squadrons that have yet to make their way into the figure line that we hope the format continues far into the future.


QUESTION:  With the sellout of the Star Wars figure stands on are there any plans to produce more? There are a lot of names missing from the sticker sheet (how can we not have a Tie Pilot yet?) Any chance of seeing a super sheet available with every figure name since the original vintage figures forward (would only need one name per sheet, either in the box or as a separate purchasable item, no duplicate names needed we can pick up multiple sheets if we need more). This would be a great way to cover all of the figures out there. Additionally, any chance of adding in CW stands maybe as a separate pack or increasing the existing pack size (50 maybe with 8 for CW and 2 more for EU?) . More EU stands are really needed since only 2 are currently packed in.

ANSWER:  The battle stands did indeed sell through. There are no plans to offer them again at this point; they actually took a lot longer to move through than we had anticipated (the shop carried the batch for a few years). We will get together with the Hasbro Toy Shop team to see if they want to invest in more inventory, and if they do, look to freshen things up.

QUESTION:  With the positive fan reaction to the vintage packaging (we all love them!!!), will this trend continue on past the two year mark? It would be cool to get all 92 of the vintage re-released. I know we cannot ask about specific figures but…..can you give us a hint about the possibility of a POTF Yakface or Amanaman?

ANSWER:  Right now, assuming fans continue showing enthusiasm, it looks good for continuation of Vintage past the 2 year mark and through ’12, giving the line a 2-1/2 year run. Beyond that, we don’t want to speculate, but when we start planning ’13 about a year from now we will decide then whether Vintage should continue. If it does, we will continue to make progress against the 92 original Kenner figures, and Amanaman and Yak Face both deserve to get updated. In fact, with the great Amanin alien we have from the Wal-Mart Comic Packs, we are most of the way there already to having a worthy Vintage figure.


QUESTION:  You've shown us what will ship in the upcoming ROTJ and AOTC Waves. For 2011 you said we will see mixed waves. I think it will make each wave more exciting because every movie has a chance to be represented. From your SDCC presentation it sounded like a wave would be built around 6 new figures. What about the other 6 slots in each of those waves? Will we see a lot of carry forward figures from previous waves or are you looking at the other six slots as a chance to re-release some figures we haven't seen in a while like R5-D4, Hammerhead (Momaw Nadon), VOTC Han Solo,and others.... ?

ANSWER:  The plan won't be that exact. While we like to work in groups of six, it actually varies from 5-7 and not all waves have characters from all films. For example there are no EpI figures for the first 9-10 months (the reason for that can now be revealed…EpI in 3-D will be coming and we wanted to save figures for that). There will indeed be carryforward figures to round out the case packs and to make sure we have enough of our core heroes in there. We won't have as many instances of taking an existing figures and repacking on Vintage cards (a sort of "Greatest Hits" approach for Vintage) in '11 as we did in '10, which leaves a wider berth for more true new/refreshed figures. What we will try to do is make sure that we have waves with an exciting mix of 5-7 figures spaced more evenly across the course of the year. R5-D4 will be coming out, but he won't be a repack. Stay tuned!

QUESTION:  Reports from collectors are coming in that the euro release of the AT-AT is missing the movie phrases!
Collectors in germany are complaining the lack of them. At an average retail price of 179 euros (about $230) that's a tough pill to swallow. Not only are collectors paying more in those countries for the products, but getting less features is certainly not a way to attract more customers. What is the reason behind this? Can the function be activated with a few tools and some handywork or has the soundchip or whatever you use to have these phrases play been completely removed from the euro release? So far this feature is missing from the Clone Wars style blue box AT-AT, and we are still waiting for the Vintage box TRU's release. What is the chance that the feature is included in the Vintage style box AT-AT shipping in Europe!?

ANSWER:  The decisions we make are based on the minimums required for sound chips. Because we do not sell large quantities of the high-end vehicles in Europe, due to the price, we could not translate the sound chips. It would have been possible to leave the English language phrases in, but our regional European teams decided that it would be better to just rely on the battle sounds rather than force a foreign language (English) on kids who might get the vehicle. It was not possible to create an "English/Non-English" switch for this one but that may be part of our future consideration for large vehicles.


QUESTION:  The "figure as game piece" concept has been around for awhile (Star Wars: Escape the Death Star, Shadowrun Duels, Marvel Superhero Showdown) and while the figures are cool, frankly, none of the games have been that great. What can you tell us about the pack-in Galactic Battle Game to get us jaded gamers/figure collectors to give it a try?

ANSWER:  The idea is to give kids another way to play with their figures, adding an element of social play to complement the more solitary figure play. The goal was not necessarily to have The Galactic Battle Game be complex with a lot of levels of play or set-up time, but to make a game with the figure (via the base) as the center of the game. It's not very complex, but lots of fun for the kids we've tested it with. As such, it's not something we would recommend for fans to get into, unless it's to play with their kids!

QUESTION:  Ziro the Hutt has been long-rumored to be released as a figure since the Clone Wars movie came out in 2008. In previous Q&A's, it's been said that Hasbro was trying to find a retailer to take Ziro as an exclusive, and later on said that Ziro could potentially end up as a mailaway promotion. With Ziro returning in Season 3 of Clone Wars, desire for this character is high, as he is probably the most important Clone Wars character not to be immortalized in plastic. Can you share any news with us on the status of this pivotal character?

ANSWER:  Plans to have Ziro as a mail-in fizzled when we prioritized the Galactic Battle Game mail-in promotion. We did not slot him back into the lineup, and he remains in limbo. He is not a figure that kids have shown a lot of affinity toward, and we don't think collector enthusiasm alone is enough to get the job done for Ziro.

To be continued...
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QUESTION:  It's been great fun watching the new season of The Clone Wars, especially the first episode "Clone Cadets". The "American Gladiators" style training hall was very cool and that seems like an easy thing to recreate, perhaps as a Battle Pack...or a series of Battle Packs? Might there be a chance of something like this...even packed with multiple clones or droids (essentially using the same sculpt repeatedly to keep costs down), this would be a LOT of fun!

ANSWER:  By now, word has leaked out. We will be doing Hevy in training gear in basic figures in Wave 1 '11. We don't have a place for any of the other characters in the lineup and no plans to do more. There is likely to be a Battle Pack in Fall '11 with some of the other characters (non-Domino Squad) in the episode. Stay tuned.

QUESTION:  About your "parking lot"...Is your parking lot just one big list of figures you'd like to make or is broken down into categories? If it's broken down into categories, is it ROTS, ANH, AOTC, etc. or is it broken down even more, like, Jedi, Rebel Officers, Imperial Officers, Jabba's Goons, Cantina, etc...

I was also wondering about your EU parking lot, if its separate, is it broken down by source material, Novels, Comics, Video Games, etc. or is it just one big EU category?

Thanks and keep up the good work

ANSWER:  It is broken down by film but that's about it. We keep track of the specialty figures in our collective noggins for the most part, until some specialty gets too big and we decide to start tracking it, like "Kenner figures updated on Vintage", "Vehicles" or "Rebel Pilots and their droids." We have a category for EU that is just general, as well a detailed spreadsheet with specific ideas drawn up after reading every Star Wars comic. That last one is a long spreadsheet, but one of the most fun to create and was instrumental in helping us architect the huge number of Comic Packs we were able to bring out over the last few years.


QUESTION:  What is the deal with the different "Mail-in redemption forms" ?  In particular,why is there one for Sgt Bric w/ Battle Mat and then the other order form is just for the Battle Mat only, and they both require $6.99 and 5 UPC pop's?  I almost mailed in the one for just the Mat only, glad I caught this before it went in the mail, otherwise I would have felt cheated.  Care to comment?

ANSWER:  There shouldn't be two different forms; there is only one mail-in - and that's for the Battle Mat *with* St. Bric.  There is no standalone Battle Mat.  Sorry for the confusion; there was a running change to the form and it looks like some of the older ones got out.  We'll watch out for that in the future.

QUESTION:  I recently received my SDCC Exclusive Darth Maul/Owen Lars comic pack in the mail, since I was unable to attend the convention. While the figures are actually quite nice, the packaging seems a little... superfluous, no? I mean, the big buzz around the country seems to be "Going Green", yet with this extra packaging, the extended box that this comic pack was packaged in seems to be exactly the opposite. Personally, I opened the box and the plastic for the figures, and display them loose... so all that extra packaging is in my recycling cans now. Have you ever considered the possibility of offering figures in heat sealed polybags instead of all the plastic and cardboard that they are released in now? Even if you sold them online only, I'm sure there are plenty of people that would buy them this way instead of having to recycle (or simply throw in the trash if they don't recycle) the cardboard and plastic from the figures, thus helping to do your part as a corporation to help the planet "Go Green". Not to mention that the hordes of OCD collectors would have to actually buy ANOTHER copy of every figure.

ANSWER:  We do agree with you in general, but on occasion we need to try some special formats and we looked at how to make Comic Packs more special for Comic Con and CV.  At Comic Con expecially, the package presentation is important for the figures and they need to stand out against the mainline offerings.  We have found when they have the same format, they just don't appear unique and special.  The good news on a macro level is that the Con exclusives were pretty limited in terms of the production volume, so the aggregate environmental impact was small.


QUESTION:  Back in October of '07, we asked you about upgrading the VOTC Lando down the road with ball-hinge elbows and a removable cape that properly drapes over his shoulders (the existing design is neither removable nor does it fit him properly the way it does in the film). Your response was "Great suggestion - we will look at that for a possible future Lando upgrade." In the following 3 years though, no new Lando Cloud City figure was produced so none of these upgrades were used. Lando is a fairly iconic and beloved Star Wars character, the scenes he wears this costume are some his most notable scenes and his only action scenes in ESB, so he needs more flexibility in how he can be displayed. So, what are the chances that we could get a new Lando Cloud City figure with those upgrades in the foreseeable future?

ANSWER:  The Lando coming in the Target exclusives Vintage 9-pack is the same one that was previously released in Vintage. We did not have time to do anything new to him when the set was was all-hands on deck to make it to the shelf in time for Target's needs this year. We do have at least one new Lando coming next year, but the Cloud City figure will not be updated. We should be getting out news on the next Lando sometime in December.

QUESTION:  The prequels have introduced a number of new alien species to the Star Wars universe, and Hasbro has been good about making figures of most of them. Aside from pod race pilots which have already been discussed with Hasbro, there are several other visually interesting alien species that Hasbro hasn't yet added to the lineup including Roonan, Sarrish, Zeuolin, Holwuff, Tarnab and Sy Myrthian. While these are admittedly background stuff and mostly represented as senators in the films, as action figures they would add another dimension of unique aliens to the line. Can you tell us if any of these species will find their way into the lineup in the foreseeable future?

ANSWER:  As cool as they are, without any really recognizable moments in the films we're unlikely to get to these.


QUESTION:  Last year in one of our Q&As, we asked if it would be possible for us to get a regular updated list of which SW toys are coming to Canada (and to which retailers). This would let collectors know in advance which items, especially US exclusives, would not make it up north so that we could then make arrangements to buy it in the US or through eBay. Hasbro said that it was a good idea and would look into it, however it's been a year now and there's still been no sign of any list. Since we're now down to 2 questions every 3 weeks, it's a waste
 of a valuable slot to have to make constant inquiries about item availability.  

Speaking of which, now that it is post-CelebrationV, are ANY of these items coming to Canada?  The two Hoth UBPs, Geonosis Arena 2packs for 2010, and the new Tie Bomber?

ANSWER:  The plan is for Canada to take all mainline items, but we will double check with the team to see if any assortments will not make the plan so collectors have a heads-up.   As for exclusives, we do show forecasts in place for all three of the ones you asked about.  The TIE Bomber will be going to
Wal-Mart, and the others at Zeller's.

QUESTION:  Would Hasbro ever consider redoing the Tatooine Skiff? Although it does serve it's purpose, it is very difficult to put on all the characters that need to be on the Skiff, while setting it up on display. It just looks way too crowded.  And what about transparent plastic to use for the stands this time (to simulate the "hovering" effect).

ANSWER:  We would like to do a new version of the skiff, but the difficulty has been the scale and price point.  By itself, it is not a vehicle that can command to hold a shelf and therefore must be part of an assortment.  If we could do it as part of the $24.99 SRP Starfighter Vehicle collection, we would do it
there, but it's just too big.  Since we don't have a mainline price point above that, it leaves only exclusives as a potential candidate (similar to the way Jabba and many other vehicles get produced, if the tooling/price point make sense).  We will keep looking for a way to get one done, though - there is a lot of heart to do it but we just need the right partner and timing for it.  Great idea on transparent stands for it as well.

To be continued.
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QUESTION:  As an older collector who was buying figures back in the days of the original Kenner line, I am absolutely delighted to see the Vintage look return. It's great to see some of the old familiar characters and cards back in the stores as well as the all new figures that were never part of the original line. As for the all new characters, I'm hoping that you are going to be able to 'right some wrongs' along the way. What I mean here, is including popular characters that seemed like they should have been in the original line, but that Kenner never got around to making. Obvious choices would be Grand Moff Tarkin, Rebel Fleet Trooper, and a Bith cantina alien. Will you be looking to add these three into the line?

ANSWER:  We're glad you love it, Fan's response seems to be extraordinarily high which is great for the long-term prospects of Vintage. We already plan tokeep the line all the way through 2012, and will gauge its success a year from now to discuss with Lucasfilm the prospect of Vintage continuing even longer. We agree that there are some key characters that seemed like "nearmisses" back in the day and you have hit on several (along with"Sandtrooper" which we have already done). It feels great that we have waited to use Vintage until now, because in our opinion the figures have never been better to match the greatest line look of all time. It's a great time to be a Star Wars collector!

QUESTION:  R2-T7, the gray & red-domed R2 unit you have partnered with Grizz Frix in the upcoming Battle Over Endor BP, is not the droid Grizz used in the Battle of Endor! You can see Grizz's white-domed R5 unit behind him during the battle! I know you claim that you have to go with the info that Lucasfilm gives you, but you could at least have watched the few seconds Grizz was actually on screen to see what his droid looked like. Collectors want figures of characters from the movies, not made-up stuff. Take a look at this page to see a screen cap of Grizz's actual droid: Likewise, I can't find any sign of a droid that looks like R5-P9 from the other set in the movie. Why didn't you use a droid actually seen in the movie, like one of the two R5 units in the Home One briefing scene that haven't been made yet, instead of this obviously made-up droid as well?

ANSWER:  We will always use the best reference available but realize that these interpretations are sometimes drawn from scant imagery that appears onscreen for microscopic amounts of time. Sometimes we need to make assumptions based on the clues available, which we did in both these cases.In the case of Grizz Frix' droid, in our images it appears that there are color breaks that make head and body appear different, gray/silver on top and white on the body with rounded R2 curvature (further supported by thered-colored rectangular patch to the right of Grizz's head. Based on this,we filled in the rest of R2-T7. Lucasfilm agreed that this was his coloring and we proceeded to production. We hope you enjoy the results; if successful, we look forward to doing more pilot/droid packs in the future.


QUESTION:  By now, Clone Wars Season 3 has started and you are well on your way in creating product based on these first few episodes. Can we expect to receive the Domino Squad (Echo, Fives, Droidbait, Hevy and Cutup) in their green training armor from the season premiere maybe as a special battle pack or as separate releases? Also regarding that first episode, will we be receiving an accurate version of Commander Colt (the red ARC Trooper) next year as the one from the ARC Troopers Battle Pack doesn't quite fit the bill since he's missing his distinctive gray skull helmet deco.

ANSWER:  By now, word has leaked out. We will be doing Hevy in training gear in basic figures in Wave 1 '11. We don't have a place for any of the other characters in the lineup and no plans to do more. There is likely to be a Battle Pack in Fall '11 with some of the other characters (non-Domino Squad) in the episode...and Commander Colt will be available as a basic figure. It's important to note that the ARC Troopers Battle Pack (on shelves now) was based on the ARC Trooper concept art we originally received from Lucasfilm. It's not that we forgot to put the skull deco on the red ARC, but it hadn't been developed yet. Stay tuned.

QUESTION:  While we anxiously await the arrival of the Vintage Collection's Return of the Jedi and Attack of the Clones waves, we are hoping get a glimpse/tease of the wave after AOTC. Anything you can share - like images or wave list? If not, how about a look at the cards for the AOTC wave?

ANSWER:  Sorry - no cards yet but please see attached for Vintage numbering and the wave list out through Wave 1 of '11 as well as images of these figures (coming soon).

VC25.) R2-D2

Wave 6:

Wave 1 2011:
VC40.) R5-D4


QUESTION:  Could you re-make the Jawa Sandcrawler like you did for the AT-AT and Falcon. It is in need of an overhaul. I hope I speak for all the Droid/Jawa fans out there. With all the Droids from the Droid Factory line, it would be awesome to have a new Sandcrawler to display them in!

ANSWER:  We would love to remake the Jawa Sandcrawler, and at one time started to look at what a super-sized version would cost in terms of tooling. The bottom line is that it would cost too much given the more niche nature of this vehicle.

Our most recent release (nearly 10 years ago) was lightly received by fans - one of the rarest vehicle releases of the modern Star Wars line, despite the fact it's a very tough vintage vehicle to obtain. It seems that this vehicle has some passionate fans, but overall it's too niche to be able to re-imagine any time soon.

It remains a dream for some day, but we can't let our passion for it override business sense.

QUESTION:  Are you planning a new Luke in Jedi Outfit (Return of the Jedi) on Vintage Card?

ANSWER:  Yes, we are. We are doing two things here: The current Luke figure on the EpVI card will actually get a running change to the card, where we will change the card art and the name to be "Luke Skywalker: Endor Capture." We will also look to introduce down the road another EpVI version, but details on that won't be available until next Spring.

Keep checking back for more Hasbro Star Wars Q&A sessions as sites continue to post their sessions.
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